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Recap of my second quarter serving as your ACTE VP for FACS

FACS Division Newsletter  

Happy Valentine's Day!  I trust this newsletter finds you well into the start of a new year, semester and back into the pace of promoting Family and Consumer Sciences with our students and communities. 


Winter is definitely here! And with it, plans for the National Policy Seminar at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA.  Make your plans to join us there March 7-9!  It's always the most important time to get to make those hill visits and share our success stories with legislators and make our voices heard for advocacy of our funding and programs.


Congratulations to Karen Mason for her election as ACTE President-Elect!  As a Family & Consumer Sciences teacher, we celebrate her success and wish her all the best as she takes on this new challenge. 


I would like to personally thank all of you for a great ACTE convention in Las Vegas.  If you didn't attend this year, you missed a great convention!  It's always a wonderful time to focus on the important issues that impact us, share with fellow FACS professionals, and take back tools that help us improve what we do as Family & Consumer Science educators.  Special thanks to FACS presenters and RaAnn Miller who served as our guest speaker for our FACS Opening session! You are greatly appreciated!  If you are interested in presenting a session at ACTE in St. Louis, I will be sending out an e-blast as soon as information becomes available on how to apply to present. 


Call for proposals for the 2011 ACTE convention may be found on the ACTE Web site. The deadline is:  March 11, 2011.


Thank you to our sponsors, too, for their involvement and support of our awards and Family & Consumer Sciences programs!  Our sponsors and guests at this year's convention were:


FCCLA-                      Ravia Karia, National FCCLA President

                                    Bana Yahnke, Director of Marketing and Membership

                                    Michael Benjamin, Executive Director

                                    Michelle Flinton, Director of Programs

Reality Works-           Timm Boettcher, President

Johnson & Wales University-         

Tom Gauthier, Director of Educator

                                    Partnerships and Scholarship Programs

NASCO-                     Jim Felt, Family & Consumer Sciences Director

Teach Sharp-             Wanda Fox

4tNox-                         Eva Franklin and Terry Morris

US Army-                   Gary Remington, Education Services Specialist



If you know of an organization or group who would be beneficial in joining us as a sponsor, please let me know their contact information.  Successful organizations always do better in growing and strengthening the needs of their members by alliances with other groups.  There is strength in numbers.  Make sure to keep your membership current, as well.  Now more than ever please share the ACTE website and organization with other FACS professionals and campaign for more Family & Consumer Sciences members to join us in our efforts to improve FACS education. 


Thanks to all who made the NATFACS Showcase of Best Practices a huge success!  Lots of great teaching ideas were shared and enjoyed by all!  We would love to have you participate in next year's Showcase in St. Louis.  A great way to present great ideas at a national meeting!  



During the ACTE FACS Division Luncheon in Las Vegas in December, the division was proud to present the following awards:


Roll of Honor Awards- which allow us in Family and Consumer Sciences to recognize those professionals who have made significant contributions to our profession.  Established in 1960, 111 professionals have been placed on the Roll of Honor.  This is a very special award, in that the honorees are nominated by their peers and contributions are made to the Fellowship Fund in their honor.  Contributions must be made in the amount of $500 to add a person's name to the list; howver, many have been well over this amount.  The following were added to the Roll of Honor at the ACTE Convention in Las Vegas:

  •  Mary Shumway, Utah
  • Connie Rhoton, Virginia
  • Karen Mason, Missouri 

Fellowship Awards- which allow us to play an important role in nurturing the up and coming leaders with our guidance and support with fellowships along the way.  The first fellowship was awarded in 1967 and 90 have been awarded for over $200,000.  Thank you to the committee who reviewed this year's fellowship applications:


Dr. Sally Yahnke- Kansas State University

Dr. Dawn Mallette- Colorado State University

Dr. Kathy Croxall- Western Kentucky University


Congratulations to this year's Fellowship Recipients who will each receive a $4,000 fellowship from the FACS Division:


  • Angelina Bencomo of Texas Tech University.  Her research topic is "Exploring the Use of Bibliotherapy in the Family and Consumer Sciences Classroom".  The study will help people through the use of books.  As stated in her application, this has merit in the FACS classroom by encouraging students to read; allowing the reader to experience both text and illustrations at a skilled level; and helping the reader to address problems and concerns.  She states, "After having taught FACS at the high school level for seventeen years, working as an extension agent for three years, and now as a doctoral student, I have realized that I'd like to work with students in a university setting." 
  • Jennie Watson of Virginia Tech.J  Her research topic is "Foundational History of FCCLA, Membership Decline in FCCLA".  As a former FCCLA state officer, FACS teacher and FCCLA advisor, part time Virginia FCCLA Alumni and Advisor Development Coordinator and volunteer with Virginia FCCLA, Jenny has determined that the most critical current issue of the organization is the national declining membership.  Her study will target the perceptions of chapter advisors, including the effects of teacher overload; current cost of individual dues; support or lack of support from school administrators; and fundraising.  She states, "My career goals are to continue as a teacher educator and professor at Bridgewater College and to continue to work collaboratively as the Virginia FCCLA Alumni & Advisor Development Coordinator".


Congratulations to you both!  We look forward to hearing from you at future ACTE meetings.


Thank you, too, to Lela Goar, FACS Division Fellowship Chair, and the great job that she continues to do in that role!!  Please take the time recognize those in your state who will benefit from the Roll of Honor and Fellowship Awards.     


Applications may be found on the ACTE website and sent by the November 8 deadline to:


        Lela G. Goar

          225 CR 207A

          Burnet, TX 78611




Thank you to Lindsey Shirley, who has completed her term as our FACS Division Awards committee.  Although no nominations were made this year for the Outstanding Contributions and Citation awards, we thank her for her years of service to this committee.


Please consider those who are eligible to be nominated for the Outstanding Contributions and Citation awards as explained below:




  1. Recipient MUST be a member of the Family and Consumer Sciences Division.
  2. Contributions to Family and Consumer Sciences and the FCS division of ACTE will be emphasized.
  3. The following information must be supplied for each nominee:
    1. Record of contributions to Family and Consumer Sciences Education.
    2. Record of involvement in the Family and Consumer Sciences Education Division.
    3. Professional experience.
    4. Record of involvement in other professional organizations.
    5. Recommendations from three of the following:

     i.    Someone in the State Department (Career and Technical                       Education Division)

      ii.    A professional co-worker or fellow professional

      iii.    An officer of the state Career and Technical Association

      iv.    Present Employer


  1. Recipients will be individuals or groups outside Family and Consumer Sciences Education, such as:
    1. U.S. Representatives or Senators
    2. Business and industry people or groups
    3. People or groups from the media
    4. Other professionals
    5. Others-unspecified
  2. To be qualified, a recipient must have made significant contributions to Family and Consumer Sciences Education beyond local levels in one or more of the following areas:
    1. Service
    2. Monetary Support
    3. Other unusual or unique contributions.
  3. Duration of the contribution(s) over time will be considered.
  4. Detailed description of the contribution(s) must be provided.  Verification and/or documentation must be provided, if requested.


A new FACS Division Awards Chair will be named and updated on the website in the near future to know where to send those applications!


During the ACTE FACS luncheon in Las Vegas, the National Association Teachers of Family & Consumer Sciences also presented awards and scholarships.

FACS award winners
Pictured from left to right:  Tammy Elliott, Cassinda Bechanan, Sharon Gardner, Kris Brockhoft, Charlotte Mohling, Cindy McKay, and Karin Davis.


Submitted by Susanna Franklin

NATFACS Awards Chair

December 3, 2010

Las Vegas, NV


It is indeed an honor to recognize professionals for their strong support and dedication to Family & Consumer Sciences Education.  We had a total of 15 individuals apply for the various awards this year.  Thank you to all the states for your selection of outstanding individuals to honor with our awards.


The first award category is Champion for Family and Consumer Sciences.  This award is given to recognize a person, business, company, government or community-based agency or a representative there of who has exemplified extraordinary support and concern for Family and Consumer Sciences and NATFACS.


Those who received this award were:  Cassinda Bechanan a representative of the Kentucky Poultry Federation and Cindy McKay, Executive Director of theUnited Services for Effective Parenting-Ohio.  Cassinda has worked tirelessly with FACS professionals and others in her organization to create new and exciting lessons on egg preparation that are aligned with state and national FACS standards.  During the last school year she visited almost 50 schools reaching over 4000 students across the state.  She is also instrumental in the egg and poultry rebate program which enables FACS teachers to submit receipts from egg and poultry purchases and receive a reimbursement for their programs. 


Through her organization, Cindy McKay provides support for FACS Programs through USEP C.A.R.E.S.   Writing, teaching and serving Family and Consumer Sciences has been a focus of Cindy's work as an educator for 30 years.  Advocating for programs, increasing quality funding, fighting to retain jobs in the face of changing needs, addressing issues of importance to the public and building alliances for FACS educators and programs all help create stronger families and educated students who become tomorrow's parents and teachers. 


The next award category is the Award of Merit.  This award recognizes a NATFACS member who has made significant contributions to Family and Consumer Sciences, and/or ACTE, and/or NATFACS and is considered to be an outstanding leader in the field.


Sharon Gardner, Oklahoma, was a recipient of the Award of Merit.  Sharon has taught Family and Consumer Sciences for 35 years.  She has served as president of the Oklahoma Association of Family and Consumer Sciences and, perhaps most notable, has served two terms as NATFACS president, the only individual to have done so.  Sharon received a life-time membership to NATFACS as part of this award.


Charlotte Mohling, of South Dakota, was also a recipient of the Award of Merit.  Charlotte has taught for 31 years.  The South Dakota Association Teachers of FACS nominated Charlotte because she has motivated South Dakota FACS teachers to go beyond their comfort zone by providing effective strategies that use cutting-edge technology tools in the classroom, teaching colleagues how to write authentic project-based curriculum, and collaborating state-wide to write and establish South Dakota Career Cluster Standards for CTE programs.  Under her direction a series of independent, technology-based, elective courses have been developed to meet student interests and needs in the areas of technology and family and consumer sciences. Charlotte also received a life-time membership to NATFACS.


To receive the Distinguished Service Award an individual must have been a member of ACTE and NATFACS for a minimum of 10 years.   The award recognizes an individual for outstanding service to NATFACS and professional contributions above and beyond the traditional expectation of duties assumed. 


This year's recipient was Kris Brockhoft, of South Dakota.  According to her nomination letter, Kris, a 19 year veteran, has provided leadership to the South Dakota Association Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences and South Dakota Association Career and Technical Educators as an officer, committee chairperson and state president.  She was recently honored as Region 5 ACTE TOY finalist.  Kris has written curriculum used nationally for Family Economics Financial Education (FEFE) and for the national FCCLA organization.  She is a national Lead Consultant for FCCLA STAR events.  At the state level, Kris assisted in writing and reviewing Praxis exams for educators seeking a teaching license.  She wrote curriculum for state required Personal Finance courses and for implementing career cluster standards into CTE programs used state-wide.  For this award, Kris received a NATFACS life-time membership.


The Pride Award is given to recognize a NATFACS member who is a Family and Consumer Sciences Education classroom teacher using outstanding marketing endeavors and promotional ideas for the continued development and enhancement of Family and Consumer Sciences Education.


Tammy Elliott, Arkansas, was this year's recipient.  Tammy has been teaching for 16 years.  Tammy, as well as members of the Nashville Junior High School FCCLA chapter, has spoken at several local civic and community organization meetings, promoting their activities and highlighting their accomplishments.  They have taped public service announcements at the local radio station and Tammy has been interviewed on:   Community service projects, FACS and FCCLA have been promoted on Civic Pride, a show on the local television station.  In April of 2010, representatives from the Arkansas Department of Workforce Education held a five year TAT visit at Tammy's School.  One requirement for the visit was that each department had to document publicity from the last five years.  There were more than 90 Nashville FCCLA and FACS articles and pictures in a 40 page portfolio.  In 2004, Tammy pitched ideas for publicity awards to recognize media outlets that promote and publicize FCCLA.  Brand FCCLA, a national public relations tool used by FCCLA chapters nationwide to enhance the image, awareness and understanding of FCCLA, was the result.  Tammy was the recipient of $300 compensation from NATFACS and a $100 gift card from NASCO.


The New Professional Award is given to recognize a member who has completed no more than five years of teaching Family and Consumer Sciences.  Significant contributions in the classroom, through curriculum development and/or providing multiple FCCLA opportunities for students are the criteria for this award.


This year's recipient was Karin Davis, Oklahoma.  In Karin's four short years of teaching she has served a two year term as district FCCLA/Teacher counselor and was elected one of OATFACS regional vice presidents.  Karin is part of a two teacher program and her partner teacher brags about the extra time and effort Karin puts into every task she assumes.  This dedication has resulted in an FCCLA chapter of 102 members.  Karin believes in integrating FCCLA STAR events and National Programs into her classroom as assignments.    Karin has also participated in co-teaching activities with her Chemistry/Biology teacher.  .  Karin received a $500 compensation with her award courtesy of Johnson and Wales University. 


Congratulations to all our award recipients.  We ask that all of you take the time to honor the outstanding accomplishments of Family and Consumer Sciences professionals in your state and be part of our national awards presentation at out next meeting in St. Louis, MO, November 17-19.  The 2011 Award Applications can be accessed on our website,

NATFACS Scholarship Awards


The following college Family and Consumer Sciences majors were awarded NATFACS scholarships at this year's Family & Consumer Sciences Division Luncheon:








Congratulations to all of them!  We are excited to help support them with their careers as a Family & Consumer Sciences teacher! 


Thanks go to Debby Ashburn, NATFACS Financial Growth Chair, who did a fabulous job with the "Nook" this year.  Thanks for all those who made donations and "shopped" at the "Nook" to raise money for the NATFACS Scholarship fund.  Outstanding job, Debby! 


It's always a pleasure to recognize the Past FACS Division Presidents at our FACS Division luncheon. This year we were pleased to have the following past Division presidents in attendance and thank them for their service:


Mary Beth Stine, 1983-86

Daisy Steward, 1992-95

Charlotte Mohling, 1995-98

Sally Combs, 1998-2001

Karen Mason, 2004-2007

Becky Cox, 2007-2010

National Family & Consumer Sciences Coalition Representative


I am pleased to announce that RaAnn Miller, Kentucky, has been selected to represent the ACTE FACS Division on the National Family and Consumer Sciences Coalition.  Marcia Ritter, Missouri, continues to represent us well and has served as the Chair this past year of the Coalition.  We will need another representative beginning January 1, 2012 from our Division.  If you are interested, please email me


FACS Certifications


We have been asked to create a list of certifications that are important for our students to have from our programs.  I need your help with compiling this!  Any assistance that you can offer would be greatly appreciated!  We are looking at any certifications, too, that might be beneficial to have offered at next year's ACTE convention.  

ACTE First Community Day of Service


What a pleasure it was to join the First Community Service Day with the Habitat for Humanity in Las Vegas.  It was such as joy to paint trim inside and out for 3 homes.  Don't miss out the opportunity to participate in next year's community service day in St. Louis!  It's now a planned event for me from now on at the ACTE Convention!

winter FACS day of service

Pictured from left to right: ACTE Board Division VPs-Grace Decken, Health Sciences, Sarah Heath, Business, Harry Snyder, Adult Workforce Development, and Leslie Watkins, Family & Consumer Sciences.

Reminders for Family and Consumer Sciences Division Members:

  • Contact your Legislators now!You should have received a notice from ACTE this week on the importance of contacting your legislators for Perkins funding and program support.  NOW is the time to do that! 
  • Please register now for National Policy Seminar!
  • Keep your membership current and share the benefits of ACTE with others in your school!
  • Make plans to join your regional ACTE meetings and strengthen your involvement.
  • Send me success stories-pictures and successes from your classes so that I can compile them into a short IPAD presentation to share the Hill at NPS in March.  We need more depth and impact in speaking with our legislators.
  • Please take opportunities in your communities to share your students' successes!  Work on your program's image at the community, state and national levels.
  • Get involved on the national level!  If you believe our program area is of importance, now may be your time to step up and take a leadership role.

I have had an active second quarter serving as your ACTE VP for FACS by:


  • Attending the Army Education Leadership Conference in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.  I am working with the Army on making culinary connections with secondary and postsecondary programs.  I'll keep you updated as we work on collaboration efforts with this new area;
  • Participating in the FCCLA Board of Directors Webinar;
  • Attending the ACTE Convention in Las Vegas and working on details to ensure successful room arrangements, meetings, policy and planning meeting, awards, and luncheon arrangements were in place;
  • Participating in the first ACTE Community Service Day with the Habitat for Humanity;
  • Attending the ACTE Board of Directors meetings in Las Vegas;
  • Attending the National FCCLA Board of Directors meeting in Anaheim as your representative.
  • Working on updating lists for FACS teachers, teacher educators and state consultants.  Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
  • Looking at legislation and issues that affect us as Family & Consumer Sciences educators.
  • Collaborating with AAFCS on the FACS Brand committee and Essential Tools committee.


I look forward to seeing all of you at National Policy Seminar in March!


Respectfully Submitted,   


Leslie WatkinsFACS VP

ACTE Family and Consumer Sciences Division Vice President

300 Walnut Street, Paducah, KY 42001
270-217-0996 (cell)
270-908-6080 (home)
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