Connecting with the Sacred in Animals, Nature and You  February 24, 2011  
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers


Oh my goodness, there is so much going on.  And please get used to it!  Zoom, change happening everywhere.  And time is accelerating so fast that here  in Avalon, it is already Autumn - with mists and beautiful sunny days.

This is the astrology of the 1960s all over again -- only more intense and of course we are under the effect of the 2012 Phenomenon.

 First up we all must send prayers to New Zealand.  This devastating earthquake is part of the intense changes we are seeing but it doesnt make it any easier for the people and animals and plants involved.

So we send tons of angels to the situation and lots of prayers for the best outcomes possible.  New Zealand -- our hearts and thoughts are with you.

Interestingly, a week before a friend in the USA noticed her goats were crying, all the dogs in the district were howling and the horses went off their hay.  She said they werent scared, just alert.  As her goats have predicted two massive earthquakes previously, we knew there would be one -- somewhere in the world.  And there was.  

But it is the message from the horses that I would like to bring home to you -- they were alert, not frightened.  And that is how we have to be too.  We have to be watching the signs in nature -- alert, mindful and aware.  But not in fear -- because if you are meant to leave the planet you will, and if you are not you will be staying for the 2012 ride.  Do me a favour -- choose the ride!!   And you can even stand up on your surf board on this often bumpy ride to the shore -- and smile with exhileration -- because you know what's going on -- and that the future is going to be very exciting because of it!!!  

Flying home from the Young Living Oil seminar series with Dr Melissa Shelton in Brisbane, I sat next to a man who had gone into post-traumatic stress.  The airport had been closed for about half an hour due to huge thunderstorms and we were all delayed.  I shared with the man that even though we are all warriors in the face of disaster, that shock does set in later when faced with something similar. I assured him the weather would be fine and that  his home would not flood again and sent angels to make sure all WAS well.  He calmed down.  But this brings me to two points...

I'm sure you can all sense the huge coming together of humanity right now -- because of these disasters.  And this is good -- the other thing that is happening is huge and multilple solar flares.  We had one just near the full moon which was the size of Jupiter!!

So if you were feeling irritable, tired, sad, frustrated or you noticed your children or animals acting out -- that's why.  It also brought up so many people's death stuff.  Even though I know I am perfectly fine, I felt oompelled to check my w
ill.  But what is dying is the old part of us, the carbon, third dimensional part of us -- so you may grieve for that as well, and feel sad or despondent.

The good news is we are one step closer to being more highly evolved humans.  So  please be aware and know that so many people are also finding it a real challenge to do left brained work.  Its harder than normal and that's because the solar flares disrupt our cognition.  The inttuitve side of us is working really well, but if you are not used to working in that side of the brain, you might worry about what the heck is going on.

The other thing that's happening is that the speed at which time is accelerating is throwing people out of kilter.  I reckon we are now up to a month equalling two weeks.

Itr's going to get faster.  And the rate of solar flare activity is going to get greater -- life is changing, humans are getting more creative and we are being asked more and more to be who we are and dump the rest of the charade.

This impacts how we earn a living.

Here in our own little Avalon, Andrew and I can barely get  out a newsletter -- so that is going to have to change.  I can no longer answer people's many questions for free  -- I'm tending the animal tribes until way after lunch and my time for clients has plummetted.  Now the animals want me to spend time with them, which is why they are creating upsets for me to tend to.  They understand the whole picture and know that you want to hear about our adventures.  So watch this space.  New website, new Bush Elf News , and a more sharing way of questions answered so you can all benefit .  And a new way of being supported financially.  (still working that bit out!)  (But I think also, Spirit is showing me the way.......)

I know a lot of  lightworking people who are self employed are having similiar issues.  They are being called to change what they are doing.  It's important to act on that right now.  All my changes will be in place by March  ( I hope) -- but the astrological effect to assist this change will be around to October.  Think about the word community because that is really big right now.

So think about who you are and how you can benefit the world by being who you are, and step into that.  Its no longer about how much money or how successful or how many snazzy cars in the garage.  It's just about loving and being and sharing.

We just had an awesome Earthkeeper's class, during which so much else happened -- as often happens.  Rescuing magpies, goats and dogs became the order of the week with all kinds of mystical and magical side interweavings of high energy. Wow -- what a week.  And what a wonderful and highly evolved group of people coming together.  It was such an honour and a pleasure to sit in circle with everyone.  We saw how the power of tribe and community really can work as we all step up and say "no" to things that are no longer acceptable (thanks Mikey Bryant) and yes to the creative new. (Say it with me: "That is no longer acceptable.")  Whew!  Fantastic.  As Andrew and I drove into town, the water was lapping at the bridge so I decided to be safe and stayed in town for a few days.  Of course, I'd been wanting some new jeans...  Interesting way to manifest them (grin).  As a group, we joined together to do our world work for Perth fires, wolves in Siberia, and Braidwood trees and goats.

And in the middle of that I said "yes" to a giant German Shepherd called Clea who needed a new home (that's her in the photo above, along with my knee and hand).  She sits under Andrew's desk as I write, has some health challenges I am going to have to sort out and has stolen all our hearts with her soft, sweet and gentle nature.  Nothing phases her -- not the cats, nor the seven other dogs, nor the three goat kids in the house.  All good.  She apparently didn't get on with another dog in her last home, which was one removed from her previous home where her beloved person got dementia.  So... she is here.  No dramas, because she feels safe.  Animals, ike children and adults, will act out when they dont feel safe.  Or if they are in the wrong home.

As you know, I'm constantly trying to help dogs and other animals find homes (you see it in this newsletter all the time).  So it was interesting for me to feel that *pang* in my heart when I saw Clea's picture, and knew that she had to come here.  I always say that you have to listen to those whispers, and I encourage you to be aware enough to act on it when you feel it in yourself.  Because there is nothing like a heart and soul connection with an animal -- and they deserve our compassionate action.

I am deeply in love.  It's funny how an animal in need -- even a supposedly troubled one -- can make your heart sing providing something elusive that was missing.  This is the argument I have against (grrrrrr) behavioural testing in pounds.  Please all say it with me: "That is no longer acceptable."

It's old thinking and we have lost many many good dogs because people who dont really understand human/animal relationships are decreeing that dogs pass the scare tests.  When I first heard about this ludicrous testing I thought it was only in some pounds in the USA.  No folks, it is here and it needs to go.

People who have been with me a long time will remember the terrible fate of Mack and Bussa.  Another of my students lost a dog she called Blossom, with whom she had a heart connection and knew the dog would blossom in her care.  Well, she didnt get a chance.  Blossom was killed because she didnt pass the scare test.

It is so wrong it makes me feel sick in the stomach to talk about it -- so instead, I'm going to talk about how Clea didn't fit her last home but matches us perfectly.  We are all delighted and she is even giving Dusty a new lease of life because he thinks she is very pretty.  One of the first things she said when she arrived was,"What time is dinner around here?"

She's 12 years young and no one put their hand up for her when a home was being sought for her.  But she is a blessing to us, and please everyone understand that twelve is still young, and mature dogs have so much to offer.  Another bugbear of mine -- other shelters wouldn't even take on Dusty because he was considered "old".  We continue to have the delight of his soft litttle furry face staring at us despite his health challenges.  He is another blessing who stole our hearts.

And speaking of animals coming -- Smokey is supposed to arrive this coming week.  I'll keep you posted!  Looking forward to him finally getting to be part of the family.

People have sent me a pile of material  for the newsletter -- and we had two weeks with very little internet.  It's been very frustrating.

Plus with the disappearing of time we are finding it a challenge to continue to do everything ourselves so we are looking for volunteers at the moment.  Help with the newsletter required. If that opportunity speaks to you, drop Andrew an email.  

Remember -- if there is a wave of irritability or strange behaviour running through your animals -- be aware of it, breath, be calm -- and check out to see if it coincides with a solar flare or a full moon or both.  There is lots going on in the heavens as we reach ever forward to become the humans angels we are destined to be.

With love and blessings,

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Oils, Oils, Oils

I'm very excited about my studies this past weekend with Dr. Melissa Shelton on the veterinary use of medicinal essential oils.  Melissa was nothing short of awesome, and I learned *so much*, which I can't wait to share with you.  I went there with a ton of questions -- including how does she treat cats with oils without longterm harm to their livers.  And I have come away with, not only with a new friend in Melissa, but with a renewed appreciation for just how powerful these oils are for healing and wellbeing.  

If you are interested in health and healing for animals, I urge you to consider going to her talks in Melbourne and Sydney coming up very soon.  The details are in this archived newsletter from January, where there's information about the talks, as well as how to register.  To get a complementary customer number, use my name as your referrer.  And then, of course, if you do decide to take advantage of the awesome specials they are having, you know you are helping in a small way to support our healing work at Ballyoncree.  So thank you for that!!!  (And of course, huge thanks to you who have already done so.  You guys are awesome.) 

I definitely took advantage of them and have been using the oils like crazy since I got home.  For me the Young Living brand of oils adds an emotional and spiritual layer to the physical healing and works beautifully with energy work.

You've heard me talk about the oils before, of course.  Clea, for example, is having steams of Peppermint, Immupower and Thieves.  (I finally bought a diffuser, but it hasnt arrived yet -- so good old fashioned hot water in a bowl with oils is what we are currently doing).

I also use Thieves on mould -- which in the current weather there seems to be a fair bit of in our ancient Owl Cottage.  I also blend it with lemongrass to make dogs an unpleasant place for fleas to live, while boosting the dogs immune systems at the same time.

I also used Thieves in a vegan fruit cake I made for Solstice.

And I successfully treated a fungally looking thing on pony Tammy -- which she came with -- with Lavender oil in paw paw cream.    I use Geranium and Melrose oils all the time for wound healing, and I even used Orange -- normally part of an anti- cancer routine -- to make Jaffa ice cream (see the recipe below).

Even if you can't get to Melissa's talks, you can find out about Young Living Oils here.  If you have any questions, let me know, and maybe I can answer them in future newsletters.  

Raw Vegan Jaffa Ice Cream

I am a vibrational cook (that is, I go by feeling and vibration), so you'll have to experiment a bit with this simple recipe!!  (Apologies to the more structured among us.)


I can coconut milk
3 tablesppons rice syrup
2 tablesppoons raw cacao powder
10 drops of orange oil
(adjust to taste)

  1. Blend
  2. Freeze
  3. Eat.
  4. Repeat, after saying "Yum!" 
New Earth Festival - Come see me in WA

I'm doing some interesting talks at this year's New Earth Festival in Denmark, WA, March 4 -7.  But what is really exciting for me as a proud mum, is that our daughter Tamsin (15) is giving a talk with me on alternative education.  She's making a short film on home schooling as part of her presentation.  Tamsin has been homeschooled all her life and is a terrific young person who is following our creative writing and filmmaking footsteps.  She has appeared in all our films and has already co-authored her first children's book with her Dad.

In addition to that talk, I'll be talking about my new forthcoming book about the way animals want to be treated -- from their perspective -- as well as about visionary storytelling and the importance of the artist today.  I'll be involved in ceremony, and of course will be doing readings, so bring your pics of your animals.

The always wonderful Patricia Hamilton of Conscious Living Magazine, who is organising the festival, has kindly offered you, dear readers, a discount on the ticket.  You can get in for $395, which is $100 off, if you buy a ticket clicking this link: Billie Dean Group Discount.

See you in Denmark, WA. 

New Trailer for This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon

My beloved Andrew has just cut a new trailer for our 2012 documentary This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon.  Have a look, and tell us what you think in the comments of the blog post. I think he's done a lovely job.  What do you think?


Compassionate Action

I know everyone is really excited about the goings on in Egypt but the animals as usual seem to be copping the brunt of things and this makes me cross.  Why are the animals always left to suffer when humanity stuffs things up or decide to have a revolution.  Enough already!  They need to be cared for. No longer acceptable.

Please help the tourist horses of Egypt who were left to starve tied up to trees during the excitement of change.  ESMA (Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals) are currently feeding 3,000 animals.  I have been in touch with them on facebook -- the photographs are horrific and they desperately need global support.  The volunteers are doing an awesome job and it is heartbreaking as well.  They also have a Facebook page, which is where I found them.

There is other good news happening around the world, but I don't have time to share it -- but it seems like people are standing up and saying "This is no longer acceptable" and change is happening.

Here are some animals who need your help also -- a bit closer to home -- as well as some fun and interesting links.  (These have piled up a bit, but persevere, as there's some great stuff here.)

First, our friend Nikki Spijkman is looking for a house sitter in Perth to help care for her family of animals while she does her 4th year vet school work.  Nikki is lovely, and she needs help in June and July, as well as December and January.  Some details:

The animals are 9 easy-care low-maintenance chickens, 3 easy-going dogs; one border-collie who is deaf but well trained (Pigster), one great-dane/staffy-cross (Roly) and one english staffy (Basil). All three are mature-aged boys and well behaved.  And indeed, Basil is the latest foster-fail :) plucked from a pound this summer.


The horses are two elderly mares (you remember Kura the paint, and her paddock buddy

Fortune the chestnut) both in their early 20s. The mares are also low-maintenance, I check hem once a week, making sure they're not getting in the "overweight" category. They live a 5 minute drive away from the house, on a large acreage with plenty of feed, a large dam and winter creek, bush and pasture.

That gives you a sense of it.  Drop her an email if you'd like more information or think you can help.

Thanks to Eve Adam for letting us know about the Vegan Easy Challenge:

Animal Liberation Victoria is challenging you to go vegan for 30 days. There are many benefits to becoming vegan, including greater health, saving the lives of many animals and being much more environmentally friendly. It really is the lifestyle choice to make.

To make life (vegan)easy for you, we've provided you with a sample 30 day menu with recipes and photos for breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day, as well as sweets and side dishes on our recipe page. Of course you don't need to stick to our menu plan, it's there to give you an idea of what to eat. You will also be in the running to win fantastic Prizes! 

Thanks to Madeleine for sending a link to the article U of Nebraska is Dangerously Wrong about Feral Cats.

And Andrew found this one on Give Meat the Chop.

Stephanie Keedy is trying to find a home for some feline friends.

I have taken in a mother cat with three kittens and they desperately need homes, all four of them. They were found at the flooded womens shelter in Rockhampton. Rspca has said they are willing to relocate them to nsw/vic/sa for adoption. Here they are:


Cats needing adoption 

Cats needing adoption 

If you can help Stephanie, drop her an email.

From Barbara Jackson of Wildcats in Queensland:

Hi Folks,


We've just launched a fundraising appeal because of damage due to the deluge (which is continuing - can't remember what the sun looks like!) and are offering a Pandora Bead for $20 on our website to help raise funds. This is a nice change because it means that anyone donating is actually getting something back other than a receipt! Please click on the link below to our website and pass this email on to anyone you think might like to get one of these Beads. They also receive a FREE charm or spacer bead as well.

From Lee O'Mahoney:

The Wildlife Protection Association of Australia has set up a wildlife flood appeal, supported by Animals Australia.


Funds raised will directly assist wildlife carers to rescue and assist wildlife flood victims over the next few months by covering costs of fuel to reach affected areas and for food and care of wildlife.

Lee also sent this:

Ingrid's Haven, a no kill shelter, has had to move both its shelter and, now, its website, for reasons beyond their control.


They'd welcome hits at their new web address, to restore it to the number one ranking in Google and other search engines. (If you do a search for 'Ingrid's Haven' now, it takes you to the old address, where you get errors. People not being able to find the website will be a real problem for them).


New address is:


The website (and shelter!) are still being built.


Please click away. Please ask others to do likewise! You don't even have to adopt a cat or attend a working bee to help. :)


From Eileen of Charley's Angels Horse Rescue:

Hello from South East Queensland. 


Obviously at this time many people are moved to donate, especially in order to assist animals affected by the floods. The Queensland flood disaster now spans 75% of the state. Due to such a large affected area there is no one central animal body able to help all parts of Queensland. The RSPCA may even struggle with such a huge undertaking. Our advice is to choose one or more organisations that you wish to support, and check if they are legitimate organisations before donating. 


How do I check the organisation is legitimate?

Go to the Australian Business Registration ABN Lookup site ( 

Search for the name and/or ABN of the organisation. Their details should appear. They should have "Deductible Gift Recipient" status, which indicates that they are a registered, legitimate charity permitted to accept donations by the ATO.


Charlie's Angels Horse Rescue Inc. is a registered charity with deductible gift recipient status (abn 43 684 402 812). We are a SEQ horse rescue organisation. If you would like to assist Charlie's Angels you can visit our website:, our Facebook page - which provides up to date information about emergency horse paddocks at this time, or contact us on 0401 681 908. 


We currently need donations for the following:

* Horse feed and delivery: supply is very difficult to get at the moment  

* Rainsheets: more rain is forecast and rainsheets are vital to help keep our horse dry and free of rainscald.

* Worming: the risk of worm burden is likely to worsen in these conditions.

* Farrier: hooves and wet weather don't mix too well, and our horses will all need their feet seen to.

* Vaccinations: for overall health

* Stable Fund: we are currently raising money to support the building of stables at Charlie's Angels HQ to house horses that have been injured or are unwell. 

* General Assistance: so we can assist more horses affected by the flood situation

* Our Annual Insurance: to prepare for the possibility of future natural disasters and harsh weather in areas prone to flooding and fire


If you would like to donate please visit:


Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone at this difficult time. 

With kind regards and many thanks, 

The Team at Charlie's Angels Horse Rescue Inc. 

Thanks to Karen Edwards for passing on this link to the newsletter to the No Kill Advocacy Center (link goes to pdf file).

Thanks to Gypsy for sending along this:

You can directly help boost protection for the world's largest

humpback nursery on the Kimberley coast.


The Western Australia Government's proposed new marine park at

Camden Sound is open for public comment, which gives you a chance

to make yourself heard for the Kimberley and register your support

for more marine sanctuaries.


Under the current plan, ONLY 13% of the proposed park will provide

real protection through creating marine sanctuaries which are free

from fishing and industry use.  The park also excludes areas of

high conservation value, including the amazing Buccaneer Archipelago.


Please sign the NEW letter here at

before the consultation period closes on February 1.


Spread the word and share the link with your friends.


Every letter emailed will be registered as a formal submission

and show the WA Government that the community supports more

protection for the Kimberley.


Thanks for your help!



Kimberley Christie

Protect the Kimberley team

Thanks to Mary Gill for this bit on encouraging Israel to ban fur:

Israel has the chance to set a global precedent and become the first country to ban fur in it's entirety - including all importation, production and sale - severely denting an industry responsible for the indefensible suffering of over one billion animals every year.


I've just taken action to help end fur farming: I've written to Ministers Mozes and Amsalem to encourage the Israeli government to ban fur farming in its entirety - production and trade.


Signing the letter takes just a minute - please help end this cruelty!


Corrie sent me this one on whips in racing:

Dear Friends,


I thought you might be interested in our lab's latest discovery about whip use in Thoroughbred racing. It is described in an RSPCA press release:


The peer-reviewed article on our study is freely available online at:


You can also see a Youtube interview with the co-authors at:


I thought you might be interested in this interview on ABC's Radio National Breakfast show:




| Professor

Faculty of Veterinary Science                                               


Thanks to both Susan Scott and Gypsy for sending along a set of hopeful and touching photos that showed animals being helped or simply dealing with the Queensland floods.  I found them online here.

If you are in the Canberra or Southern Tablelands area, please contact Raelene for animals in need of a home.

Thanks to Hanna Utzinger for this:

Hi to any interested in the incredible findings on water.


Scientist in europe and other countries around the world are discovering that water looks to have a memory, of anything that it comes into contact with, including thought. This in fascinating and has huge implications into our future. This is not a new concept, but it is new in the way that science is exploring it.

I have so many people to thank and a long wish list as well.  But that will need to wait for next time.
Billie Dean with Gypsy

Until next time! 

Warm blessings,
Billie, Andrew and Tamsin and all the animals here at Ballyoncree.

Email: billie [at]