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October 2010
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New PV Report To Answer Critical Questions

The fourth edition of our groundbreaking report - Chemicals and Materials for Solar Cells and Modules, 2011 is in its initial stages and will be released early next year. This report offers the most comprehensive perspective of the critical consumables used in cell, wafer and module production for all categories of flat plate photovoltaics in the industry.


Linx-AEI would like to thank all of our clients who support us and this critical report.


Mike Corbett
Managing partner
Linx-AEI Consulting

Critical Questions? Relevent Perspectives in Chemicals and Materials for Solar Cells and Modules

When we completed the first edition of the Chemicals and Materials for Solar Cells and Modules in 2007, the two most common questions we received were:

1.    How high will polysilicon pricing go?

2.    Where we will get the silane required to demand from thin film consumption?

Our initial response is not what many clients expected, as we were calling for the end of the polysilicon cycle, with the market soon to be in over-supply.  This would have lowered poly prices and favored future market growth back towards crystalline technology.  This analysis surprised some clients in 2007 (see below):




Despite strong industry growth over the last several years, there are still critical questions to be answered, especially as many materials suppliers are looking at the next round of capital expenditures to maintain or grow their position in the industry. 

Recent estimates have placed the cumulative capex of materials suppliers at almost $80 billion over the next ten years.


Key areas for investment include:

  • Gases
  • Process Chemicals 
  • Polymers 
  • Pastes 
  • Laminated sheets 
  • Metals 
  • Glass 
  • Silicon

PV Materials

Linx-AEI provides the critical perspectives on technologies and markets that planners and business managers require to minimize risk and understand key points of uncertainty around future materials requirements. In today's volatile environment, making a small investment in intelligence now up can increase profits exponentially in the future.

Can you afford not to gain these valuable insights?

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Industry Challenges Keep Mounting; Linx-AEI Offers Services to Help Our Clients Succeed

Key future unknowns in the Solar industry include:

  • What will be the impact of changes to the EEG in Germany? 
  • What is the impact of China's industry support initiatives?
  • What actions will be taken in the US?
  • How will the Polysilicon oversupply impact industry cost structure
  • Who will be the winners and losers of the recent industry upheaval?

These are all tough questions.  Our services are designed to provide the critical insights and perspectives necessary to succeed.  Linx-AEI offers services that cover the following areas:

PV Custom Services

If you don't find exactly what you're looking for in a Linx-AEI report, we can design a custom report for your company to address your unique decision-making needs.

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