April 29, 2009
NAQC Quality Improvement Initiative Update

First Draft of 4th Issue Paper Ready for Member Feedback

Feedback Opportunities  

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It is with great pleasure that NAQC delivers the first draft of the fourth Quality Improvement Initiative (QII) Issue Paper, Standard Practices and Measurement of Medications Delivered by Quitlines. As with previous QII Issue Papers, NAQC members are asked to review and comment on the draft document by participating in the oral and/or written comment processes. Below you will find details on how to share your feedback on this particular paper's first draft.
You may access a PDF version of the draft paper below or access it from the NAQC Calendar on either the May 6th or May 8th calendar entries. 
May 6th  from 3:30 - 5PM ET and May 8th from 12:30 - 2PM ET
Join us on either call to hear a brief introduction of the paper by the author and participate in a facilitated discussion of the paper's strengths and weaknesses. A detailed summary of both calls will be written and distributed to all NAQC members and the author and will be presented to the NAQC Advisory Council during their summer meeting.

ALL CALL MATERIALS, including the agenda, the dial in number and the draft paper are posted on the May 6th and May 8th entries on the NAQC Calendar
ONline survey tool to provide written FEEDBACK
Please use the online survey tool to provide written comments on the draft paper. We are asking members to comment on the paper's major strengths and weaknesses through a series of guided questions. The written feedback process will close on May 13th. Copies of all comments received will be shared with the author.
We look so forward to hearing your thoughts on what promises to be critical and timely guidance and recommendations for the quitline community.
A Framework for Establishing and Measuring Quitline Quality

An Update
The revised draft of the third Quality Improvement Paper was presented to NAQC's Advisory Council in December, 2008. Currently the paper's author and NAQC staff are working together to strengthen the paper's recommendations, clarify the paper's intent and audience and to develop an introductory paper to NAQC's Quality Improvement Initiative. Look for the final version of the paper late this summer!
Important Quality Improvement Initiative Dates for NAQC Members

May 6 & 8, 2009       
Conference calls with members to hear feedback on first draft of fourth Issue Paper
May 13, 2009                 
Online feedback survey closes
June 8 & 9, 2009      
NAQC Annual Conference
NAQC Advisory Council meeting to approve Framework paper and to hear first round of feedback on medications paper
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