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April 27,2009
The Electronic Materials Report
Now Available: Advanced Thin Films for FEOL and BEOL Applications
Linx Consulting is pleased to announce the publication of its newest report - ADVANCED THIN FILMS FOR FEOL AND BEOL SEMICONDUCTOR APPLICATIONS, 2008 - 2013. The second edition of this groundbreaking report focuses on the emerging applications that provide the highest growth opportunities. As illustrated below, the materials market is expected to double by 2013, even with severe pricing pressure and the economic downturn.

Forecasted Growth of Electronic Materials Market

forecasted growth chart

The new report reviews emerging applications for advanced ALD, PECVD, epi, ECD, PVD and spin-on films and provides materials forecasts by application to 2013.  The major applications reviewed include: copper barrier & seed, low-k dielectrics, diffusion caps, STI, strain, PMD, high-K dielectrics, metal gates as well as capacitor high-k dielectrics and electrodes. Read More...
Linx Consulting Offers Insights on Photoresist Supplier Market Share

Linx has been working closely with leading photoresist suppliers in Japan and the United States to understand overall supplier market share as well as share by specific photoresists and ancillary products.  Our research base was updated as part of completing our report - ADVANCED PATTERNING 2008 - 20013, which was completed in February 2009.   Our initial perspectives on photoresist supplier overall market share is detailed below.

Photoresist Supplier Market Share
pie chart
For more information on Advanced Patterning 2008-2013, call Mark Thirsk at 617.273.8837 or send him an email.
Linx Offers Custom Services in Addition to Electronic Materials Reports

Linx Consulting offers other reports on the Electronic Materials Industry. If you don't find exactly what you're looking for in a Linx report, we can design a custom report for your company to address your unique decision-making needs.

Call us at 973.698.2331 or send us an email us at for more information.

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