July 2012
The Electronic Materials Report  
Initiating two new reports - 450mm Processing & Wafer Polishing
INITIATING: Wafer Polishing Technologies & Markets - 2012 - 2017
Linx has initiated a new report examining the use of CMP technology in prime wafer production. The need for advanced and accurate CMP is clearly illustrated in the graphic below, which illustrates the 3D global shape images of typical wafers manufactured by different suppliers.

wafer polishing
Going forward, there will be heightened challenges for production wafers as we see the further introduction of SOI and perhaps III-V on Silicon. Wafer Polishing Technologies & Markets is scheduled for completion by the end of this year.
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INITIATING: Material & Equipment Challenges for 450mm Wafer Processing

As traditional lithography based scaling has ended, many new materials and processes have been implemented to keep the industry moving in accordance with Moore's Law. While this tactic has effectively maintained the enhancements required in device performance metrics, it has also led to a cost penalty on a $/cm2 basis.

Many IDMs are looking to 450mm wafer processing in an effort to realign their costs with business model expectations. However, key challenges exist in lithography, CMP, thermal processing, wet etch & clean, ALD/CVD/PVD, and etch that need to be resolved before 450mm can be implemented as illustrated below:
Lithography pie chart

In Material & Equipment Challenges for 450mm Wafer Processing, Linx will address these issues and the impact of 450mm on the materials market.
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Linx Presentations from Semicon West

The Development of the Semiconductor CVD and ALD Requirement


The Development of the Semiconductor CVD and ALD Requirement 

Mark Thirsk, Managing Partner, Linx Consulting

CGMG General Meeting, Semicon West

July 10, 2012


Download a pdf of the presentation.


CMP Cost Issues & Impact on Consumables for 450mm

CMP pads and slurries    


Mike Corbett, Managing Partner, Linx Consulting
CMP Users Group
Semicon West, San Francisco, CA

July 11, 2012


Download a pdf of the presentation. 

Linx Reports Update
Other Linx Reports:


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