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June 2011 
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Message from the President
Dear WV GIS Community,Rob Shaffer - WVAGP President

I hope to see many of you at the 2011 WVAGP Annual Meeting and GIS Training Sessions to be held June 14-15 in Shepherdstown, WV. The event will be held at the NCTC and will feature training, presentations, vendors, lunch and networking opportunities with other GIS users across the State and region.  There is also a Cadastral Business Planning meeting on June 13 at Shepherd Universtiy.
The WVAGP will continue to sponsor GIS workshops and training.  Please mark your calendar for the biennial 2012 WV GIS Conference to be held in Morgantown on May 8-11.

Upcoming Events:
(1) ArcGIS 10 Desktop Training (July 25-29, 2011)
(2) IAAO GIS Courses (Fall 2011)
(3) 2012 WV GIS Conference (May 8-11, 2012)



Robert Shaffer
WVAGP President                              Mapping the Mountain State

News from the Office of GIS Coordination
ESRI LogoThere are many GIS activities to report in the State:

(1) Ongoing Development of Cadastral Business Plan

(2) Deployment of WV Broadband Mapping Project
(3) Completion of  WV Statewide GIS Strategic Plan

Learn more at the WVAGP Annual Meeting or email Tony at [email protected].
WVAGP & WVSPS - Allied Members
GIS-Surveying Common Ground
The WVAGP Board of Directors approved a resolution that the WV Society of Professional Surveyors (WVSPS) become an allied member of WVAGP. As part of a reciprocal arrangement, the WVSPS has invited WVAGP to become an Institutional Affiliate as defined by their current Constitution. We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration with the WVSPS on issues of similar interest.
GISCI Resolution

The WVAGP Board of Directors has drafted a resolution that recognizes the GIS Certificate Institute (GISCI) as the organization capable of providing a complete certification program to the broad spectrum of GIS professionals in the West Virginia GIS community. The resolution will be considered at the Annual Meeting on June 15.