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February 20, 2009
County Hearing on Floodplains
If you are one of 1800 property owners who has a floodplain on your property and received a notice from Orange County, here's what's happening. The County has decided to incorporate the Insurance Flood Plain Map (last updated in early 2007) into its zoning ordinances. There will be no changes to the flood plain map or the zoning ordinances. This change is an administrative convenience that was requested by the State Attorney General in 2006.

By linking flood plain maps to zoning ordinances, property owners with floodplains on their land will now be notified if there are changes to their floodplain designations (usually prompted by FEMA).  Again, this proposed change has no impact on existing maps or ordinances.
Orange County has published Frequently Asked Questions about this change - which is on our website Click Here for FAQs - scroll down to "What's News".   Even though this is an administrative action, it is technically a "zoning change" and the county is required to notify property holders and will hold a public hearing on Monday night, February 23.  Click Here for Location & Agenda  
For more information, call Glenn Bowles, Orange County Floodplain Manager, 919-245-2577
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