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January 28,2009
The Electronic Materials Report
New Paper: Emerging Opportunities for Electronic Chemicals and Materials Suppliers

Linx Consulting continues to support and sponsor the Strategic Materials Conference, held each January by SEMI in Half Moon Bay, CA.  The topic of this year's conference was Critical Molecules: Balancing Market Growth, Applications, and Risk and featured keynotes from Hynix, Applied Materials and Praxair. This year's conference was led by Linx's Mark Thirsk, who was the Conference Chairman.

Mike Corbett of Linx Consulting presented a paper investigating Emerging Opportunities for Electronic Chemicals and Materials Suppliers. This paper outlines the challenges and opportunities electronic chemicals and materials suppliers face in each of the semiconductor manufacturing processes as follows:

Cost drivers for process modules
The paper is available for download here.
Linx Consulting Partners with PV Expert

Joe Berwind has been involved in the alternative energy industry for the last 15 years.  As principal of Alternative Energy Investing in West Orange, NJ, he brings a detailed knowledge of the inner workings of the industry, including equipment producers, cell and module producers, integrators, financial service providers and government policy makers.

Joe was one of the first analysts to identify a polysilicon overcapacity, raising concerns around optimistic industry growth forecasts for 2009. At this year's Strategic Materials Conference, Joe addressed the Impact of the Credit Crisis on the Solar Industry. "In solar economics," he said, "PV system demand is determined by two factors: whether the system yields a reasonable project return, and whether the cost of solar electricity is lower than the grid's prices."

In the case of PV systems, the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) and the internal rate of return (IRR) have been deeply affected by the downturn as follows:
PV Roi

Linx has been working closely with Alternative Energy Investing on PV programs for three years. Our clients have benefited from Joe's experience in our report entitled, Advanced Chemicals and Materials for PV Cells and Modules as well as many proprietary programs for individual clients. We look forward to collaborating with Joe on more reports on the solar industry.

Download Joe's paper here.

Linx Consulting is Growing

Armah Kpissay joins Linx as Project Manager, Emerging Materials
After spending time in lithography development at Intel as well as in process engineering for advanced devices at Infineon, Armah's background is critical to understanding the highly complex evolution of advanced devices and the associated materials implications.  In addition, his time at Intel gives him unique perspectives on what is required to get new materials from early stage qualification to high volume manufacturing.  He has assisted many Linx clients with industry analysis reports including Advanced Patterning and Emerging Materials, Advanced Thin Films, and CMP as well as proprietary reports for individual clients.

John Choi, Ph.D.
, Korean Representative and Consultant
John is active in the Korean chemicals and electronics industries.  Previously, he was CTO for Cheil Indsutries and Samsung-Corning in Korea. During his tenure at Samsung he managed R&D division and set the future technical direction of the company. Prior to Samsung, he worked for DuPont company in the US for 20 years as a research scientist in the field of electronic and imaging materials. His technical expertise includes the many consumables and processes involved in semiconductor and FPD manufacturing as well as technology management. John provides our clients with critical knowledge of industry developments in Korea.  In addition, he has assisted Linx with industry analysis reports including Advanced Patterning and PV as well as proprietary client reports.

Akio Fukui-SAN, Japan Representative and Consultant
Akio Fukui represents Linx Consulting in Japan and is also Manager of ChemResearch.  Akoi is intimately familiar with the electronics and chemicals industry in Japan.  He is knowledgeable about plastic electronics and has assisted many Linx clients with both industry analysis reports including Advanced Patterning and PV as well as proprietary client reports.

Cameo Consulting
Linx continues to work with Cameo Consulting on selected reports. Cameo provides Linx with detailed semiconductor fabrication process flow service data for DRAM, NAND and Advanced Logic.

Linx Offers Custom Services in Addition to Electronic Materials Reports

Linx Consulting offers other reports on the Electronic Materials Industry. If you don't find exactly what you're looking for in a Linx report, we can design a custom report for your company to address your unique decision-making needs.

Call us at 973.698.2331 or send us an email us at for more information.

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