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January 2012
The PV Newsletter

 Free 2011 Photovoltaics IP Analysis 


NEW REPORT: Photovoltaics IP Analysis


Introducing Photovoltaics IP Analysis 2012   

Linx is introducing a new report that examines granted patents and patent applications in the US, WIPO and Japan on a quarterly basis. The new Photovoltaics IP Analysis:
  • Classifies patents by type
  • Highlights some of the most critical patents
  • Keeps a running trend of leading IP applicants
  • Provides quarterly reports

Free Sample of 2011 Photovoltaics IP Analysis

To give our clients a clear understanding of the structure and contents of this report. Linx is offering a free 2011 Photovoltaics IP Analysis report. Visit our website to access your free report.


For more information about Photovoltaics IP Analysis, call Mark Thirsk at 617.273.8837 or send us an email.  

Japanese PV Report NOW AVAILABLE in US

Linx Consulting is partnering with RTS Corporation, the leading Japanese photovoltaic (PV) power generation consulting firm, to distribute a monthly report on the Japanese PV market entitled, PV Activities in Japan and Global PV Highlights.

Since 1995, PV Activities in Japan and Global PV Highlights has provided comprehensive, current information on the PV market in Japan as well as highlights from the global PV market.

PV Activities in Japan and Global PV Highlights covers monthly trends of all sectors of the PV market in Japan - the national government, local governments, utilities, PV cell/ module manufacturers, housing and PV-related industries, PV applications, non-profitable organizations, etc.

For more information or to order PV Activities in Japan and Global PV Highlights, call Mike Corbet at 973.698.2331 or send us an email.

Opportunities for PV Chemicals and Materials
Mike Corbet presented a paper at PV Japan in December entitled Opportunities for Chemicals and Materials in PV:

Visit our website to download free pdf of Opportunities for Chemicals and Materials in PV.

COMING SOON: Chemicals & Materials for PV Cells and Modules

This Spring, Linx Consulting will release the 5th edition of Chemicals & Materials for Photovoltaic Cells & Modules.

To order advance copies of this report, call 617.273.8837 or email us.
Mark Thirsk & Mike Corbet 

logo-reverse Mark Thirsk: 617.273.8837 

Mike Corbet: 973.698.2331