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February 2010 Newsletter 
Dear Neighbor:
We hope you are enjoying winter in rural Orange County.  Things are falling into place for OCV following our intense, but effective, work last year.  We have started to meet regularly with elected officials and are formulating forward-looking programs for the rural community.  We will continue to support community initiatives as they are brought to our attention.  Here's an update for February.
Commissioners Foushee and Hemminger Tour Rural Orange County
Commissioners Valerie Foushee and Pam HemmingerKirby Brothers & Commissioners have been touring rural Orange County with Bonnie & Susan of OCV.  Residents and business owners are enjoying the chance to personally meet the commissioners (shown here with the Kirby brothers) and share ideas and concerns.  The tour continues into Northern Orange County next week.
Local Candidates Mobilizing For 2010 Elections
Three county commissioners (out of 7) and four state legislature seats are up for election this year.  Commissioner Mike Nelson is stepping down and his seat will become a District 2 seat (Hillsborough and the rural areas).  Commissioners Alice Gordon (District 1 - which is Chapel Hill and Carrboro) and Barry Jacobs (at-large) are up for re-election.

At the state level, Senator Ellie Kinnaird and Representatives Bill Faison, Joe Hackney, and Verla Insko are all up for re-election.  School board, soil conservation and other county seats are up for election.  For more, click here
At the federal level, Senator Richard Burr and Congressman David Price are up for re-election.
The NC primary will be held on May 4th.
Dog Deer Hunting to be Banned in Orange County
After hearing from many residents and a report from the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, the BoCC voted unanimously to ban dog deer hunting in Orange County.  For more, click here
The Future of the County's Trash
Spurred by resident input, the BoCC is asking tough questions about the future of the county's trash and recycling.  The topic may be a subject for the March 25th Assembly of Governments.  Questions like: (1) Should the towns and the county continue to work together after the landfill closes; (2) What recycling goals are realistic, given budget and market constraints; and (3) How should convenience centers be funded, are among the issues that may be discussed.  For the view of rural residents, click here
At the Maple View Ag Center: Yoga, OWASA and Tick Education
Several important community events will be held at the Maple View Ag Center (3501 Dairyland Road):
  • Weekly yoga classes start on Monday, February 15th, at 4:00.  For more information including how to enroll, click here
  • OWASA will host a community meeting on Wednesday, February 24th, to discuss their draft plan for the land surrounding Cane Creek reservoir.  To read the press release, click here, and to view the maps, click here
  • OCV will host a tick education workshop on Saturday, March 20th.
To learn more about Maple View's Ag Center, check out
Erin Wiltgen's article in the Herald-Sun
Tick Season is Coming
As tick season approaches, there are upcoming events to help prepare yourself and your family from irritating and potentially dangerous tick bites:
  • TIC-NC is hosting a pot luck supper on Tuesday, February 16th, at the home of Cyndi O'Neal and Judi Loberg.  For more information, please contact Cyndi   Visit TIC-NC's website
  • OCV is hosting a tick education workshop at Maple View Ag Center on Saturday, March 20th, from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.  We will offer practical information on how to protect your family and pets from tick bites and potentially life-threatening tick borne illnesses.  Prevention techniques and warning signs will be discussed, along with ideas for community programs for reducing deer and tick populations.  For more information, contact Susan.
Online Community Watch
OCV's website now contains an active link to the Orange County Sheriff's Department's Community Watch Bulletins.  Click here for more.
Tilapia Anyone?
Valee Taylor, a 4th generation farmer from Northern Orange County (shown here with Commissioners Foushee & Hemminger & his employee, Steve), spent the last 19 months adding a TilapiaTaylor Fish & Commissioners farm to his family's 100+ acre farm.  The fish farm, developed with technical advice from NC State, will produce roughly 250,000 pounds of tilapia each year to be shipped in on-board truck aquariums to fresh fish markets everywhere.  For more, click here
DOT Drops Plans to extend Elizabeth Brady Road
With the help of the Hillsborough Town Council and BoCC, residents successfully opposed the extension of Elizabeth Brady Road (NC 86) through the Occoneechee Speedway and Ayr Mount.  Discussions will continue on alternatives to route NC 86 traffic around Hillsborough.  To view the full story, click here
Community Calendar
Don't forget the community calendar on our website.
In addition to highlighting important events in the rural community, we have included links to other calendars - such as Harry's Market and  BoCC meetings.
If you'd like us to post your event or link to our calendar,  please contact Susan.
Thank you for your continued support to Orange County Voice and the rural community.  If you're are interested in becoming involved with our planning and service initiatives, please contact either of us.
Bonnie                   &                Susan
Bonnie Hauser                               Susan Walser
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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.  - Margaret Mead
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