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February 3, 2009
Linx Consulting News Flash
Senate Finance Committee Promotes New Financing Plan For Producers of Renewable Energy

Proposal Would Protect Taxpayers, Create/Preserve Jobs

Joe Bingaman, Chairman of The Senate Finance Committee, issued a press release yesterday urging Congress to include a creative new incentive program for renewable energy in President Obama's economic recovery package.  The plan would stimulate renewable energy production by offering an alternative to tax equity financing, while ensuring protection for the American taxpayer.

Linx PV Expert,
Joe Berwind, was quoted in the release as follows:

Joe Berwind, founder of Alternative Energy Investing, one of the nation's leading independent analysts of alternative energy stocks, said, "I have been gravely concerned with the sharp and precipitous fall-off in tax-equity funding, the lifeblood supporting the growth of the renewable energy industry.  Sen. Bingaman proposes to get renewable energy projects rolling again by stimulating the method which these projects are financed.  This plan also protects the U.S. taxpayer and strikes us as effective in promptly reigniting growth in renewable energy funding in both its design and structure."

Read the release

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