April 2012
The Electronic Materials Report  
Ramp of 450 & Growth of Advanced Materials in Semiconductors
Linx Presentation at Semi ISS
Linx Presents 450mm Wafer Ramp and Illustrates Growing Importance of Advanced Materials in Semiconductors

Linx Consulting presented at the Industry Strategy Symposium in January this year in Half Moon Bay, CA. Two of the major points made were:

  1. Ramp of 450 is inevitable and economically justified
  2. Semi process materials will be more important in the coming decade

450 MM  

process materials  

Download the ISS presentation.  

Upcoming Report: Advanced Cleaning and Surface Preparation 
Cleaning is the most common operation in IC manufacturing, but the challenges in preparing the wafer surface for the next process step continue to increase as contamination must be eliminated, material removal limits reduce, and 3 dimensional fine features become more common.

Linx will be examining the trends in CSP through 2016 in

For more information about Cleaning & Surface Preparation: Technologies and Markets, 2011-2016, call Mark Thirsk at 617.273.8837 or email us.  
COMING SOON: Emerging Materials for TSV devices 
Emerging materials for TSV Devices is almost complete. Among all different types of
packaging technologies proposed, three dimensional (3D) vertical integration using
through silicon via (TSV) copper interconnect is currently considered one of the most advanced technologies in the semiconductor industry. Through-silicon via (TSV) is the latest in a progression of technologies for stacking silicon devicein three dimensions (3D)

In Emerging materials for TSV Devices, Linx will:
  • Review anticipated materials needs for potential future devices
  • Discuss the relative challenges of competing TSV technologies 
  • Target markets for TSV materials
For more information or to order Emerging Materials for TSV Devices, call 973.698.2331 or email us.
Mike Corbett & Mark Thirsk
Linx Consulting
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