bee installation at Harry's
Special Primary Election Issue:
Your Vote Counts!
Dear Neighbor:
Primary season is upon us in rural Orange County. Signs emblazoned with the names of candidates line our country roads and brighten major intersections.

Early voting has already begun, with Election Day itself set for Tuesday, May 4.  Your vote is critical in determining which of these candidates will best represent the interests of rural Orange County during the course of the next four years.
Candidates Respond to Rural Residents

For a revealing look at where local candidates stand on issues that impact the rural community, please check out their responses to OCV's candidate questionnaires.  Responses are posted for candidates running for
Orange County School Board;  County Commissioner, District 2 (rural county and Hillsborough); and County Commissioner-at-Large

To view candidate responses, click here.  

We hope that these responses will help you decide which candidates will best serve you and the rural community.   

For more Election information, including state and federal contests,  visit the election center on our website
Other Community News
Plasma Gasification Offers Clean, Renewable Energy from Trash:

On April 8, Dr. Lou Circeo of Georgia Tech's Research Institute addressed a gathering of community leaders and public officials from Orange, Chatham, and Guilford counties.  Dr Circeo explained how Plasma Gasification works and how this energy technology can eliminate the need for landfills, sludge fields, medical waste incinerators, and hazardous waste disposal, while reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

Waste-to-Energy (WTE) facilities using Plasma Gasification have been operational in Japan for years. The largest plants will be built in Florida, and are expected to be completed in 2012.

Click here for Dr Circeo's presentation, including a video on how the plasma torch works. 
Coming soon:  WTE Research Center  containing leading EPA and research reports on clean energy alternatives to landfills and land application of sewage sludge.

Plastics Added to County Recycling Program:

Have you noticed the Purple Dumpsters at the county's Solid Waste Convenience Centers and 24-hour Drop-Off Sites?  They are part of a new Rigid Plastics Recycling program for #2 HDPE and #5 PP non-bottle plastics. 

Large hard plastics, such as buckets, utility bins, laundry baskets, and toys, as well as small plastic containers such as yogurt and margarine tubs qualify. 
It helps if they are rinsed and clean.

Plastic bottles should continue to be recycled with cans, in the blue dumpsters. Clam shell plastics do not qualify. 

For more information on the Plastics Recycling program, click here. To view a county brochure containing photos of items that can now be recycled, click here.
Bees at Harry's
bee installation at Harry'sThe community gardeners at Harry's Market have successfully installed 12,000 Italian bees in a homemade, top-bar hive.  
Italian bees are known for their lack of aggressiveness.  Members of the hive are already busy, pollinating vegetables planted in the community garden.  Honey from the hive will be harvested beginning next year.
For more, contact Teresa.
Community Raises over $10,000 for White Cross Firefighter:

The White Cross Fire Department, along with Gene and Ruth Williams, express their sincere thanks to over 700 neighbors and volunteers who came out on March 27th to help make the breakfast and bake sale at the Orange Fellowship Hall a grand success.  Thanks to the spectacular turnout and generosity, the community raised over $10,000 to help the Williams' get back on their feet after a fire destroyed  their home of 40 years.
White Cross Fire Department Receives Grant for Thermal Imaging Camera:

The White Cross Fire Department was awarded a FEMA grant for a new thermal imaging camera.  The camera, the first of its kind in Orange County, will help target fire sources and fuel dangers, which in turn will reduce damage and save lives.  It will be incorporated into daily use and departmental training programs.  For more information, contact Tony.

Mark Your Calendar 

Upcoming community events:

  • April 24, 3:00 PM27 Views of Hillsborough: A Southern Town in Prose and Poetry.  Book signing and talk by the Friends of the Orange County Public Library and the Purple Crow.  For more, click here.
  • April 24-25:  15th Annual Piedmont Farm Tour.  Be sure to stop at the Maple View Ag Center and the many wonderful farms throughout the rural community.  For more, click here.
  • May 1-2:  16th Annual Art in the Garden Sculpture Invitational,
    1902 Borland Road.  For more, click here.
  • May 2, 5:00-9:00 PMCelebration of Little Feat Benefit at the Carrboro Art's Center.  Rural county and Chapel Hill musicians benefit to help fellow musician Richie Hayward in his battle with cancer.  For more, click here. 
  • May 4Election Day!  Democratic and Republican Primaries.  Get out and vote!
  • May 8, 4-8 PMMomma Donna Benefit to support Momma Donna Elkins  battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease).  Live music and an auction at the White Cross Recreation Center.  For more,  contact Tony.   
  • May 10, 6:00 PM:  Yoga at Maple View.  Lynne Jaffe kicks off the summer series with an intro class.  Eight week series begins May 17th.  For more, contact Lynne.
  • Fridays on the Porch at Harry's Market.  Live music starts at 7:00.  For more, click here.

Thanks to the candidates and public officials who took the time to hear about the issues that affect our rural communities.   Thanks also to YOU, for helping to assure rural representation in the upcoming primary election.
Please vote on May 4th -- so that the voice of rural Orange County will continue to be heard.

Bonnie Hauser                               
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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.  - Margaret Mead
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Bees at Harry's
Community raises over $10,000 for Volunteer Firefighter
White Cross Fire Department Receives Grant for Thermal Imaging Camera
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