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March 2012
The PV Newsletter


2012 Intellectual Property Analysis in Photovoltaics

NEW REPORT: 2012 Photovoltaics IP Analysis

This new service monitors published patent development activity and provides quarterly reports in April, July, October, and December 2012. Developed for technologists and product managers in the PV industry, Linx's Photovoltaics IP Analysis keeps subscribers informed of the ongoing developments in this segment.

The search and output of this analysis represents a snapshot of new information at the end of each calendar quarter. As patent applications publish in the USPTO and WIPO, we register the abstracts, review important claims, log the assignees (if available), as well as add publications of US Patents. The results of these searches are categorized and reported each quarter, together with a trend analysis that includes running analyses patents by topical area (as shown below), type and company.


How to Participate  

This service is available via subscription only. The subscription price is $1,500 per year (to be billed once) and includes four quarterly outputs. Each quarterly analysis contains one EXCEL file with relevant publications along with corresponding document numbers, publication dates, titles, abstracts, assignees application numbers, filing dates, etc. AND one POWERPOINT file with a summary analysis. 

To order Photovoltaics IP Analysis, download a subscription form and fax, email or snail mail it to us with payment to begin your subscription. For a free sample of last year's IP Analysis, call Mark Thirsk at 617.273.8837 or email us

For more information about Photovoltaics IP Analysis call Mark Thirsk at 617.273.8837 or send us an email

COMING SOON: Chemicals & Materials for PV Cells and Modules

Linx Consulting is working on the 2012 version of our annual report examining the markets and opportunities for chemicals and materials in flat plate photovoltaics.  

The Chemicals and Materials for PV Cell Manufacture Series includes three reports:

  • Crystalline Silicon Cells
  • Thin Film Cells
  • Moduling Materials 

PV materials forecast 


Each report will be structured as follows:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Market Drivers
  3. Cell & Module Forecasts
  4. Emerging Technology Review
  5. Market Assessment and Forecasts
  6. Production Technology Review   
To order advance copies of this report, call 617.273.8837 or email us.
InterSolar North America 2012 is coming soon!

Linx is organizing and moderating a session at this year's conference
to  at third generation thin film technologies and manufacturing processes as follows:

Date: Wednesday, July 11th
Time: 2:30 - 4:30 PM PST
Location: Moscone North Hall on the PV Production and Technology Stage 


For more information or to schedule a meeting with Linx in San Francisco, call Mike Corbett at 973.698.2331 or Mark Thirsk at 617.273.8837 or send us an email.  

Mark Thirsk & Mike Corbett 

logo-reverse Mark Thirsk: 617.273.8837 

Mike Corbett: 973.698.2331