OCV - FYI:  Indy Article on Waste Transfer Station
March 11, 2009
Dear Neighbor:
We wanted to let you know about the following:
The Independent Weekly Publishes Article on the Orange County Waste Transfer Station  Click here for article
Also, keep watching Orange County Voice's website for updates on community and governmental responses to the County's WTS Environmental Assessment (for the Howell site - 056) filed with the state.   Link to OCV Website/WTS
If you'd like to write to your County Commissioners about the siting of the Waste Transfer Station in the rural county, click here for their contact information
Any public comments to the State on Orange County's WTS Environmental Assessment can be filed with the State Clearinghouse, Link to NC Environmental Bulletin/State Clearinghouse
Thank you for your continued support.  Together we are truly making a difference.
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