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June 2010
 Let's All Go To The Beach !
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Need an inexpensive but very effective product that is mailable?
This flower vase is made from flexible, soft, shatterproof but strong PVC.
This item has appeal and usefulness across many industries. Excellent for hospitals and other care giving settings, (home care services).
Banks and financial institutions could combine the vase with imprinted flower seed packets in a "grow you assets" campaign.
Any business that provides services to consumers in their homes could use this item. (Cleaning services, lawn care and irrigation services).
 flower vase
Folds flat for mailing and takes shape when you add water. They're
10 3/8' tall with a 5 1/4" bottom. The bottom colors are smoke, red, orange, lime green and blue. They come with a mailing envelope which will require extra postage because of it's size and weight.
1200 are $1.81 each.
Did You Know ?
Understanding apparel terminology.
Do you read clothing descriptions where they mention these terms like everyone should know them? Well here are some definitions that have always stumped us 
 Mercerized  A finishing process used on cotton yarn or cloth. It involves using a flame on the yarn to singe away the excess fibers then running the material through a cold, strong sodium hydroxide (caustic) solution. The treatment increases the strength and affinity of dyes and increases the luster of the fabric.
Brushed. Process done to fabric where the fabric is passed over rollers that have an abrasive surface that raises the fabric surface.
Stone Washed. Pumice stones (lava rock) are added to the garment washing process resulting in a soft and abraded appearance.
Pigment Dyed. Pigment dyes sit on top of the fabric and do not get fully absorbed by the fibers. It is intentionally expected that the pigments will wash out over time giving a non uniform faded look.
Twill. One of the 3 basic weaves, (the others are plain and satin). Its characteristic is a diagonal rib (twill)  running upward from left to right.
Denim has the diagonal rib running upward from right to left.
Twill weaves are used to produce a strong,durable and firm fabric.
Now, don't you feel smarter?

We're playing basketball in June in Boston

June basketball, nothing beats it


The Celtics and Lakers. If you're a hoops fan you are in heaven. It will be even better when the Celtics win championship number 18. Go Green! 
Great promotional item for wine shops, restaurants, limo companieswine bottle umbrella 
Here's a clever umbrella in a container shaped like a wine bottle. This is different and brings a distinguished feel to your promotion.
The bottle is a little over 12" tall and 2" in diameter.
The opened umbrella has a 38" arc.
The imprinting is on the bottle.
Blue, Black, and Burgundy
100 are $8.75 each. 
Learn more about this product by clicking the link.
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Did You Know? Apparel terms
Basketball in June
Wine shops
How to save money

How to save money when you are buying promotional products...
We've addressed this issue before at a seminar but it seems worth another look.
The two easiest areas to keep costs down are time and art work.
Time: Give yourself enough time so that you won't be hit by "rush charges," or expensive overnight shipping charges.
In general it takes about 3 days to get a proof of your design. It then takes (on average) about 7 to 10 working days in production and then shipping. UPS ground from CA can take 6 days.
Add to that however long you'll need to put the promo item together with other items or to distribute them.
Artwork. You need to have your logo created in what is called vector art. If you have a graphics person, they'll know what that means. If you don't, you probably can't create it on your own. Jpeg, Tiff, giff and PDF files aren't suitable.
Get your logo in the proper format before you need to order anything. Otherwise it will cost you  both time and money.
Also, if your company name is long, consider having a "stacked" version of your logo to make imprinting easier.Long names have a tendency to be too small to read and for the letters to fill in when being printed. Especially on smaller items.
Can your logo be printed in just one color? If so you'll save money on extra set-ups and "run charges." (The cost to imprint a 2nd or 3rd color).
Can your logo be printed in a standard color rather than a PMS shade. There is usually a charge to match a PMS color.
Order as large a quantity as you can justify. Prices go down when quantities go up.
Choose something that you can use for multiple occasions throughout the year.
Don't put a date on anything unless it is for a very specific event. In that case don't over order.
Try to order at least the minimum, that will be the far left price column. Most suppliers will produce less than the minimum, (usually half), but they'll impose a surcharge.
If you're buying something heavy like bottled water, coffee mugs ask your promotional products vendor if they can be sourced locally. It will save you on freight charges.
Always insist on a proof. Even if it's a repeat order. (If you find yourself in a 'rush order" situation there won't be time for a proof.
If you've never used the product before, insist on getting a sample. If your vendor won't get you a sample get a new vendor.
So, these are the things we try to do for our clients to help them save money.
Robert Rebholz
Next Level Promotions LLC  TM
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