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It's hard to believe that many schools are already in session or in preparation for the start of a new school year!  July was filled with lots of time away from home, conferences and quality time with Family and Consumer Sciences professionals across the country.  My summer has been extremely busy with meetings and conferences for listening, meeting and working with you to keep our Family and Consumer Sciences Education programs strong.


Just a reminder to pay your ACTE dues as your state directs!  Most states take in ACTE dues along with state dues and then send them directly to ACTE.  This system has been very effective, so we encourage you to continue with following their lead.  Your ACTE dues and how you designate on your membership form the region, state and division places you in each of those categories. When you pay those ACTE dues you are already joining our FACS Division.


For the three Family & Consumer Sciences section dues, some states also collect those at the state level together with other dues and send them directly to their affiliated section's treasurer or administrative assistant.  Find out from your FACS state administrator how your state handles getting your dues to each to make sure that you are included as a member of:


NATFACS- National Association Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences OR

NATEFACS- National Association Teacher Educators of Family and Consumer Sciences OR

NASAFACS- National Association State Administrators of Family and Consumer Sciences


Each of these three sections of our ACTE Family and Consumer Sciences Division has their own Executive Council, By-Laws, Awards, etc. so you want to make sure that you join the one that best suits your needs.  The contact persons: Presidents and Treasurers or Administrative Assistants and their contact information may be found on the ACTE website under the Family & Consumer Sciences Division in the handbook. 

If you have a question or concern, you may contact LeAnn Wilson at ACTE, (703) 683-9347 or ; or me, at 270-217-0996 or



Last week I sent out a letter with a FACS Division Survey that is important for your response. The deadline for this to be completed is September 10!!  There is much concern over improving ACTE as we begin to look at structure and strategic planning for our organization.  There has been talk of restructuring the Board of Directors' and eliminating Divisions and Regions.  I need your input into this issue to know how best to represent your thoughts and concerns.  This would have repercussions with our funding and structure within our own group that allows us to have the awards, fellowships, sessions, convention meetings and representation for our group on a national level.  It is urgent to have your voice into planning for the future of where we fit into ACTE and how I can best represent your opinions.  I am attaching the survey again for those who did not respond to the first link sent out last week.  Remember to only respond only once and by the September 10 deadline.  Thanks for your participation with this!


I had the opportunity to represent our FACS Division at the AAFCS Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona in June as our collaborative team of Family and Consumer Sciences professionals launched the new Brand for Family and Consumer Sciences.  Since AAFCS has provided the funding to accomplish this task, copyright permission may be granted for its use by contacting:  It's a great image to add to your stationery, correspondence, and websites!  



It was such a pleasure to represent you in Anaheim at the National FCCLA Board meeting and in Alexandria, VA for the ACTE Executive and Board of Directors meetings.  May I encourage all of you to take the opportunity to look for ways to increase your students' FCCLA membership as well as involvement and participation in programs that develops personal and leadership growth.  FCCLA has so much to offer that our students need!  FCCLA is a huge tool and advocate for keeping our FACS programs in the news, community, parents' and administration's view which is so important in moving your Family & Consumer Sciences program to excellence that is recognized and rewarded!  I am so thankful for the opportunities that my students have always had through FCCLA to aid them to be successful students and leaders that no other student organization offers.  I challenge you to offer the opportunity for your students to join FCCLA and give it your best in utilizing all this organization has to offer as you begin a new school year! 


Once again, so many of our programs along our eastern and north eastern coasts are dealing with the effects of Hurricane Irene while our friends in Texas and our southern states are feeling the extreme drought that affects their everyday lives.  Please keep them in your thoughts and look for opportunities to help and support them. 


In June, I sent out an email letting all of you know that we all joined our FACS colleagues in thought and prayer for those many members affected by tornadoes, flooding, and weather across the country.   In a conversation with Deborah Fanning, Alabama's AATFACS President, she shared with me the plan for collecting survival items for the six Alabama Family & Consumer Sciences teachers who had lost their schools and departments during the tornadoes in the spring.  I sent out an email and made contact with book publishing companies, teachers and others who joined me in assisting them. It was a pleasure to present them with donations at their annual Alabama ACTE conference in July. It was heartbreaking to hear of their loss of family and friends, in addition to, their departments.  It touched my heart to meet and share with them at this time.  How overwhelming to begin again!   Yet, there is always a sense of excitement (if even frightening!) when we begin a new journey or chapter in our lives. If you are interested in helping them by sending resources their way, feel free to contact: Judy Brown at the Alabama State Department of Education,


Amy Gunderman, Leslie Watkins and Judy Miller - two of the FACS teachers who will begin again as they build new departments this fall in Alabama after tornadoes destroyed their schools.



I was honored to represent you at the Arizona ACTE Conference in Tucson, July 18.  Such a wonderful group of professionals!  Thanks to Ruth Kerr for the gracious invitation and making me feel so welcome.  The Family and Consumer Sciences theme for this meeting was, "FACS- Forever Accepting Challenges to Shape the Future".  A wonderful theme and a great program were presented! As I shared with that group, now is the time that we all come together and make our voice heard for Family and Consumer Sciences education.  If you know of other FACS and CTE educators in your building or community who are not ACTE members, now is the time for them to join us to be a strong voice to protect the programs that we are all passionate in keeping.  Now is the time to be strong, visible, viable, and valuable in our communities, states and across the nation.  


I left Arizona's Conference to meet with fellow Family & Consumer Sciences educators at the Kentucky ACTE conference in Louisville.  A joy to reconnect with old friends and meet new professionals ready to take their place in educating our youth!  Gary Moore, ACTE Past President, joined me for the KATFACS Brunch and the guest speaker presentation that followed.  Debbie Tankersley retired as the Kentucky CTE Branch Coordinator.  I am so thankful for her leadership in my home state and all that she has given to promoting Family and Consumer Sciences.


 Leslie and Debbie Tankersley at Kentucky KACTE meeting



In the past week, the ACTE Legislative Department sent out an alert requesting business support.  Please share with businesses in your community who support CTE and FACS the need for them to contact your legislators and how budget changes and possible elimination of our programs will impact them as businesses and your community.  At this time, businesses have a greater voice in legislative action, I am afraid, than do educators.  Their assistance is imperative to place us into the arena of funding programs that connect to economic recovery.  We know we have great impact on assisting students' with successful career choices, so any assistance you can provide will benefit all of us.  Take time to use the ACTE legislative tools that make it simple to contact your legislators and share those with others who can help speak on our behalf.



I have begun a new blog...! I am in the beginning stages of its development, but am excited that I will have a place for resources, updates, daily and weekly inputs and tools that you can use with your students! I have purchased the site and have begun inputting lots of links and establishing the format!  Although yet in it's beginning stages of the less than "proficient" one launching this new venture....please be patient with me, share your resources and give suggestions on how to improve our sharing experience.  I am sure that it will continually change and evolve as I figure out how to design and expand it for your use.  Check often and be patient!  Entering the world of "Blogging" is a new and scary experience!  



I hope all of you are making plans to join us in St. Louis for this year's ACTE Annual Convention, November 17-19!  Exciting plans are in the works for all of us!!  It's not too late to register today!!  Contact me, too, if you need a leadership opportunity to attend!

  • A New FACS attendee's reception hosted by NATFACS on Thursday, November 16 from 10:30-11:00 am in Room 123!
  • Business sessions for NATEFACS (Room 126) and NASAFACS (Room 124) on Thursday morning- 11:00 -12:00, which will keep you informed of information and activities occurring for those sections of our division.
  • Division Opening Session and speaker on Thursday, November 16 from 1:30-3:15 pm in Room 132.
  • A FACS Coalition led discussion on the Future of Family and Consumer Sciences following the Division Opening Session on Thursday in the same location.
  • A FACS Marketing Showcase in Room 132 from 4:30-5:30 with great ideas on communicating and marketing our programs!
  • Family & Consumer Sciences Division Resource Room in Room 123 with -"The Nook"- fundraising, refreshments and networking room to make new friends and reconnect with old ones --- you won't want to miss! 
  • Outstanding sessions- including a NATFACS Showcase of Best Practices on Friday, November 17 from 2:30-3:30 in Room 131. 
  • Great general sessions and speakers!
  • A FACS Division Brunch and Awards session on Friday, November 17 with FACS Division awards, graduate fellowships, scholarships and leadership opportunities along with FCSEA and NATFACS Awards and recognition!
  • You won't want to miss any of the great details and opportunities we have planned in store specifically for you---the Family & Consumer Sciences professional!!
  • You may find out more details as you continue to monitor the ACTE website's Program at a Glance and scroll until you reach the Family & Consumer Sciences Division section.
  • For information about the NATFACS Showcase of Best Practices, please contact: Pam Rock at:  to sign up present a showcase.
  • We always need contributions to the "Nook" for NATFACS scholarships for new Family & Consumer Sciences teachers.  You may contact RaAnn Miller at: for how you can help.
  • Your Committee involvement in ACTE committees, FACS Division Committees, and NATFACS, NASAFACS, and NATEFACS Committees are always welcome!  Please make sure that you sign an involvement form at convention in the Information Center, Room 123.



It has been a pleasure serving you this summer! It's hard to believe that I have begun the second year of my three year term.  As we begin this year, I would just like to share those who join me in representing the ACTE Family & Consumer Sciences Division:

-Lela Goar- Family & Consumer Sciences Division Graduate Fellowship Chair

-Lindsey Shirley- Family & Consumer Sciences Division Awards Chair

-Marcia Ritter- ACTE Representative on the Family & Consumer Sciences Coalition

-RaAnn Miller- ACTE Representative on the Family & Consumer Sciences Coalition

-Karen Rodriguez - FACS Division Representative on the ACTE Resolutions Committee

-Charlotte Gray- FACS Division Representative on the ACTE Nominating Committee

-Kathy Croxall- FACS Division Representative on the ACTE ByLaws Committee

Thank you to all of these who have agreed to serve our Division in a leadership role!!!


Teacher Educators and FACS Graduate Students-
Just a reminder that ACTE/FCSE has graduate fellowships available for students pursuing a master's or doctoral degree in FACS Education. Go to the Family and Consumer Sciences division handbook found on
www.acteonline.orgfor qualifications and application. Deadline for applying is November 1.  If you have any questions, please email Lela G. Goar at

All FACS Professionals-
Looking for a way to honor a special FACS colleague/friend? Please consider the FACS Roll of Honor. For a donation of at least $500 you may place someone on the roll of honor. The money is placed in the ACTE/FCSE Graduate Fellowship fund and awarded to graduate students in FACS Education. For information on how to place someone on the Roll of Honor please go to
www.acteonline.orgor contact Lela G. Goar at


We need your help in nominating professionals who are worthy of receiving FACS Division Awards and get those to Lindsey Shirley by the October 31 deadline.  She may be contacted by email at:  The application may be found on the ACTE website, Family & Consumer Sciences Division section in the Awards and also Family & Consumer Sciences Division handbook located there.



As ACTE continues to provide advocacy work for us for the 2012 legislative budget, I challenge you to begin to look for other avenues of funding for your programs.  Perkins was never intended to totally fund CTE programs, but supplement them.  I have always looked for opportunities afforded my program through Grant applications, scholarships and business partnerships.  NOW is the time to begin looking for those great opportunities to receive awards, recognitions, grants, scholarships and business partnerships to fund new and innovative projects for your Family & Consumer Sciences program.  It is rewarding for you and your students and reaps huge benefits and kudos with parents, community members and administration!  Don't hesitate to simply google "grants" and have a fit with yourself!!  If I can be of assistance to you, please email me at:


I will be updating grant opportunities I find on the blog site at: as well.  All the best to you as you find those great pots of gold for the things that you always desired to do and have available for your students.



In discussions across the country, I have heard your concerns loud and clear and have found some of my own.  I have been trying to reply to many emails and correspond with so many of you who share my concern of closing programs and specifically, postsecondary Family & Consumer Sciences education degree programs.  ACTE has heard our concerns and is taking on board a new FACS intern who will work on compiling a current, updated list of those postsecondary programs and assist us in marketing our programs at the postsecondary level and strengthen our programs on the secondary level as well.  We know if we don't have Family & Consumer Sciences Education graduates to fill our secondary positions or postsecondary positions, it leaves an educational institution little option but to close that program. 



I read recently that 90% of a program's success depends on the teacher.  Ouch!  That means our programs are relying on us to be the marketing expert, advocate for our students and showcase our program and students success at a grassroots level and state level first!  If we don't care about growing our programs into excellence and one that the school and community recognize as a program that must be maintained and will anyone else?  We must be a cheerleader for all we believe is important! 



That's my challenge for you as you begin a new year... I wish for you much excitement; contagious enthusiasm; creative ideas; huge funding grant opportunities; and great relationships with your administration, coworkers, staff, parents, students and community.  May you find this year a great time to be a Family & Consumer Sciences Education Professional!!  Please let me know how I can best serve and represent you.


Serving with you,


Leslie WatkinsFACS VP

ACTE Family and Consumer Sciences Division Vice President

300 Walnut Street, Paducah, KY 42001
270-217-0996 (cell)
270-908-6080 (home)




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