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Fabric tutorial - poplin
Seed paper postcards
Gifts for geeks
An umbrella for April showers
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Fabric Tutorial - Poplin

poplin shirt
Definition: Poplin refers to fabrics which use a ribbed variation of a plain weave.The ribs run across the fabric, formed by coarse filling yarns.
A great way to visualize poplin is to think of a crisp but casual work-wear shirt. Poplin's crosswise fine rib weave will drape well, have a nice feel (hand) and a lustrous appearance.
Due to its tight weave, poplin takes both silscreening and embroidery very well.
Poplin comes in a variety of fabrics. The most common is 100% cotton known for its cool breathability. It is common in safari type wear and was used by the military in WW II.
Poplin is also available in wool, silk and polyester.
The word poplin supposedly comes from the Italian name Papalino, because the fabric was first manufactured in the papal town of Avignon in the 14th century.
Now, don't you feel smarter?
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Tax season is over, yippee. Now, if it would only get warm here in New England. 
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Seed paper postcards...

seed embedded postcard Now that the spring and summer flower seasons are almost here consider these seed paper postcards.

The paper is embedded with seeds and after your customer gets your postcard with your message, they plant the card and enjoy the flowers and think of your company.

Many sizes, shapes to choose from.         Click here for pricing

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Gifts for geeks...

 recycled circuit board promo itemsDo you market to the tech crowd? Are you a technology company looking for a clever way to brand your business?

These products - keytags, bookmarks, luggage tags, coasters - are made from recycled circuit boards. Very cool, very geeky.


Click here for pricing


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April showers require an umbrella...
windproof umbrella

This is a personal sized wind proof and auto opening umbrella. Up until now most wind proof umbrellas were golf sized and weren't really suitable for individual use. This one is auto opening and folds down to about 15". Good selection of colors, from a superb supplier.

Very affordable for the level of features.

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Combine the seed paper postcards with the umbrellas and get free set-ups and free proofs for both.
(minimum quantities apply)
Best, and thanks for reading this far.



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