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Thanks to Virginia Leslie, Susan Houck, Susan Walser and others, the Orange Chatham Sierra Club and the Orange County Organizing Committee (OCOC)  have joined the opposition to the Waste Transfer Station in Bingham Township.   The Sierra Club sent a letter to the commissioners last week.  (transcript below) 
OCOC is an influential coalition of over 25 community groups, churches and grassroots organizations including OCV and RENA/CEER.  OCOC leaders made a statement at Tuesday's BoCC meeting suggesting that the county take advantage of the additional capacity in the landfill and seek a better solution for handling the county's waste.  OCOC opposes the Bingham and Millhouse sites.  OCOC plans to follow up with  meetings and other actions with the county.
sierra club logo  Sierra Club Letter to the County Commissioners
 Dear Orange County Commissioners,

The Orange Chatham Sierra Club Group remains concerned about the disposal of solid waste. We applaud the efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle. We were pleased that the county used the new criteria and determined that the Rogers Road community should not be the site of a solid waste transfer station. However, we are concerned about the proposal to site the solid waste transfer station west of Carrboro on NC54. It does not seem to meet the criteria which we and others suggested for a transfer station. It is not near a railroad nor a major interstate highway. The proposed site appears to be almost entirely deciduous forest. It appears to include wetland. It contains the headwaters which feed into nearby streams with threatened or endangered aquatic species. It is a large rather than small parcel of land which would mean more loss of habitat. It is near the maximum travel distance so would involve more travel than other potential sites. Fortunately, the landfill is not filling as fast as projected so the county has more time to find better solutions.


Mr. Loren Hintz
Co-Chair OCSCG
804 Kings Mill Rd.
Chapel Hill NC 27517
We are grateful to the Sierra Club and OCOC for supporting the WTS opposition and encouraging Orange County to find a solution that makes sense.  Their voice  greatly enhances our efforts and provides the foundation for collaboration on future initiatives.  
We will continue to work with the community and the growing coalition to oppose the WTS siting in Bingham - which as you know is still in play. We'll keep you posted on developments between now and the next BoCC meeting on August 18th.
 Thank you for supporting Orange County Voice and the rural community. 

Bonnie                     &        Susan
Bonnie Hauser                              Susan Walser
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