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growing spring flowers

Springtime is coming. Get ready for planting flowers.

April 22nd is "Earth Day." It's the 40th anniversary of this celebration.

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1. Promotional product ideas for Earth Day

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Earth Day - April 22nd is the 40th anniversary.  This is just such a positive celebration to associate your brand with. It's Spring, the time of renewal, of growth, of new beginnings. It's positive, it's outdoors.
We've put together some ideas for you. Your clients will tell their friends and neighbors, "Oh, we got the flower seeds from (your name gets mentioned here), that was such a great gift!"
Flower Seed Packets and Seed Paper Plantables
imprintable flower seed packets
Grow your image with these flower seed packets
From Asters to Zinnias (the old A to Z hook) flower seed packets are an inexpensive way to "grow" your image and see it "bloom." (That's pretty corny, I'm sure you'll do better.)
Plantable seed papers come in all sizes and shapes. Plantable post cards are an easy and inexpensive way to reach your clients. Shapes range from CFL light bulbs, to houses, ribbons, dollar sign...the list goes on.
You'll find a good selection on our web site under Earth Day promotional ideas.
Hey, you're still here?
I hope you find the ideas for Earth Day useable and worthwhile.
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We'll waive the setup charges on any order for Earth Day products. Valid for up to two colors.
Please mention Code EMC217 when you place your order 
Offer Expires: April 15, 2011