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February 2, 2011
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers


I have so much to say to you all, but the most urgent is to once again stay in Divine Love and Deep Peace for Queensland. Following the Metaphysical Lore that energy follows thought - fear and anxiety do become things - and that will only serve to fuel what we do not want.

So please join me in staying in Divine Love and Deep Peace, praying to Great Spirit for blessings to ALL Life in Queensland. Deep Blessings from our hearts to the nature and animal kingdoms. Swift crossing to those who choose to leave us. Sending angels.

We send our hearts and our very best and highest thoughts to Queensland. Be strong and brave!!

For those of you on the last call, please feel free to join me again in meditation today and tonight. Many of you wanted me to do this meditation tele call regularly, but we have been dealing with our own personal dramas here in our little Avalon.

My very special mare Montana passed, and I will do a special blog entry on her as she has a lot to say on the coming times. (That's her with me in the photo above, taken not too long after she first came to us.)   At the same time, Willow went into multiple seizures (first time in half a year). And this is all in between caring for three young babies (the goats) and all the others.

Moments after Montana passed (her timing, as ever, impeccable), we also got hit by the worst flash flood in this area's history. We had 3 inches in 45 minutes. Plus hail, thunder and very close lightning. While I was prepared for creek flooding, I wasn't prepared for the water which poured off the next door neighbour's place in rivers, and was grateful that the horses knew where to stand. Worried about Montana's long time mate, the sight- and hearing-challenged pony Bindi, I went out to heed his telepathic call. The other ponies had fled to high ground and it pained me to see him standing alone in the paddock unable to find them. So off we went, and soon he was reunited with them, and we were joined together in mutual relief, standing soaked in the pouring rain with hailstones and lightning dancing around us. Four white ponies, and me.

As usual, I had no regard for my own safety. I know the humans can look after themselves. I knew I was safe. But my vulnerability is the animals and I am doing a better and better job of letting go and trusting that everything is in Divine Order. One of my fears in a flood situation had been that the geese would be swept away.

Well, they heard that, and showed me that in a flood situation, they stayed where I had wanted them to - in the high ground of the back yard where they live at night. And then, as the rain still pelted down I watched in amazement as they made the group decision to walk off.

"It's over," they told me. And I had to accept that, even though the evidence appeared to the contrary. They didn't go near the creek, but stayed up near the house, enjoying the then much lighter rain.

Nature speaks to us in so many ways, and I was both humbled by, and in deep gratitude to, the geese. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding and knew that they were telling me in very loud and plain English, "Quit worrying."

Animals are intelligent and have strong instincts.  They have good chances of survival if not hindered by humans and modern society.

So watch and learn from your animal family. Don't have rugs on your horses, or halters or have them locked in stables. Have pliers ready to cut fences.

Being a safe person means both trusting in the Divine Plan and having one of your own. Be prepared and stay mindful. Then you can be calm.

As the little bird told me a few weeks ago, "We are not yet done."

After the storm, the seizures stopped and we were able to bury Montana, who was honoured with a salute from an eagle high above, reminding me to think high thoughts

Always think high thoughts.

The energies have been intense and what is being asked of us is to stay calm and centred.

We have also been bombarded with solar blasts recently, and this has made sensitive people cranky, irritable, despairing, tired, bloated, fluey, achy, feeling as if they were going backwards, feeling like everything is moving at a snail's pace. And more.

There is a widespread feeling that people do not want to travel overseas, and craving stillness and time to be still. We are being called to really be who we are in all our magnificence and uniqueness, and we are being asked to create our fifth dimensional lives.

I have been working with a number of people on this and we are coming up with creative ways of making a living in authentic service that nourishes the heart and soul.

This is really important. Time to put those "retirement" plans into action Now, and make them work for you. What would you rather be doing?

The solar flare and geomagnetic activity will go rumbling on. It's we who have to change the way we interface with it. We need to learn to flow like a river. Not block up like a dam.

Be aware of the cosmic energies - you will feel them in your own body. And you need to use the techniques you have to dispel the negativity and find balance. And balance can come through understanding that there is cosmic activity going on.

Prayers also go out to Egypt. As I keep saying, we are changing. The world is changing. Fast. Time and events are accelerating.

Always put your focus on the world you want, not the world that is disintegrating. Dream beautiful. And when the dust finally settles (oh, don't you wish it was NOW!) we will find ourselves in a New Era, in a beautiful world peopled by new, beautiful, fully-realised humans who are at peace with Mother Nature and themselves.

In Deep Peace and Gratitude for All of You.
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Until next time! 

Warm blessings,
Billie, Andrew and Tamsin and all the animals here at Ballyoncree.

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