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March 11, 2009
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Oppostition Escalating on the Waste Transfer Station
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Opposition Escalating on the Waste Transfer Station
Despite widespread opposition about the location, excessive cost, safety and environmental impact, the county commissioners are still pursuing a waste transfer station (WTS) in a greenfield on west Hwy 54 (the Howell property, Site 056).

So if you're angry about taxes, add $10-$13 million for a waste transfer station to your list of government excess.  Once it's built, the county and the towns will face new and unanticipated financial burdens to use and maintain the facility for years to come.  The county can save millions of our tax dollars by finding a better site and using vendors in the meantime.   Do you object to the path the county is taking in the WTS?  Write to your commissioners - BoCC contact information 

To make things worse, evidence is mounting about environmental issues with the Howell property.  Jurisdictional wetlands, endangered species and other environmental issues are being reported to the state clearinghouse where the county's environmental assessment has been filed. 
Here's what's new 
Commissioners poised to waste millions on Waste Transfer Station:  New estimates from Orange County Voice suggest that the county can save $1.5-$2.5 million a year by using vendors - at least until a better site is found.  (more...)
The County's Environmental Assessment Report of the Howell property is under attack from environmental experts and community groups. The county's report failed to mention known wetlands on the site and possible risks to endangered aquatic species.  Plus the report says nothing about homes, farms and businesses that will be irreparably damaged if this industrial facility is sited nearby.  (more...)
A Complaint has been filed against Orange County for issuing a  construction permit on the Howell property without state approval.  (more...)
OCV assists in the Solid Waste Advisory Board research on Waste to Energy.  (more...)
Keep an eye out for this week's Independent Weekly.  This week's cover article features the Waste Transfer Station.
HOLD THE DATE:  PIEDMONT FARM TOUR APRIL 25 and 26 - Visit us at the new Maple View Agricultural Education Center and learn more about how Orange County Voice is working for the rural community.  More to come...
Please donate to help cover the legal defense on the waste transfer station.  Despite everyone's hard work and generosity, the commissioners have not responded to public opinion,  the legal opposition is continuing.  We need your help.  To donate, click here    Note: Paypal link coming soon!
The OCV website has been updated.  Click here to view the updated site which includes information on the WTS and the Orange County Property Revaluation - learn how to object to your new property value.   Check out the Hot Topics button.
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