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WaterPlant-WetlandDear Neighbor:
Thank you for your support to Orange County Voice.  We're making good progress and now need your help to pay for the legal defense work. 
So far, we've created a four-month delay in the county's project and are working to open the door to waste management vendors and alternative sites.  We're continuing to encourage the county to seek an alternative site in a commercial/industrial area (not in anyone's backyard) and to pursue vendors in the interim.
Our work is linked to a confidential legal defense strategy.  Attorney Jim Conner has been helping us put important legal pieces in place as we continue to work with the county and the commissioners.  These pieces lay the groundwork for a legal injunction - if it is needed.  Jim's support has been extraordinary and he is a major reason for our success to date.
Our latest work with Jim refutes the county's Environmental Assessment. Experts found evidence of wetlands, endangered species, and other issues that were misrepresented or neglected in the county's report.  Jim added that county zoning does not protect our citizens from the county, i.e.,  the county can site a government facility - a waste transfer station, an airport, a prison, anything - anywhere it wants!  For Jim's report, expert rebuttals and more on the waste transfer station click here.
Please consider a donation to help pay for Jim's fees.  His work is benefitting everyone.  Please ask your friends and neighbors to do the same.  Thank you to so many who have already donated.  We know that these are challenging times.  Any amount is appreciated!
Here's how we're getting the most out of your money:
  • We are applying for not for profit (501c-3) status.  We can't promise, but we expect donations to be deductible in 2009.
  • We've added a Paypal link to our website and newsletter, so you can now donate online with a major credit card or by mailing a check (click here to donate or mail a check).
  • Our volunteers are providing unpaid research and staff services to Mr. Conner, already saving over $15,000 in legal fees.
  • We're continuing to work with local merchants who are willing to donate revenues, profits and services to our community (click here to meet the "Friends of Orange County Voice").
Thank you for your support to Orange County Voice.  With your help, we are making good progress and we are optimistic about the likely outcomes.  With your support, we will reach our goal.  Thank you.   

Bonnie                     &        Susan
Bonnie Hauser                              Susan Walser
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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.  - Margaret Mead
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