September 2012
The Electronic Materials Report  
Linx Insights on Advanced Cleaning, TSV Materials, Wafer Polishing and 450mm Wafer Processing
NOW AVAILABLE: Cleaning and Surface Prep 2011-2016
Cleaning and Surface Prep: Technologies and Markets 2011-2016, 4th Edition
Cleaning & Surface Prep Graph

Linx is pleased to announce that the 4th Edition of our highly respected report on advanced cleaning for semiconductor devices is now available!

Effective cleaning has been pivotal to the evolution of the semiconductor industry over the past 40 years. Improvements in materials for removing contaminants and residues from earlier process steps have led to higher yields and enabled new integration schemes.  


Cleaning is the most common operation in IC manufacturing, but the challenges in preparing the wafer surface for the next process step continue to increase as contamination must be eliminated, material removal limits reduce, and 3 dimensional fine features become more common.


For more information about Cleaning & Surface Prep: Technologies and Markets 2011-2016 call Mark Thirsk at 617.273.8837 or email us.

Linx to Present at Strategic Materials Conference
Mark Thirsk will be presenting once again at the Strategic Materials Conference in San Jose. 

The SMC is the premier conference on chemicals and materials related issues in the semiconductor and advanced electronics industry.  SMC is put on by the

Topic: Materials Opportunities and Challenges for the Semiconductor Industry
Date: Wednesday, October 24
Time: 1:00pm

For more information or to schedule a meeting with Mark in San Jose, call him at 617.273.8837 or send him an email.
NOW AVAILABLE: Emerging Materials for TSV Devices

Emerging Materials for TSV Devices:

  • Reviews anticipated materials needs for potential future devices including interposers, PVD, CMP slurries and pads, plating chemicals, CVD, photoresists, etchants, cleaners and bonding adhesives.
  • Discusses the relative challenges of competing TSV technologies 
  • Provides five year forecasts for key materials markets for TSV materials
For more information or to order Emerging Materials for TSV Devices, call Mike Corbett at 973.698.2331 or email us.
Coming Soon: Wafer Polishing and 450mm Wafer Processing
Linx is working on two reports to be released later this year:

Wafer Polishing Technologies and Markets

wafer polishing
Going forward, there will be heightened challenges for production wafers as we see the further introduction of SOI and perhaps III-V on Silicon.
Material & Equipment Challenges for 450mm Wafer Processing 

Many IDMs are looking to 450mm wafer processing in an effort to realign their costs with business model expectations. However, key challenges exist in lithography, CMP, thermal processing, wet etch & clean, ALD/CVD/PVD, and etch that need to be resolved before 450mm can be implemented.


For more information or to order Wafer Polishing Technologies & Markets or Material & Equipment Challenges for 450mm Wafer Processing, call Mike Corbett at 973.698.2331 or email us.
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