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February 19, 2009
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County Issues WTS Environmental Assessment
OCV Prepares Report on Alternatives to WTS
Airport Signs - What To Do?
"No Airport Ever" Campaign
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Orange County Issues Waste Transfer Station Environmental Assessment Report
The report suggests that there is no environmental risk for building a Waste Tranfer Station at the Howell Site (Hwy 54 west of Orange Grove Road).   We are coordinating public comment to the report.  We will keep you updated on our progress.  Click here to read the full Report:  OC EA Report   (Scroll down to "Key Reports & Advocacy")
OCV Prepares Report on Alternatives to Waste Transfer
The report shows that outsourcing the county's waste collection until better alternatives can be found is a viable option.  See WTS Press Release - Vendor Options
Airport Signs - What To Do?
Our airport signs were a really great way to communicate to the community, but it's time to take them down.  But we don't want them filling up our landfill.  So, what to do?  Recycle, ReUse, Create a new use?  Send us your ideas: Email Us  We'll publish the top three suggestions.
And we can also collect them for future use.  We'll publish a collection site in the next newsletter -- so don't toss -- Save.  We still have a balance due for printing the signs and brochures.  Please consider a donation to help us pay off this debt:  OCV Donations
OCV Announces "No Airport Ever" Campaign
We are beginning a campaign to put zoning and other land use ordinances in place to prevent airports from being sited in the rural county. The recent attempt by UNC to place an airport in the rural county was the 3rd or 4th attempt at siting an airport in SW Orange.  It's time to put controls in place that acknowledge the importance of the rural community and its role in building a sustainable Orange County.
No Airport Ever will include community education and proactive recommendations to the Planning Board and the County Commissioners on zoning. The campaign will include information about protected natural resources, conservancies, farms, and businesses as a basis for zoning recommendations.
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