Issue: 2
May 2010
Mr. Arnold Goes to Washington: the ACTE National Policy Seminar (NPS)
NPS started on Sunday by attending the "Seven Measures of Success: What Remarkable Associations Do That Others Don't" seminar. The theme of this seminar was a focus on factors that differentiate remarkable organizations from good ones. The ACTE senior staff has made the "Seven Measures" an active agenda item for their retreats for the past two years and has implemented strategies to improve in each measure.
In preparation for this seminar, both the ACTE Board and the state leadership completed a survey. The results of these surveys were shared during the seminar. Interestingly enough, there were only two questions on the survey, "Which of the seven measures could the organization address for quickest success?" and "Which measure will take the longest to implement?" Each of the state leaders were asked to go back and share survey results with their state leadership to implement those strategies that will lead to quickest success.

After the seminar concluded, I attended the National Executive Director Association (NEDA) Meeting. This was my final meeting as Treasurer; I was installed as President-elect and take office as President at the 2012 NPS. Jan Bray, ACTE executive director, gave an update on ACTE Activities. Jan shared that national elections will commence no later than the third day of the Annual Conference. Due to this change, the timetable for both national and regional officer nominations will need to be altered. She also shared that many of the current committees will be discontinued and Task Force groups will be established. In addition, a State Association Task Force has been established. The focus of this group is to provide information that will assist with states' desires to enhance member value. 
The following morning, Jamie Baxter from ACTE conducted a workshop, "Capitol Hill 101" for first-time attendees. It included an overview of the Congressional process and terminology, what to expect during NPS, and how to make the most out of visits to Capitol Hill. The opening General Session included Joel Packer, executive director of the Committee for Education Funding and Jim Hermes, Senior Legislative Associate for the American Association of Community Colleges. They presented on where CTE stands in the current political environment and its potential related to future policy activity.

The afternoon general session featured Elizabeth McNichol, senior fellow for the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, and Patricia Brennan-Gac, counsel and senior policy adviser to the CEO, Learning Point Associates and Chief Lobbyist for LACOE. The focus of this session was to understand the current budget situation and look beyond traditional funding sources to support CTE programs. This session provided an in-depth look at a variety of funding sources that might be available to support CTE programs including federal appropriations, earmarks and grants. This session was followed by an ACTE Issues Briefing by Steve DeWitt, ACTE senior director of public policy, who presented on the key points we needed to focus on during our Capital Hill meetings. We divided up the meetings among the delegation and then discussed the main points we would discuss with congressional representatives.
This year's legislative priorities included:

1.  Increase the capacity of educational institutions to prepare a pipeline of skilled workers.
2.  Strengthen the alignment and coordination between education and workforce development systems.

3.  Increase training opportunities and support for low-income individuals.

4.  Build clear career pathways between secondary, postsecondary education and the workforce.

5.  Help students engage in educational opportunities through better integration of core academics and CTE.

On Tuesday, we met with the following representatives' staff members, Congress Members Calvert, McKeon, Lewis, B. Lee, and Senators Boxer and Feinstein. On Wednesday, March 10, we met with the following representatives' staff, Congress Members Davis, Farr, Honda, McClintock, Miller, Roybal-Allard, Pelosi, Napolitano, Sanchez, Schiff, and Watson. These congressional members were selected for meetings because they are members of the Education and Labor Committee or sit on the Education and Labor Subcommittee on Appropriations. California Congress Member George Miller was presented an award for being the ACTE Policymaker of the Year.  
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Marketing Basics
"What is CTE?" "What is ROP?" "My student doesn't need CTE, he/she's going to college."  I'm sure you've heard these questions and statements many times. Despite all the various efforts of CTE educators over the years, people still don't know who we are, what we do, and why CTE is important to all students. We all know the importance of promoting and publicizing our programs with flyers, press releases and other written materials, but often, the results are disappointing. So how can we do a better job of marketing? Maybe we should take a cue from the experts. The most effective marketing strategies rely on AIDA. No, AIDA is not a person, but a marketing technique designed to generate the largest response to a message:
A = Attention--Before you can deliver the message, you need to get your audience's attention. Whether you are writing for students or legislators, the publication must excite the target audience just by seeing it. Make sure your headline either reveals or conceals a common interest. Consider a concern that a large percentage of your target market has and use that as the theme of your headline. For example: 
  • Build Your Future - (recruitment flyer or story about construction class)
  • 0% Unemployment Rate Here - (story about student internships or community class)
These headlines catch attention. Think of some that will catch the attention of your target audience.

I = Interest--Interest is created by giving your audience multiple benefits that will enhance their life. Remember, people respond to benefits--what something will DO for them, not on features--the functional qualities of the program or service. Remember another acronym, WIFM, what's in it for me?

D = Desire--Convince your audience that they want what you have to offer; that it will satisfy their needs. You can build desire by making your offer irresistible. Also, it is important to build urgency into every offer. For example: Classes fill quickly, register now! 

A = Action--Last, but most important, you must have a call to action. If you have captured their attention, dazzled them with benefits and created an undeniable desire, you must ask them to DO SOMETHING.  Make it so easy for them that they will feel left out or disappointed if they don't.
Information Technology Industry Sector
The Business Education Leadership Project continues to connect teachers with CTEOnline for standards-based curriculum development. We pay for substitues and travel costs for teachers to attend training and offer continued support. A two-day event will be held this spring at the State Center Consortium in Clovis on May 12 and 13. This training is open to all teachers in the IT, Finance & Business, and the Marketing, Sales and Services industry sectors. These sectors have been chosen for the CTEOnline institutes this fall. Applications to participate in these institutes will be available soon.
Save the date! Business Education teachers are invited for a FREE summer training conference in Sacramento June 15-17. Participants will learn about submitting Business Ed courses for UC a-g approval and participate in their Business and Math curriculum integration project, interact with Web 2.0 tools, understand the certification process, find out about CTSO's and more. We provide lodging, breakfast, lunch and airport shuttle and limited travel reimbursement. CDE is looking at developing middle school IT curriculum. Teachers from grades 7-14 will be offered stipends for summer work. To learn about all of these and more, please contact:
Sheryl Ryder, coordinator
California Business Education Project
2121 Imola Ave
Napa, CA. 94559
CACTE Names Amy Jensen Outstanding New CTE Teacher
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CACTE has named Amy Jensen the Outstanding New Career and Technical Teacher of the Year. She was recognized at the Educating for Careers Conference and has also been recognized at various local events. 
Amy is a Child Development and Principles of Teaching and Learning instructor from North Orange County ROP where she has created an innovative program that places students in classrooms where they have the opportunity to lead small reading groups, help struggling students in math, grade papers, and at times teach lessons to the entire class. Amy's students are able to grow in many areas, including responsibility and self-confidence while learning firsthand about the teaching profession. She has also developed many relationships within the community to promote CTE and is an ROP advocate on her campus. Congratulations Amy!
Annual Conference
The Educating for Careers Conference (ECC) was held February 28th through March 2nd at the Hyatt Regency, Anaheim. The theme this year was "Collaborating for a Seamless Transition."  This year the conference represented a partnership between the 16th Annual California Career Pathways Consortia Conference and the 22nd Annual California Partnership Academies Conference. As in prior years, there were numerous breakouts to choose from and a large exhibitors' marketplace to see during the breaks. Some workshop highlights included: 
  • CACTE: Ross Arnold, executive director, and two other    CACTE members went to Washington D.C. this month to talk to legislators regarding funding for CTE courses, Prop 1d grants, school reform (Connect Ed), a-g for all, and more. CACTE has chair positions representing each of the 15 industry sectors. Each chair position will write an article for the CACTE newsletters that lets members know highlights and labor market trends of that particular industry sector. 
  • CTE Alliance: The first meeting of the CTE Alliance took place at the ECC. Representatives from CACTE, CALCP, CAROCP, CBEA, CITEA participated in a roundtable discussion on what items the Alliance partners could agree to tackle as a united front. Agreed upon work centered on Perkins funding and SB1298 (Hancock) which restricts the authority of a school district to withdraw from an ROP if the SBE determines that doing so negatively impacts CTE services to high school students. Also discussed was the possibility of consolidating membership fees within the Alliance organizations and developing a united listserve that could be used for the dissemination of calls-to-action and information regarding CTE. Additional Alliance members are being sought.  
  • CBEDS: The CDE is working on a new document for CBEDS codes that will become part of CALPADS. Geoff Belleau from CDE gave a presentation of work done so far and reviewed a draft document of CBEDS numbers.  
  • CTE Online Institute: Brian Ausland, Butte County ROP will be facilitating several CTE Online Institutes throughout the state. 25 participants (ROP/CTE teachers) will be attending the institute and will develop model course outlines for their represented industry sector. Northern California hosts include Mission Trails ROP, Solano County ROP, Sacramento City USD, and Butte County ROP. Southern California hosts include San Diego County ROP, Fresno County ROP, San Bernardino County ROP, and North Orange County ROP
  • A-G: This workshop offered a general summary of articulation philosophy, purpose and process, including the course submission cycle, resources and Web sites, new course approval, the "a-g" guide and general policies. It is important to note the use of the new CTE templates and the new CTE tab located on the homepage. Submit all new courses early! Last year UC received more than 2,000 submissions.
  • Perkins: There were a few workshops regarding Perkins. One workshop gave details of how Perkins monies can be spent to improve, enhance or expand CTE programs. It was designed to help CTE educators know how to use the funds connected to the new act. Tips on keeping an equipment inventory was also highlighted. 
Keynote speakers included Cindy Solomon, co-founder and active participant of the Women's Success Forum. Cindy's company, Solomon and Associates is dedicated to creating high performance leaders, developing highly effective employees and building truly customer-focused organizational cultures. She is known for her witty, motivational and fully customized delivery.  Erik Nguyen, CA FBLA Southern Section President and State Vice President spoke on his involvement with FBLA since seventh grade, and his activities as an active member and officer. Jim Warford, CTE teacher, gave a keynote presentation on the academic skills needed for today's workplace, which are noted to be higher than and different from those needed in college. Cody Nore, state president for the CA Association FHA-HERO, spoke on his journey and many life experiences that enriched his passage into the presidency.
Guidance and Counseling Updates
The American School Counselor Association reported that Senator Feingold (D-Wisconsin) was circulating "Dear Colleague" letters to all the members of the U.S. Senate urging them to sign a letter requesting the Senate Appropriations Committee to increase funding for the Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Program (ESSCP) for fiscal year 2011.  Funding for secondary (middle and high) school will not flow in until the elementary statuary funding trigger over $40 million. In 2009, Congress appropriated $52 million for ESSCP and in 2010 Congress increased the amount to $55 million. 
In the midst of budget cuts in education, ASCA is urging participants to e-mail or call their Senators to sign the letter.
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There is no better time to be part of the largest national education association that prepares youth and adults for successful careers. As California adjusts to budget cuts and the country adapts to a new president and policies, now more than ever is it significantly important to be a member of CACTE and ACTE.  
CACTE and ACTE members are dedicated to providing outstanding leadership in legislative advocacy. Members serve as lobbyists in Sacramento and Washington D.C. They work with policy makers who fund career and technical education courses throughout the country. Building support for CTE programs, promoting funding opportunities and serving administrators, teachers and support staff is what CACTE and ACTE advocates do best. 
Members benefit from opportunities to participate in national conventions, policy seminars, Region and state conferences, and executive committee meetings.  Members also may participate in awards programs, have access to curriculum-alignment resources, labor-market information, educational resources, fellowship programs, Perkins field committees and networking opportunities.
Be an outstanding leader in CTE!  Your membership in CACTE and ACTE will enrich your life! 
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Best Practices Conference - Call for Proposals 
The call for proposals is open for the 2010 Best Practices Conference, September 29 - October 1, at the Maumee Bay Resort and Conference Center in Oregon, Ohio. The theme is "Turning Challenges Into Opportunities....Developing Next Generation Career and Technical Education, Leaders, Programs and Services" and the deadline for submissions is May 11. Act now to share your best practices and secure your place in the program.

Leadership Development Opportunity for ACTE Members
ACTE is offering members the opportunity to collaborate and develop their leadership capacity with like-minded colleagues through the Institute for 21st Century Leadership, created in partnership by the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE), the Association for Career Technical Education (ACTE), and the Successful Practices Network.
Membership in The Institute includes: 
1. An orientation session, leadership pre-conference, and networking with Institute members at the International Center's Model Schools Conference in Orlando June 14-17. 
2. A separate Institute program at the ACTE national conference in December 2010. 
3. A separate Institute program at the International Center's Leadership Academy in January 2011.  4. Other year-long learning and development opportunities.
To learn more about the Institute for 21st Century Leadership please visit or check out the brochure.  For specific questions or to register, please contact Lindsay Kaufman at 518-723-2064 or
Start Planning for the 2010 Convention
Preparations have already begun for ACTE's Annual Convention and Career Tech Expo, December 2-4, in Las Vegas. Here are a few of the highlights we have so far.
Early-bird Registration - Early-bird registration ends July 9.  Register now to take advantage of a 30 percent discount of registration fees. 
Housing - ACTE has arranged for discounted hotel rooms at three Las Vegas hotels.
Speakers - Mathew Crawford, author of Shop Class as Soulcraft, will give the closing address.
Pre-Convention Activities - Arrive a day early for industry and school tours including, the Switch Nap data center, and two area academies.
Detailed information on these items and other Convention updates are available on the Convention Web site.
ACTE Member Discount for Model Schools Conference
ACTE members receive a special discount to join the International Center for Leadership in Education at their Annual Model Schools Conference, June 14-17, in Orlando, Florida.  The conference includes a strand created for career and technical educators that will focus on school reform, STEM workplace skills, and learning-focused cultures.  Register now to receive your 10 percent discount.
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