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BoCC Meeting, April 21, 2009  -- Please Attend!

April 20, 2009

Waste Transfer Station Alert

Please attend Tuesday's County Commissioners Meeting and let the commissioners know that a WTS in Bingham is not an option!
Board of County Commissioners Meeting
Discussion of Waste Transfer Station Alternatives
Tuesday, April 21, 2009  7:00p.m.
Southern Human Services Center
2501 Homestead Rd, Chapel Hill

WTS opposition is working --  In response to long and difficult discussions, the county and Olver, Inc. have revised their report on the Waste Transfer Station and alternatives.  The facts are still not right,  but they now agree that vendors are a viable option to a county operated waste transfer station.  If their assumptions were corrected, Olver's models would  show what we've been saying all along:
  • It's time to stop work on the Howell and other Bingham sites and find a WTS site close to town with infrastructure.  (Not Eubanks Road)
  • Vendor transfer stations are a viable interim alternative -- if  needed.
  • The county should form regional partnerships to explore Waste-to-Energy as a long term alternative to landfills.
  • Shortsighted alternatives, such as a temporary facility, are a waste of the county's time and taxpayer money.
Help Harry's Market Help Our Community!
On April 25-26th, Harry's Market is donating 10% of the sales of arts, crafts and non-persishable items to the WTS legal defense.
Harry's Market at Whitecross
3300 Highway 54 West
Chapel Hill 
Phone (919) 932-7025
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Contributions and Petitions are still being Collected to fight the WTS 
Thanks to you for the generouse outpouring for the WTS Legal Defense.  We are still collecting contributions.  Click on the Paypal link to donate.
A petition to oppose the WTS in rural Orange County is now available for signatures.  You can find the petition at Maple View Farm Ice Cream Store off of Dairyland and at Harry's Market on Hwy 54. 
You can return signed petitions to the MVF Ice Cream Store or to Harry's Market.   Or you can mail them to:  OCV, P.O. Box 1263, Carrboro, NC   27510
Click here for a copy of the Petition.
Click here for a copy of the Petition Cover Letter.
Other News and Events

Maple View Agricultural Center Opens!

Click here for Chapel Hill News Article 

Visit the Maple View Agricultural Center and Orange County Voice
during the Farm Tour April 25-26
Click here for link to 14th Annual Piedmont Farm Tour 
Community Dinner

Join us for last community dinner of the season at Cane Creek Baptist Church

Cane Creek Baptist Church
Community Activity Center
6716 Orange Grove Road
Wednesday April 22nd,  6:00 pm
Coming soon:
Orange County Voice announces long term emphasis on Responsible Waste Management, zoning and natural resource protection!
Other Waste Transfer Station News

The NC State Clearinghouse identifies environmental risks from the county WTS project.  NC DENR provides feedback on the county's Environmental Assessment - including a reprimand on the county's work on wetlands.
Click here to read the State Department's responses.

Waste Transfer Station meets the Tax Revolt
Did you know that the 2009 tax value on the Howell property is 13.5% higher than its appraised value? Yes its true, the 2009 tax value of $931,000 is $110,000 higher than its appraised value of $820,000! Click here for more

Write a Letter to your Commissioners saying "NO to a WTS in Bingham Township."  Click here for addresses.
hank you all for the generous outpouring of support to the WTS legal defense.  We are still collecting donations:

A Special Thanks to those who came out last week to get the real facts on the waste transfer station.  
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Keep an eye out for upcoming information on No Airport Ever, Sludge and Zoning.
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Thank you for your support to Orange County Voice. 
Together we are making incredible progress and there is still much to do.  We need your support more than ever to reach our goal.  

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