OCV News -- Did They Know?
April 24, 2009

As we've told you, the Environmental Assessment issued by Olver, Inc. on behalf of Orange County completely overlooked a large wetland area (about 1500 feet long) right where the WTS would be sited.  Check out these articles recapping the BoCC Meeting on Tuesday, 4/21:
Click Here for Indy Article/Blog by Matt Saldana

Click Here for a WCHL Article

Click Here for a Carrboro Citizen Article

Did they know?
Some of our members are calling for a second opinion - some want more. Certainly given the hundreds of thousands of dollars that the county has paid Olver, we should expect more.
What do you think? Write to the commissioners and let them know! 
Click here for link to your Commissioner's addresses.

Help Harry's Market Help Our Community!
On April 25-26th, Harry's Market is donating 10% of the sales of arts, crafts and non-persishable items to the WTS legal defense.
Harry's Market at Whitecross
3300 Highway 54 West
Chapel Hill 
Phone (919) 932-7025
We Are Moving Forward on our Legal Defense of the WTS
Contributions and Petitions Continue to be Collected 
Thank You!  for the generous outpouring for the WTS Legal Defense.  We are still collecting contributions.  Click on the Paypal link to donate.
A petition to oppose the WTS in rural Orange County is now available for signatures.  You can find the petition at Maple View Farm Ice Cream Store off of Dairyland and at Harry's Market on Hwy 54. 
You can return signed petitions to the MVF Ice Cream Store or to Harry's Market.   Or you can mail them to:  OCV, P.O. Box 1263, Carrboro, NC   27510
Click here for a copy of the Petition.
Click here for a copy of the Petition Cover Letter.
Other News and Events
14th Annual Piedmont Farm Tour
April 25 - 26 
And don't forget to visit the new Maple View Agricultural Center during the Farm Tour.  OCV will have a booth at the Ag Center - stop by and meet us -- sign a WTS Petition! 
Click here for link to 14th Annual Piedmont Farm Tour 
Coming soon:
Orange County Voice announces long term emphasis on Responsible Waste Management, zoning and natural resource protection!
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Want to become more involved in OCV's programs to build awareness and advocate for the rural county?  
Email Bonnie to volunteer or participate on our management committee.
Thank you for your support of Orange County Voice. 
Together we are making incredible progress and there is still much to do.  We need your support more than ever to reach our goal.  

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