June Newsletter 
Dear Neighbor:
Pardon the silence from Orange County Voice.  Our friend Susan Walser became  gravely ill and diverted our attention.  She's doing better, thanks in part to the support and good wishes from so many of you.  Susan was diagnosed with erhlichiosis -- a tick-borne illness which, like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, can be fatal if discovered too late.  At her request, we included information on tick borne illnesses in this edition of our newsletter.

WTS Update: Options are Shifting 

The Bingham Waste Transfer Station site is under scrutiny as the county gets pressure from the towns and taxpayers to find a fiscally responsible alternative.  Town and county officials now realize that if the county proceeds with the Bingham site, millions of tax dollars will be wasted driving trash all over the county.  Tax dollars can be better spent on amenities for the Rogers Road community and other programs and services.
In addition to excessive cost, the county now agrees that the WTS will impinge on 6 acres of wetlands on the Howell site.  Even if the impact can be minimized,  the site no longer qualifies under the county's exclusionary criteria and should be eliminated.   The Army Corp of Engineers will be looking at the wetlands impact and a report is expected in mid-August.
The Board of County Commissioners has agreed to look at a site offered by the Town of Chapel Hill at Millhouse Road.   Though it's near town, on a highway, near power and rail, there are impacts which are being evaluated.  A report will be given to the BoCC on June 16th. 
The county has started a dialog with Durham on a shared  waste facility. This can open up new sites on I-40.  We hope   discussions include exploring new technologies for handling trash such as waste to energy.
Other options were discussed in the BoCC work session, but it's unclear whether any action will ensue. These options include a search for 5-10 acre sites in/near town.  There has also been discussion about sites near the I-85 weigh station.  
With an unexpected year of landfill capacity, the county now has time to explore creative and strategic ideas, and to explore options that are socially, environmentally and fiscally responsible.  If none of them pan out, then a vendor-operated transfer station offers the best option.
A WTS in Bingham never makes sense and work on the site should be terminated! 
Petition: Thanks to you, we submitted a petition to the BoCC with  1093 signatures  to stop a WTS in Bingham.   If you haven't yet signed the petition, please click here to access the e-petition 

What's next:  We will continue to monitor the county's progress and let you know of important developments. 
Dates to remember:
    Tuesday June 16th, BoCC report on Millhouse Road
    Tuesday August 18th, BoCC report on Wetlands.
Petition: Public Notice for Lighted Athletic Facility
Orange County Voice supports community action for stronger zoning controls over lighted athletic facilities sited in the rural community.   The action origninates out of a controversy between a northern rural neighbor in dispute with the Lattisville Grove Missionary Baptist Church. The church erected a softball field with stadium lights on a gravel road across from private homes. 

The lighted field was permitted without notification to adjacent property owners and there was no public hearing.  A county planning official decided the athletic field was an accessory use for the church and could bypass the normal permitting process. Normally a Class B Special Use Permit is required for a lighted athletic facility.
Northern rural neighbors are actively opposing the zoning judgment. In addition, they are circulating a petition requiring a public hearing before any property owner can erect a lighted athletic field in a rural area. 
Our commitment to rural character includes preserving natural nightime skies. Rural residents should have a voice in deciding where lighted facilities can be placed
To sign the petition, click here 
For more information, email Sara Shields
Local artist Dale Morgan celebrates natural dark skies
               Ursa Major by Dale Morgan
                  Usra Major by Dale Morgan   
Local Vegetables, Hayrides and Ice Cream!
The Maple View Agricultural Center is online and the gardens are starting production.  Beginning June 13th, the center will be open on weekends for family fun. See the farm animals, go on a hayride and tour the farm -- all for $6.
Fresh vegetables grown in the garden are now for sale at the Maple View County Store at the corner of Dairyland Road and Rocky Ridge.  All proceeds go to the agricultural education programs.
For more information click here 
 Beware of Ticks 
Tick season is here and tick-borne illnesses can be dangerous - even fatal if not diagnosed promptly. Illnesses include Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichiosis and Lyme's disease.   The definitive test for these illnesses takes days which may to too late if an infection has started.    
If you have flu-like symptoms (fever, achiness, nausea, rash),  consider ticks as a possible culprit and seek medical attention immediately.  You may not recall getting a tick bite.
With simple tests, your healthcare practioner can quickly rule out flu. If it's not flu, discuss a course of  treatment for tick borne illnesses (usually doxicycline or another antibiotic).   Early treatment makes a huge difference. For more information:
      CDC website
Dont forget your pets!  If you use Frontline or a similar product on your pet, your pet's body oils distribute the medicine.  So wait a few days after a bath to apply it.  Plus keep your pet out of water (including creeks and ponds) for 2-3 days after application.  If your pet has lots of ticks, talk to your veterinarian about a tick collar or applying tick products every 3 weeks. 
OCV Completes its First Year!
Orange County Voice is nearly a year old!  We are expanding our work on behalf of the rural community and plan to use the summer to build our organization - including finalizing our 501c-3 status.  We will continue to monitor the WTS and are planning a fundraiser later this summer to celebrate our anniversary and pay remaining expenses from the airport campaign and the WTS legal defense. 
If you'd like to work more closely with our managment team or our working committees, email Bonnie 
Thank you for your support of Orange County Voice.   Together we are making great progress as a voice for the rural  community.
Bonnie                   &                Susan
Bonnie Hauser                               Susan Walser
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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.  - Margaret Mead
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Local Vegetables, Hayrides and Ice Cream!
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OCV Completes its First Year!
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