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October 9, 2008
     Linx Consulting is pleased to introduce the premier issue of
The Electronic Materials Report
The Electronic Materials Report is the first in a series of newsletters for the electronic materials industry from Linx Consulting. With years of experience in the chemical industry, Linx Consulting offers a unique perspective of the electronic materials markets for the semiconductor, display, photovoltaic, MEMS, energy and nanotechnology segments.

Every month, The Electronics Material Report will bring you our latest perspectives and insights on the electronic materials industry to help you make the right decisions for your business, reducing risk and increasing results for your company.

Input Materials for PV Production in Relative Oversupply

PV's Moore's Law required to drive increased material efficiency

by Debra Vogler, Solid State Technology
PV Chart Sept. 23, 2008 - The road to grid parity for PV power generation will be difficult, needing five or more years to compete with utility power, unsubsidized, on a large scale, noted Mark Thirsk, managing partner at Linx Consulting, at a recent SEMI PV forecast luncheon (Sept. 18) in Santa Clara, CA. Read more....

This graph by Linx Consulting illustrates PV module demand driven by government subsidy. Individual countries of note: Germany's EEG feed-in tariffs survived a review in 2008; Spain is restructuring its subsidy law for 2009; Greece's newly drafted feed-in tariffs will take time to implement; and the next US administration likely will support some sort of alternative energy legislation, leading to growth in 2010.


New report: Chemicals and Materials for PV Cells and Modules

PV cellsSupported by subsidies in Europe and Japan, the flat plate PV industry is breaking out of niche applications and becoming an on-grid alternative. As a polysilicon shortage is resolved with capacity increases, the potential of lower costs per watt, thin-film technologies are now emerging to challenge traditional single and multi-crystalline cells.

This report will deliver analysis of the industry materials requirements, detailed market forecasts to 2015, analysis of emerging trends, and discussion of opportunities for suppliers of chemicals and materials for photovoltaic cells and modules. This report will be an authoritative source of strategic, tactical and forecast information for marketers and executive management for producers and users of these materials. Read More...

Recently Completed Report: Emerging Materials Opportunities for Semiconductor Devices
Advanced chemicals and materials continue to be critical in achieving the performance increase in advanced IC manufacturing predicted by Moore's "law." The International
Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors is a document that is aimed to guide product development and performance requirements for all involved in the semiconductor supply chain, however, the ITRS has not always been a reliable guide to material needs.

In this report Linx Consulting will review anticipated materials needs for future IC nodes, and discuss the relative challenges, and target markets for materials on and off the roadmap. Read more...

New Report: Advanced Thin Film Processes & Materials for FEOL & Interconnect Applications, 2008- 2013

high-k metal gateThe semiconductor industry has relied on CVD and PVD technologies to meet much of the requirements in thin film depositions. Along with these process technologies, many
standard materials, such as SiO2, Al and Ti, have been relied on to meet a majority of the industry's needs. However, now the industry is facing change with DRAM using ALD at 90 nm and converting to copper en masse at 45 nm, as well as low-κ materials, novel gates, and high-κ gate dielectrics all growing rapidly. Read More...

Linx offers custom services in addition to electronic materials reports

Linx Consulting offers other reports on the Electronic Materials Industry. If you don't find exactly what you're looking for in a Linx report, we can design a custom report for your company to address your unique decision-making needs.

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