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February, 2011
The Electronic Materials Report

A Decade of Materials

Linx Consulting presented a white paper entitled  EMERGING MATERIALS IN ADVANCED DEVICES at the recent Strategic Materials Conference in Half Moon Bay, CA.

The presentation began with a review of changes over the last 10 years:

decade of materials 


The paper reviewed the last decade of electronic materials and discussed whether this last decade was in fact The Decade of Materials.  The paper also discussed changes in FEOL, BEOL and memory cell structures and concluded that materials enabled continued industry growth more than Moore:

Semi industry billions

1. Opportunities and innovations attract the largest newcomers, including:

  • BASF
  • Dow Chemical
  • DuPont

2. Materials provide key technologies

3. Materials enable continuation of Moore's Law:

  • High-K gate dielectrics
  • Litho alternatives

The paper outlined future industry requirements and how current technologies that have been developed over the last decade can provide stop-gap solutions until newer technologies, such as EUV lithography are ready.  In addition, it discussed the impact of new costs device producers are facing and how cost may push the industry to 450 mm wafers:

wafer costs  

To see the entire paper, visit our website

Linx Industry Analysis Reports Underway

Advanced Thin Films For FEOL and BEOL Applications 


We are almost finished with the third edition of this report that tracks CVD, ALD, PVD and advanced SOD precursors, applications and markets. 

Thin Films Graph

Learn more about Advanced Thin Films for FEOL & BEOL Applications.  


Advanced Patterning Materials


Linx is pleased to announce a new service covering spin-on patterning materials including photoresists and patterning ancillaries called the Patterning Material Forecast Service. This service is critical to lithography materials suppliers as the number of masks is expected to increase substantially over the next few years. 

wafer costs

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