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October 8,2009
The Electronic Materials Report
What key metrics will your business track going forward?
Historically, most materials suppliers' businesses have tracked growth in million square inches (MSI) of silicon shipped or processed.  However, Linx analysis has recently identified a divergence of wafer starts (both 200 and 300mm) with the growth in MSI, as shown below:


This is being caused by the adoption of 300mm technology as well as the shuttering of 200mm capacity, especially in the memory segment.  Going forward, this trend can have significant impact on a materials suppliers as fewer wafers are processed, especially if materials pricing is not linear (with area) between 200 and 300mm applications.

Now Initiating: CMP Consumables Research Service

Linx is pleased to announce the initiation of a new series of reports examining the CMP value chain.  The CMP Consumables and Specialty Abrasives Research Service is an industry analysis service that builds on Linx Consulting's experience in CMP. The new service is designed to help planners and market participants succeed in the CMP market. 

The service consists of three reports:

(I) CMP Markets and Technologies for the 22nm Node 
In this section, we survey the CMP material growth in wafer fab processing.  We review applications (by device process module and technology node), and suppliers and conclude with an analysis of business opportunities.

(II) Specialty Abrasives for CMP 
Here we present emerging CMP processes and materials with emphasis on the trends for abrasives.  Additionally, we forecast abrasive demand using the Linx Materials Models, assess key suppliers, and analyze potential business opportunities.

(III) Emerging Applications in CMP: TSV and Thinning
TSV offers the potential to reduce device footprint and increase functionality.  In this segment, we present the key drivers for TSV and survey the different approaches to the technology.  The relevant CMP consumables, major market participants, as well as potential business opportunities are described.  
This industry report bringing together the three areas of the CMP value chain allows us to pool our efforts and offers a more cost effective approach to clients. To develop this service, Linx will conduct extensive primary research consisting of interviews with supply chain participants and end users.

For more information about the CMP Consumables Research Service call us at 973.698.2331 or email us at

Do you know where copper technology is growing the fastest?

Linx Consulting indicates that Korea will have the highest compound annual growth rate for copper processing over the next five years.  More details are shown below:

  Now Available: Patterning Material Forecast Service

Linx's new Patterning Material Forecast Service covers spin-on patterning materials including photoresists and patterning ancillaries. The new service is designed for marketers, product managers and executive management and offers forecasts on the market growth of each segment along with market shares in an independent view of the market. The Patterning Material Forecast Service will allow participants to understand their position in the global patterning materials market, measure progress, and plan their strategy and tactical initiatives.

patterning forecast chart
For more information about the Patterning Material Forecast  Service, call 973.698.2331 or email us at
Linx Offers Custom Services in Addition to Electronic Materials Reports

Linx Consulting offers other reports on the Electronic Materials Industry. If you don't find exactly what you're looking for in a Linx report, we can design a custom report for your company to address your unique decision-making needs.

Call us at 973.698.2331 or send us an email us at for more information.

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