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May 2010
Summer is on the way !!
Baseball Season in Boston
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self seal mailer bagWorking on a mail campaign and want to make a spectacular impression?
Look at these ship-n-tote bags. They work like any self-seal mailer with a quick glue strip top. The clear vinyl outside protects your contents during mailing.
Your customer, prospect, future student, future club member, retail client, etc. opens the mailer, turns it inside-out and has a high quality string backpack or tote bag. And the vinyl lining make them great for damp stuff.  
These would be great for mailing out admissions or reunion packages.
You could mail them to trade show attendees and pack them with your sales materials and an invitation to visit your booth.
Prestige auto dealers can mail important ownership documents to new buyers.
Resorts and summer rentals can mail welcome documents and area guides to renters. Get local businesses to help with the cost by including their brochure.
The totes are very high quality and could be used anywhere you want to have an impact.
Did You Know ?
USB drives/Flash drives.
USB memeory drives have been around for awhile now. When they were first introduced the standard memory was 64MB. Now the minimum from most suppliers is 256MB with capacities up to 8GB.
They come in all sorts of styles, shapes and colors. Several suppliers can fabricate custom designs.
They can be pre-loaded with your content including links to your website.
They are an ideal promotional item to direct traffic to a new website or to showcase your product line.
The memory chips that power these devices are now so common and widely used that they trade like any coomodity with prices changing on a weekly basis depending upon supply and demand.
 Here are a couple of styles, included one that was a custom design.
Now, don't you feel smarter?
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Featured Product: It's a Mailer, It's a Tote Bag
Did You Know? All about USB Drives
What They're Buying

Who's Buying What...
Some of the more popular items our clients have been using to promote themselves:
The reusable grocery/tote bags continue to be very popular. It's easy to see why. They're inexpensive, useful, will be used frequently and have lots of space for your message. If you are a service company or are business-to-consumer then these shopping/grocery totes would be great.
Now that folks are shedding their fleece jackets they're replacing them with embroidered polo/golf shirts, windbreakers and the always popular baseball cap.
Performance fabrics are very popular, especially for any golf or athletic activity.
With the growing popularity of charity bike rides we are seeing interest in cycling jerseys and other bike accessories.
The cycling jersey are perfect for team/company identity. Cyclist love them and they're sure to be used often giving your corporate brand multiple exposures.
Journal books/notebooks are selling briskly for trade shows and conferences. They are ideal for these venues because everyone forgets to bring something to take notes in, they can be highly customized and come in sizes and styles to match a wide budget range. 
Stealing from our "Did You Know?" column, USB memory drives are being purchased for a wide range of promotional uses. Promoting a new or revamped web site is where we see most use. You can preload the drives with your company information as well as a link to your site.
Many companies are using them instead of a printed catalog.
A sales presentation can be loaded onto the drive and left with the client after the meeting.
We just finished a fun project for the Boston Business Journal's Best Places To Work event on June 11.
A blossoming tradition at the event is to see which  company's table can make more noise when they're announced.
So to further the chaos we are providing the BBJ with 500 pairs of thunder sticks. They're imprinted with the BBJ logo and the logos of the corporate sponsors. Should prove to be a fun and raucus affair.
If you are in the Boston area you might want to check out this event. Here's a link
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