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Dear Neighbor,

The NC Conservation Network  is asking that we encourage Representative Bill Faison to vote for the environment, not against it.

As you may be aware, strong opposition is mounting to three separate bills:

 S781, limiting NC's control over air and water quality
 S709, supporting fracking and off-shore oil exploration
 S110, ending protection for the NC coastline

Mr. Faison voted for S781, against S110, and was absent for S709.

Please join us in asking Governor Perdue to veto all three bills
(governor.office@nc.gov) -- and Mr. Faison (bill.faison@ncleg.net) to vote against them, whether or not there is an attempt to override the governor's veto.

NC Conservation Network's request can be found below -- including links helpful in getting the word to Mr. Faison that citizens he represents expect him to reconsider his position on these issues and vote to protect and preserve NC's natural resources, along with the public health of its citizens.

Thank you for your support.



Bonnie Hauser, President

Orange County Voice

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Message from the NC Conservation Network


Early this week, 33 environmental organizations sent Governor Bev Perdue a letter urging her to veto three anti-environment bills currently on her desk (read the letter). One of those bills, Senate Bill 781, would result in the rollback of hundreds of existing state protections and would dramtically affect enforcement of decades old protections for our land, water, and air.


Unfortunately, your representative, Bill Faison , voted FOR this extremely bad bill.


But it's not to late for him to switch his vote and stop this attack on environmental protections from moving forward. Tell him that you are disappointed in his vote and urge him to reconsider his position: http://action.ncconservationnetwork.org/s781


We understand that the Governor is seriously considering a veto of S781. In the event she does, we only need three "Yes" votes to switch to "No" in order to stop this devastating legislation from becoming law.


Senate Bill 781 is a terrible anti-environment bill that would undo hundreds of critical protections for our natural areas by bringing key state protections down to just the bare minimum federal requirements.


Please send a quick message to Rep. Faison and urge him to clear the air with his vote on SB 781.   


Tell him that North Carolina won't be a more attractive state to business and tourism with dirty air, dirty water, or spoiled natural areas. 

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