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FACS Division Newsletter  

Spring has arrived and with it many changes that continue to cause us to move forward in speaking out for the Family & Consumer Sciences Division and our programs! I have had a very busy spring serving you! National Policy Seminar placed all of us in a battle for funding and meeting with legislators that brought little action for the 2011 budget for our programs. 

National FCCLA Officer, Ashton Fine and 

Leslie Watkins at NPS

Please take the time to send your legislators letters using the ACTE website found in the Policy & Advocacy section at:  You only have to put in your zip code and continue through the easy steps.  You may draft your own letter or use the ones that are current for issues that affect us.  Don't DELAY letting your legislators know how important your program is to students and communities in your state!   Let your community know about your program, too, and then share them with me.  Thanks to Miriam Lajonvarn from Wayzata High School who shared her program publicity with me that you can see here.


I would welcome the opportunity to share your success stories if you'll send them to me!


I had the great opportunity of meeting several of you at the Region V ACTE conference in Rapid City, SD.  I took back lots of information and tools from this great meeting and hope to put several new ideas into practice for our membership.

ACTE Region V Conference, Leslie Watkins and Dr. Sarah Heath, ACTE VP for Business

With lots of planning underway for the ACTE Convention in full swing, I hope you'll make plans to join us in St. Louis.  Take advantage of the Early Bird Registration savings before you leave for summer break.  I had a wonderful time working with the NATFACS Policy and Planning Committee in Denver a few weeks ago and with NASAFACS in Salt Lake City to make plans for our convention and ways to effectively support our membership.


Presentation proposals acceptance and session reviews for convention have closed and room requests have been finalized to make this year's convention the best ever.  At the ACTE Convention, our FACS Resource Room will be on the first floor across from meeting halls in Room 123.  Hope you'll join us for networking, Nook Scholarship fundraising, a New Attendees Reception and meeting new FACS Educators and renewing friendships. 


Before we leave our programs for the summer, please take note of the following Committees and their deadlines!




Teacher Educators and FACS Graduate Students-
Just a reminder that ACTE/FCSE has graduate fellowships available for students pursuing a master's or doctoral degree in FACS Education. Go to the FACS Division at: for qualifications and application. Deadline for applying is November 8. If you have any questions, please email Lela G. Goar at

All FACS Professionals -
Looking for a way to honor a special FACS colleague/friend? Please consider the FACS Roll of Honor. For a donation of at least $500 you may place someone on the roll of honor. The money is placed in the ACTE/FCSE Graduate Fellowship fund and awarded to graduate students in FACS Education. For information on how to place someone on the Roll of Honor please go to the FACS Division at: or contact Lela G. Goar at



Do you have someone you'd like to nominate for an Outstanding Contribution Award or a Citation Award?  We will be accepting nominations for these awards after July 1 when our newly appointed Awards Chair will take that position.  Be watching the ACTE website, FACS Division section for the new applications! October 31st is the deadline for these. Awards will be awarded at the FACS Division Brunch in St. Louis on Friday, November 18.



To continue your level of commitment, please consider volunteering to run for a national office, be a committee chair, or a committee member.  NATFACS needs YOU!  If you wish to share your time and talents for NATFACS please contact Incoming President, Dr. Michelle Aldrich at  to volunteer.

Also consider nominating a deserving colleague for one of our many NATFACS Awards. Information about these awards are on our website:  under the "Awards" tab.  Deadline for these awards are August 1, 2011 and are to be mailed directly to:

 Cherie Mingus, 23 Ridgeway Drive, Elizabethtown, KY  42701-9739. 

These awards include:

  • Champion for Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Award of Merit
  • Distinguished Service Award
  • New Professional Award
  • Pride Award

NATFACS Policy and Planning Committee


Financial Growth Committee

 The "NOOK"


Money, money, money...don't we all wish for more.  NATFACS has wonderful members that help contribute to the financial growth committee each year.  Without this help, we would not be able to offer five scholarships annually.  What a wonderful way to help our profession grow and prosper for our future as we continue with these scholarships. 

This year we have set a goal to increase our contribution to the scholarship fund by $1000.  I know we can do this and possibly even exceed our goal and make this a record breaking year!!  So now your thoughts can I help?  There are several ways that both individuals and states can assist.

One highlight in the FACS Resource Room at ACTE is our famous "Nook".  In the "Nook" you will find some wonderful items for sale, state basket raffles and a place for donations to be made.  All proceeds from each go straight to the scholarship fund.  I encourage you to donate items for sale, assist your state with their basket and then to come shop/donate while at conference.  The majority of the items that are sold in the NOOK are from fellow NATFACS members. We need donated items for the Nook that can include small things such as small crafts, jewelry, cards, and promotional products.  So for all of our many talented and/or crafty members, who would like to help, please contact me as I welcome your contributions!!

While we encourage our states and members to continue with the state baskets we also want to challenge our states and members to become Annual NATFACS Sponsors.   NATFACS would also love to have business and industries within each state to join us by becoming an Annual NATFACS Sponsor.  Please share this with them and encourage them to participate with either a monetary donation or by donating a product(s) that we can use as a door prize or as a raffle.  All who donate will be listed on the NATFACS website at: www.natfacs.organd will be displayed on our "Wall of Sponsorship" in the NATFACS Hospitality Room in St. Louis.  The "Levels of Sponsorship" are listed below.   

Levels of Sponsorship Amount

Gold $1000

Silver $500

Bronze $250

Friends $ 50

I am excited about this year and hope to see many of you in St. Louis at ACTE in the FACS Resource Room ready to contribute to our scholarship fund!!!! 

RaAnn Miller

NATFACS Financial Growth Chair

5021 Ashgrove Road

Versailles, KY  40383

(859) 879-9141



ACTE Convention November 17-19, 2011

St. Louis Missouri

"Who Dares to Teach Must Never Cease to Learn." - John Dana


It is once again time to start thinking about and planning for the annual ACTE convention to be held in St. Louis "Show Me State" Missouri.  NATFACS will again sponsor the "Best Practices" Showcase as a highlight of the FACS Division program for the ACTE Convention. The showcase is an excellent way to continue learning and improving our teaching with new ideas and the latest information on best practices.


The time is now to start planning to participate in this event, sharing your knowledge and resources with other FACS teachers from across the country. Consider sharing information about your current program such as activities promoting community service projects, techniques for special needs students, or many of the other activities that are happening in your classroom on a daily basis.


As of last year it is no longer be necessary for presenters to bring handouts for all participants, just prepare and submit a copy of materials ahead of the convention and they will be placed on the NATFACS website for members to download when they return home. This will cut down on the paper that presenters and participants will have to pack to and from convention. You will then have the opportunity to visit and share with attendees in a relaxed and comfortable environment. If there are several from your school coming to convention, plan a group presentation. It is the goal to have at least one presenter from each state attending the convention. More is even better. Take a few minutes and complete the attached form with your basic information. More information and details will be forwarded as soon as we know the exact time and location of the Showcase in the convention schedule. Thank you for your participation


Pamela Rock, FACS Program Chair

2882 West 1170 North

Provo, UT 84601

(801) 356-6450 



Many of us have experienced cuts in our income or expendable income during these tough economic times.  As these financial challenges arise we take action with our individual budgets in order to curtail the pain or damage that may occur to our families and our lives. 

Our nation and in particular, the federal government, are experiencing serious budget issues beyond anything we have seen in many years.  Cuts are being made in Washington whether we like it or not.  Carl Perkins funding just became one of many programs that has taken a huge hit with massive monetary slashes.  The pain is real and will become all the more real as our budgets for the coming school year are revealed.  Much weeping and wailing will begin the more the consequences are revealed.  


Ladies and gentlemen, I would ask that, "We need to be part of the solution, not the problem."    It is easy to be in our own schools and homes and complain, berate and moan.  However, now it is crucial to be heard.  If congress doesn't hear or understand the importance of our programs reinstating funding for Perkins will never happen.  Or any portion of funding for that matter.


Now is the time to build relationships with your congressional members.  Members of congress need to hear from their constituents.  Stay informed through the many alerts, bulletins and resources that ACTEONLINE.ORG provides.  There are endless suggestions of things you can do to help raise the profile of CTE.  One of the suggestions ACTE provides is to invite your congressmen to see your programs in action.  Ten steps for a successful legislative tour are listed on the website to help you maximize this particular opportunity. 

As the "bleeding" begins, let's take the opportunity to minimize damage to our programs with creative thinking.  Promote, promote, promote.  As you hear or come up with inventive ways to make ends meet, share with others how you do it.  We need to be part of that solution that will help keep us afloat during these tough times.  "CTE Policy Watch" is a blog that you may turn to for sharing. has an action center that is a critical link for any solution.  We will need to look beyond the obvious to solve these challenges.  After all, isn't that we do with our own budgets???? 


Rachel H. Gonzalez, NATFACS Legislative Chair

Family Consumer Science Teacher

Lakeridge Jr. High

951 South 400 West

Orem, Utah 84058

801-227-8752 ext.129


Pearl Hart, NASAFACS President


The National Association State Administrators of Family and Consumer Sciences - NASAFACS- met in Salt Lake City, May 1-4 for their annual spring conference.  NASAFACS is the Family and Consumer Sciences section of ACTE who work together to promote activities for their state.  A great time of sharing successful FACS programs, ACTE convention planning, assessments, and activities took place.   Bana Qashu, FCCLA Marketing and Membership Director, gave an overview of FCCLA updates for the group.  FCCLA Bylaws change proposals met with much discussion and concern over allowing other students enrolled in courses related to Family & Consumer Sciences to be eligible for membership.


Mary Shumway, State Director, Utah, shared success stories and ideas to promote Family and Consumer Sciences programs and assessments that have proven successful in Utah.  Lindsey Shirley, University of Utah, gave great ideas on tying STEM to our programs.  Connecting National Science, Technology and Math Standards with our courses and a great video site:  for podcasts and videos that could be used in the classroom were a highlight of her presentation.  Kay Reed and Joyce Huff gave Dibble presentations; Lori Myers, an update on AAFCS Credentialing; Mary Gillespie shared from Goodheart-Wilcox; FCCLA Task Force update was given by Wendy Ambrose and Laura Ergle; and a report from the Essential Tools and FACS Branding task forces was presented by Leslie Watkins and Pearl Hart.  A presentation on the FACSE Wheel, by Mary Nabel; Brand FACSE Module by Wanda Fox and National Standards Study by Karen Bergh were also a part of conference highlights.


NASAFACS is in the beginning stages of updating the FACS National Standards and surveying business/industry and trends will begin in the next few months.  Sally Combs, Georgia, will chair this first step committee. 


NASAFACS would like to encourage their members to submit nominees for FACS Division Awards and to recognize FACS professionals who have outstanding accomplishments. 


Bana Qashu, FCCLA Marketing and Membership Director and Pearl Hart, NASAFACS President


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