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December, 2009
Karen Beard,          GASCO, Atlanta
Penny Daugherty,     RN,MS, OCN, Southeastern Gynecologic Oncology, Atlanta
Monica Dean     
American Cancer Society, South Atlantic Division, Atlanta 
Phillip N. Edge    
Cancer Navigators, Rome
Rhonda L. Green    
Southwest Georgia Cancer Coalition, Albany
Deborah Kemp, RN Lewis Cancer Research Pavilion,                          St. Joesphs/Candler
Health System, Savannah  
Gail G. McCray
, MS, CHES                             Morehouse School of Medicine, Atlanta
Tamara Mason, MPH, CHES,Winship  Cancer Institute at Emory University-Grady Health System, Atlanta
Matthew Mumber, MD
Harbin Clinic, Rome
Angie Patterson, Georgia Cancer Coalition, Atlanta
Judy Stanton
Georgia Cancer Coalition, Atlanta
Suzanne T. West, RN-C, MSN                      Amos Cancer Center, Columbus                       
Patient Navigation in cancer care refers to individualized assistance offered to patients, families and caregivers to help overcome health care system barriers and facilitate timely access to quality medical and psychosocial care, from pre-diagnosis through all phases of the cancer experience.
*According to
C-Change - key cancer leaders from the government, business and nonprofit sectors.
GASCO Director  (770) 951-1018 
GCC Public Relations (404) 584-0527
Georgia Cancer Patient Navigators Needed to Serve, Lead Committees 
If you would like to play a part in establishing Cancer Patient Navigators of Georgia, here is your chance! Let us know which of the following committees you would like to join or chair. Committees will be formed in January and report to the Steering Committee in March.  
To sign up for committee, click HERE to send an email with your contact information  and committee preference.
GOVERNANCE - developing bylaws, defining structure
COMMUNICATIONS- coordinating database, enews, website and other guides/resources for navigators
MEMBERSHIP - determining who can join, cost, benefits, link with other organizations
FUNDRAISING/GRANTS - identify  state and national resources for funding/grants to assure sustainability
EDUCATION/TRAINING - research GA and US training programs, develop resource center, discuss annual organizational meeting
OUTREACH- research best practices linking prevention & screeing, incorporate CPN in patient satisfaction, look at CPN role in disparities in cancer care
NETWORKING -  establish Listserv, tooking for start-up programs, MD collaboration, resource list of GA CPN  programs
ADVOCACY/LEGISLATION-  research national CPN legislation, work with GASCO lobbyist on advocacy plan, identify research on CPN's role in improving outcomes
Committees are in order of importance as determined by the Steering Committee.     
CPNG Retreat wearing yelloe   
Steering Committee members celebrate Livestrong Day at the Cancer Patient Navigators of Georgia retreat by wearing yellow.
Steering Committee Retreat Forms Misson/Vision/Values Statement
To build the foundation for Cancer Patient Navigators of Georgia, Steering Committee members met in October at a retreat to give their input on forming this new organization.
They agreed on a name, approved a logo, and developed the core mission, vision, values and goals. 
Cancer Patient Navigators of Georgia is a statewide organization of people who guide individuals and their families through the continuum of cancer care.
Our mission is to connect, educate and share best practices among patient navigators in Georgia, so that together we can successfully reduce barriers and increase access to services specifically related to cancer.
Our vision is a state in which patient navigation plays a key role in cancer prevention and screening as well as in supporting and directing all Georgians diagnosed with cancer and their families through their cancer journey. 
Inclusiveness: CPNG includes individuals who serve people with all types of cancer, at all stages, in all types of settings, with a diversity of education and training, but a shared mission.
Collaboration: CPNG strives for excellence through a conscious effort to unite, connect, and share best practices through statewide communications and networking.
Compassion: CPNG shares a sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it.
Holistic approach: CPNG believes that all aspects of people's needs -- psychological, physical and social -- should be taken into account and seen as a whole.
  •  Build a shared sense of purpose.
  •   Attract and sustain membership.
  •  Identify the needs of CPNs and match them with  resources.
  •  Foster collaboration.
  •  Share best practices. 
  •  Define the value of CPNs in affecting overall outcomes.
  •  Bring clarity/structure to the role of CPNs in Georgia.
  •    Educate target audiences about the significance of CPN
Please FORWARD this message to your colleagues involved in Cancer Patient Navigation  in Georgia.
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