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January 28, 2010
The Electronic Materials Report
New Industry Realities for Semi Producers May Lead to New Opportunities for Materials Suppliers
Semiconductor producers are creating a point of apparent market bifurcation at 90nm, as shown below.  This new market reality has many semiconductor producers jumping off the roadmap at 90nm and staying with less expensive, tried and true technologies such as DUV 248 lithography, aluminum interconnects and conventional dielectrics. 

industry chart
Most materials suppliers' development activities have tracked ITRS Roadmaps that are focused on logic and gaining the next generation "wins."  However, our analysis has recently identified a trend where most advanced node wafer starts will be from memory and not logic. This trend, coupled with the fact that there is a large market for materials at older nodes, is leading to the re-evaluation of business models by many suppliers. 

Linx Consulting can help your company understand and benefit from this change

This shift in wafer starts is being caused by high growth in the memory segment. Going forward, this trend could have significant impact on materials suppliers as wafers with different materials requirements are processed.

Strategic Materials Conference 2010
Linx Consulting continues to be a proud participant and sponsor of the SEMI Strategic Materials Conference.  This year's conference was held in Half Moon Bay, CA, January 13 to 15. Mike Corbett gave a talk on Emerging Materials in Advanced Devices.
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New Industry Analysis Reports Underway

CMP Slurries , Pads and Abrasives

Linx is currently working on a series of reports examining the CMP value chain.  The CMP Consumables and Specialty Abrasives Research Service is an industry analysis service that builds on Linx Consulting's experience in CMP and is designed to help planners and market participants succeed in the CMP market.  Preliminary forecasts show the impact of the downturn as well as structural changes in the industry, as indicated below:

Forecasted CMP Revenues

slurries, pads chart

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Advanced Patterning Materials

Linx is pleased to announce a new service covering spin-on patterning materials including photoresists and patterning ancillaries called the Patterning Material Forecast Service

Forecasted Patterning Materials Revenues

advanced patterning chart
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Linx Offers Custom Services in Addition to Electronic Materials Reports

Linx Consulting offers other reports on the Electronic Materials Industry. If you don't find exactly what you're looking for in a Linx report, we can design a custom report for your company to address your unique decision-making needs.

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