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Openings on the CACTE Executive Committee
Arts, Entertainment, and Media
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Nominations for 2011 CTE Teacher of the Year
California Boyd's Coffee Culinary Cup and BJ's Management Cup Competition
National Policy Seminar
The Building Trades
A Message from the President

CA susie

Susie Johnson

2010-11 CACTE President

Spring is already here and the school year is flying by quickly.   Despite another year of living in Tier III budget status, CACTE has forged on and is continuing to accomplish great work this year.  Across "The Golden State," quality CTE programs are being offered to students in all 15 industry sectors.  Dedicated teachers are well aware of current budget issues and choose to remain true to their calling in providing outstanding CTE courses to their students.  Our CTE teachers are the best! They are professional leaders in their content areas and subject matter; they interact with students, parents, community members, college representatives, business representatives, school site personnel, CTE personnel, etc.  They know they are THE reason many students even show up to school at all.  They connect education to real-world career training and teach all students that everyone has the potential to fulfill their dreams of having the career of their choice.  Our CTE teachers are the best and here in California as well as across the nation, they are recognized for their tireless and dedicated efforts.  Thank you to all CTE teachers out there.  Keep up the great work you do!  You are appreciated more than you realize.


Administrators are plugging away at quite a rapid pace right now balancing budgets, ensuring new credentialing requirements are met,  providing professional development opportunities, meeting with legislators and policy makers, staying in touch with industry and business partnerships, dealing with school boards, staff, and the list goes on.  Like teaching positions, administrator positions have been reduced in California over the last couple of years.  There are less of us to get more work done than any other time in history.  "Hats off" to each and every administrator across this state who keeps our CTE programs running as smoothly as possible.  CTE support staff does incredible work behind the scenes helping everyone to meet goals and stay on top of increasing responsibilities.  They are the front line in offices and schools who meet and greet students, parents, co-workers, etc.  They set up appointments, screen issues and problems, figure out how to put together what everyone seems to need and at the end of the day are the last smiles we see as we leave for the day.  Where would we be without them?  Working together we are continuing to provide a paradigm shift in education reform.  Now more than ever, we must remember and realize why each of us "choose" to be involved in career technical education programs.  I believe each one us has a vital role in CTE that is crucial to the economic stability and growth in every community across the state.  Whatever role you have chosen, I personally thank you and offer praise for all the things you do that everyone sees and praise and thanks for all the things you do that hardly anybody gets to see. 


As the end of the school year approaches and schools and programs honor administrators, teachers, students, and support staff, please remember those who have made a difference in your career and the lives of those around you.  Not everyone needs public recognition, but everyone deserves a heart-felt thank you for the work they have done in CTE this year. 

Openings on the CACTE Executive Committee

We have the following openings on the Executive Committee as Associate Group Chairs:

Business & Industry Partners

Economic & Workforce Development

Education, Child Development & Family Services

Engineering & Design

Fashion & Interior Design

Manufacturing & Product Development

Public Service


We have the following openings on the Executive Committee for Committee Chairs and Organization Representatives:




If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact Ross Arnold, CACTE Executive Director at or 562-922-6850.

Arts, Entertainment, and Media


Despite tough economic times, students graduating with skills in the Arts, Entertainment, and Media sector still have job opportunities, especially if they are willing to be self-employed.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2010-2011 Occupational Outlook Handbook about 60% of people in this industry were self-employed in 2008.  Of the artists who were not self-employed, the rest worked in areas like advertising, video and film production and specialized design services.  Other key points include:

  • Keen competition is expected for both salaried jobs and freelance work because the arts attract many talented people with creative ability.
  • Artists usually develop their skills through a bachelor's degree program or other postsecondary training in art or design.
  • Earnings for self-employed artists vary widely; some well-established artists earn more than salaried artists, while others find it difficult to rely solely on income earned from selling art.
  • Competition for jobs is expected to be fewer job openings compared with job seekers for salaried and freelance jobs in all specialties because the number of people with creative ability and an interest in this career is expected to continue to exceed the number of available openings. Despite the competition, employers and individual clients are always on the lookout for talented and creative artists.
  • Employment of artists and related workers is expected to grow 12 percent through 2018, about as fast as the average for all occupations. An increasing reliance on artists to create digital or multimedia artwork will drive growth.


Popular school courses in the Arts, Entertainment, and Media area include: Video/Film, Television Production (Media Production), Imaging, Digital Art, Studio Art, Computer Game Design, Digital Photography, Audio Technology (Recording Arts), among others. 


Most teachers in this area are currently struggling with keeping technology up to date with the industry their students will enter.  Computers, software, cameras, and other equipment are advancing too fast for schools to be able to maintain or keep up with industry due to lack of funding.  Fortunately, industry experts are encouraging teachers to focus on general employability skills and industry specific employability skills such as writing and anything related to social media and digital integration on the Internet.

CACTE Shirts on Sale! 

Extra Extra! Read all about this great offer!  CACTE is now selling polo style CACTE shirts for a fantastic, low price of only $20.  Send your check and size request to: 

Ross Arnold, Coordinator III

L.A. County ROP

9300 Imperial Highway

Downey, CA 90242

Questions?  Email Ross at: or call: (562) 922-6860

Nominations for 2011 CTE Teacher of the Year, 2011 New CTE Teacher of the Year,

and CTE Teacher in Community Service Now Open


Diane Walker

CACTE Awards Committee Chair



Do you know a seasoned CTE teacher who uses effective, innovative instruction in the classroom to benefit student achievement, is involved in the CTE community, and is a model for other colleagues?  Is there a newer CTE teacher at your site or in your district who exhibits instructional leadership?  Or is there a CTE teacher whom you know who inspires others to community and professional service in your area?  The CACTE Awards Committee is now accepting nominations for California CTE Teacher of the Year, New CTE Teacher of the Year, and CTE Teacher in Community Service awards. 


To be eligible for CTE Teacher of the Year, full-time teachers (teaching in non-baccalaureate programs) must have been ACTE members in good standing for at least five consecutive years, and for no less than three consecutive years for New Teacher of the Year and Teacher in Community Service categories.  For more details on the member award requirements, visit


Send completed nomination materials to Diane Walker ( ) by no later than June 1, 2011.  Award winners will be recognized at a state conference, and will be considered for ACTE Region V awards.  Region winners compete for awards at the national ACTE level at the annual convention (St. Louis in November, 2012).  Please nominate a deserving teacher today!

California Boyd's Coffee Culinary Cup and BJ's Management Cup Competition.... Be inspired!!


All California Culinary/Hospitality teachers in the state have the opportunity to compete in two competitions each year.  To qualify, you must be a Pro Start teacher which is a curriculum that is from the National Restaurant Association.


The competitions are held alternately in Northern and Southern California. They consist of the culinary portion where the student teams prepare a starter, entrée and dessert in one hour. The management teams will focus on a restaurant concept and business plan. They will present to an industry panel and spectators. Both competitions prepare students for prepare the students for their next competition; the world of work! 


For more information you may contact Erin Mascho at

Her office is in Sacramento at the California Restaurant association.

National Policy Seminar (NPS) - Washington D.C.

This year the National Policy Seminar's theme was "CTE: Today's Students = Tomorrow's Prepared Workforce."  CACTE President, Susie Johnson, Executive Director, Ross Arnold, and CACTE members Joi Jones, Gloria McGee, Hank Mollet, Kevin Tarbell, and Ryan Underwood walked the halls of congress and the senate to spread the good work of CTE in California and the need to protect Perkins and Tech Prep funding.  Information shared at visits included the CTE 2010 Longitudinal Study, an Edsource brief titled, "The Evolution of CTE in California," CAROCP's Accountability Research Study and Technical Report, the new CAROCP brochure, a hand-out on what it means to be "career-ready," ACTE's flyer on restoring funding for Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act, FY 2011 Appropriations Bill: Impact on Perkins Funding, a flyer listing six student leadership organizations with memberships pressing 100,000 students (FFA/Agriculture, FBLA/Business, DECA/Management, Finance and Entrepreneurship, Cal-HOSA/Health Careers, California Association FHA-HERO/Home Economics Careers and Technology, Skills USA California/Industrial and Technology Education) , Facts about CTE, and a few other CTE related news articles. 


The CACTE team paired up and visited as many of the 53 California congressional districts and senate offices as time allowed.  As there are many new seats in congress this year, CACTE members had their work cut out for them.  As one might guess, the CACTE team was passionate about their mission to talk about CTE in California, partnerships with business, industry, community colleges and universities, and the importance of receiving the necessary funding to keep California students college AND career ready. 


Invitations to visit California CTE courses were offered and encouraged.  As many important issues are considered on Capitol Hill, the CACTE team did an excellent job of ensuring their voices were heard and their concerns were understood.  Please join the CACTE's team efforts by ensuring your local members of congress understand today's CTE programs and funding needs.  Constituent contacts can really make a difference!  ACTE encourages personal visits, telephone calls, letters and emails to be an active part of every CTE member's efforts to strengthen a united message to keep CTE thriving across the country.   NPS helped us get the ball rolling; we need everyone to keep the work moving forward. 


Next year, if possible, try and attend the National Policy Seminar and join the CACTE team in Washington DC.  Together we will help our policy makers on Capitol Hill understand CTE and current issues we are facing. Working together, we can continue to make a positive difference in the lives of CTE students, their teachers and all those who work behind the scenes to make CTE the first choice in a student's college and career preparation plans.

The Building Trades


The building and trades are very slowly increasing their workload.  The residential sector is still dead but the commercial sector is starting to rehire.  In San Diego County, there are many buildings going up using stimulus funds.  This is probably true for other parts of the state.


The wages are set by the state for all contracts.  Union and non-union will make the same.  This prevailing wage is flexible according to what the state decides.


Apprenticeship programs are still going by both the Associated General Contractors and the Unions.  The AGC is seeing more jobs and will soon open up to new applicants.

Region V Conference Highlights:  click here 
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