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September 2009
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? Did you know...image of embroidered logo
Did you know that the promotional product industry term for putting your logo on anything is "decoration"?
No matter the technique, silk screening, embroidery, debossing, laser etch, etc. the process of putting your logo on your promotional item is called decorating.
Now, don't you feel smarter?
Last Month's Poll Results & Follow up on our CDC and hand sanitizers articlehand sanitizer sray 
 Last month we wrote about using branded hand sanitizers in an employee awareness program. They are an effective way to increase employee attention to the importance of frequent hand washing as a way to stop the spread of swine flu
 The CDC just issued a warning; not all hand sanitizers are effective in killing germs. A sanitizer with less than 60% alcohol content is useless.
All of our hand sanitizers are guaranteed to meet or exceed the CDC guidelines. Here's a link to the article. Warning, it's technical and kind of boring:   CDC Hand sanitizer article

Last month we asked about your plans for sending out holiday cards and traditional v. e-cards. In this decidedly unscientific poll the results were an even split, 50/50.
So, I guess that means you're OK whatever you decide.
We're partial to the traditional paper card (and not just because we sell them, which we do) because we've always found it hard to display those little e-cards on the filing cabinet.

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Did You Know...?
Follow up on hand sanitizers
How to save $ on promotional products
How To Save $ on Promotional Products.
Where possible print your logo in only 1 color.
For heavy or bulky items buy from a local supplier to save money on freight.
Anticipate your annual needs and buy in one purchase rather than smaller periodic buys.
Except for very specific dated events don't put a date on items, that way you can still use them after the event.
Plan ahead to avoid last minute buys that will involve RUSH charges and overnight shipping, (very costly!)
Where possible don't buy less than the catalog minimum quantity. Suppliers will add on a surcharge for producing a run that's under their minimum.
If you're designing a new logo, keep it simple. Multiple colors and half tones print nicely on paper but are difficult and costly to do on promotional items. See tip 1 above.

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