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December 22, 2010
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers


Happy, happy Solstice!!  Wow, what a magical two days.  Yesterday we celebrated the full moon lunar eclipse which was all about cutting ties with the past, letting go of karma and welcoming the new.  At home, the elves gathered together to do an ayni despacho which was full of sweetness, and childlike play for the higher dimensions, and then we burnt this in a fire outside wearing woollen sweaters because it was so chilly, in a ceremony where cords were cut and the spirit people all came dancing through.  I was told that this night was a portal for the spirit women to return, the great feminine.  And they would help bring back balance to the land.  There was much rejoicing in the spirit world, so much that I couldnt sleep and am still groggy as I write!

The energies have been intense, as we are asked to hone and sculpt our denser bodies to become the more refined diamonds of our true destiny  -- human angels indeed.

Mercury retrograde is still rough and bumpy -- so please take care.  It really is a time for honouring and blessing the past and welcoming in the new.  If you need to know more about this time, please read Secret Animal Business or see This Sacred Earth:The 2012 Phenomenon.  The time is now.  The change is now.  We are on a missile trajectory to 2012 now, and yesterday it felt like the old third dimension simply fell away.

Read more on the full moon lunar eclipse here. In the northern hemisphere it is also solstice and  there hasn't been a winter solstice like it for 456 years.  Plus, there's an Ursid meteor shower thrown in.

It is indeed a time for ceremony and going within, for change is the order of the day.  We are fast approaching the metamorphosis of the human condition from chrysalis to butterfly.

The veil is thinner, the Otherworld whispers, and under the chaos of human emotion, is peace in nature.  It might be a thick blanket of snow, it might be a sudden thunderstorm, rain on a tin roof, warm fires crackling in hearths, but Mother Earth is reaching a new level, and I can feel it in the light that dances aross the hills, casting a shadow here or illuminating there.

It is midsummer, in a summer that hasn't yet happened.  And we are grateful for its coolness and its cosiness.

We've had sudden freezing temperatures (it snowed on the Hume Highway at Yass, NSW), and last week Andrew and I watched as a small bird fought off an eagle.  As there is learning in everything, we considered that there was a lesson in courage and tenacity, that even if you are in a small body, you can beat the big guys.

And living in a country town as we do, we also saw what the big guys did to animals unfortunate enough to be thought of as food.  I cried as I saw sheep squashed in a truck waiting for their cruel fate at the abbatoir, and swore again to make a difference.  They looked distinctly uncomfortable, and I prayed  that they wouldn't suffer.

Change is on the move.  More and more people are opting for a vegan Christmas, as we do here at home.  More and more people are standing up and saying no to cruelty to animals.  In the UK Conservative MPs stood up against fox hunting (see also the web site Conservatives Against Fox Hunting), and in Austin, Texas (where Andrew went to university), the local council said banned the retail sale of cats and dogs in an effort to help the "no kill" effort, and close down puppy mills.

This Christmas we have abandoned the idea of useless trinkets.  Instead we are gifting a horse with a forever home here.  Smokey is an 11-year-old Arab and his story is below. I noticed that one of my students, the wonderful Karen, is fostering, and currently has ten dogs. Go girl! This is something I would urge all of you to think about this Christmas as many animals are in distress with the economic downturn, on top of the usual holiday madness. Christmas seems to be a time when we feel the urge most to help animals in need, because there are so many in need.  So do what you can, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We also have good news in that Andrew has been accepted into the Australian Film and Television School to study film production and screen busness for the next two years.  He'll be attending part time and it's an exciting new develooment for Wild Pure Heart Productions, especially as we ramp up production on a new feature film, and a couple of other screen projects.

And finally, I have dates for my Earthkeepers course in February which also turns out to be the month when every professional  film guild decided to have their annual conference for some strange reason.  So it is a busy month for us, and what a way to kick it off with a dynamic and intensely transforming Earthkeepers course.  See below or head over to my web site for details.

This holiday season we are closing the office in favour of paint brushes and de-cluttering. We have an urge to spruce up Owl Cottage a bit, in readiness for next year. Plus, we have a pile of library books, so we are hanging a Do Not Disturb sign on the front gate for a little while.

If you thought this year went fast, next year will be more so -- so have a great holiday and rest everyone, and we will talk next year!!

With much love and many holiday blessings,

Billie xxoo

PS: Once again, I hope you will consider ordering a gift for yourself or someone else for the holidays. If you have enjoyed Secret Animal Business, This Sacred Earth, Finding Joy, or Time of the Drum, or would like to, now is a good time. And remember, you can still get the special holiday bundles at 40% off.  A number of people have done this, and one member of our community clearly thinks that Safe People, Safe Places should show up in some stockings, as she's ordered two bundles of them.  But you must use this page to get the discount.
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smokeyCan You Help Me Rescue Smokey?

Meet Smokey.
Smokey is an 11-year-old Arab with a bad pelvis and back, who put his trainer in hospital.  I wonder why.  My guess is that he was in pain.  Apparently he has had people riding him, but experienced rider only was his option.  When I tuned in I found a fellow who was so closed down and angry with the world of humans, I couldnt't help myself.  I had the to open the doors of Ballyoncrree to him, giving him a forever home, where he didn't have to be used by humans again.  And there would be no chance of him ending up at the doggers.  I don't believe any animal should be killed and would open my doors to all of them in a heartbeat if I could. And fortunatelty there are more and more people creating networks to help animal kind in need.  So Smokey will come and live with the special needs herd here, get some healing and rest, and be the truly loveable sweet guy he is.  He will never be ridden or have to be "used". 

Rescuing Smokey is an expensive business, and that's why I am asking if you could help me with this work. We need two things.  First, we need to pay for his transport down here from near the Queensland border.  The transportation cost is going to be $500.  Second, we need one or more on-going sponsors for Smokey, so that we can pay for the on-going care and feeding he will get here.  

If you think that you can help with either of those, then please visit my donations page.  There, you can find Paypal and Paymate links that will let you make a one-off donation (to help with the transport) or a recurring donation (to sponsor Smokey).  Please know that we are grateful for all amounts, large or small, and  if everyone chips in a little, then its no burden to anyone.  And you are giving the gift of giving at Christmas, as we are.

So thank you for going to our donations page and for stepping up for Smokey.  I know he'll be as grateful to you as we are.

earthkeepersEarthkeeper's Intensive Retreat, February 4-9, 2011

My first live teaching event for 2011 is an Earthkeeper's Intensive, which will take place here in beautiful Braidwood, NSW from February 4 - 9.  This is the course where you receive all nine rites of the Munay Ki, and it includes a lot of shamanic and personal work and healing (not to mention we have a heck of a lot of fun).  I hope you can join me here for this, as I only do one or so of these every year (the last one was last April).  The details are here on my web site, where you will also find a flyer, participant's information sheet, and course registration form. 

Look forward to seeing you here in Braidwood!
Sweet Ideas for the Holidays

Last time, I gave you some ideas for a cruelty-free Christmas. Since then, I came across these dessert recipes from the Sweet William chocolate folks, who do vegan chocolates.  Check 'em out. (Years ago, Sweet William were one of the sponsors for Finding Joy.  Their chocolates were a favourite with the crew, and we've been buying them regularly ever since.)  For vegans, substitute No Egg for the eggs and your favourite milk substitute (like soy or rice) for the milk.
Community Page, Compassionate Action and Interesting Links

Herbs as "veterinary chemical products"?  Apparently that's what The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority is demanding that natural products be registered as.  And who can blame the, since they work and they eat into profits.  But really, this has to stop.  Find out more and what you can do on the Natural Pet Products web site.  Thanks to Lea for bringing this to my attention.

And thanks to Ann for reminding me about Will Tuttle's book The World Peace Diet (Amazon link). While I haven't read it yet (it's on my list), Ann was very enthusiastic about it, saying it covered "animal exploitation and abuse, veganism and how the mass abuses can be traced to our culture of 'herding'." and calling it "a real eye-opener and beautifully written".  I am very familiar with Will Tuttle's work, following him on facebook.  However I am also writing a book on peace -- pnly mine comes from the animals themselves -- watch this space for a very special treat.  The book is nearly finished and I have interviewed many different species, and completely shift the world into a new paradigm of thinking.  There will be a book launch in March.

The Irish Horse Welfare Trust is calling for "the implementation of the new Animal Health & Welfare Bill as a matter of extreme urgency to give a voice to the forgotten horses of Ireland". Love horses? Love Ireland? This one's for you.  There's 20,000 horses going hungry this winter -- so please do what you can to lend them a hand.

Thanks to Lee for letting me know that Ingrid's Haven a "for life shelter in Victoria has found a new home. They were on a rented rural property for 10 years and their landlord gave them notice he wanted to move in. Panic! Through donations and a bequest, the shelter manager has been able to **purchase** 13 acres of rural land and will keep the shelter operating, bigger and better than before." Excellent news!

Thanks to Catherine for sharing an email with some awesome photos of a ibex family scaling the walls of a dam in Italy to nibble on the salt and lichen there.  You can see the photos here.

More photos from Wendy, in an email shoring cheetahs playing with an impala rather harming her.  Photos here.  This is the world I talk about in my books -- where predators no longer exist on Mother Earth.

Thanks to Alexandria for pointing us to Welfare in Dog Training site, which aims to "provide the media and members of the public with more information about the behaviour of dogs, the possible consequences of using aversive training techniques, and where to go for appropriate advice on training and behaviour issues."  More humane "training" (I prefer "education") - I think we can all support that.  However my catch phrase is all behaviour is communication -- something still lacking in many people's education about dogs.

I recently came across the vegetarian and vegan work of Aussie Rebecca Bennett.  You might like to check out her How to Become a Vegetarian and her Vegetarian Secrets sites.

Finally, thanks to Greenpet  and several other people, for letting us know about this petition to help save Pets Haven, who "have been forced to close their doors only 12 days before Christmas (right in the middle of kitten season) by heartless Macedon Shire council."  You can read about the details on the petition page, but really, right before the worst time of the year for pounds and shelters?  
Do You Have an Animal Whispers Community Announcement?

You've noticed that from time to time I include announcements  that I think might be of interest to readers.  If you have something that you think is relevant to the Animal Whispers community, email it to Andrew, and we'll have a look at it, and possibly include it.  Mark it "Animal Whispers Submission" in the subject line.

Gratitudes and Wish List

Many thanks to Karen, Arielle, and Dolour, who each made a cash donation to support the animals here.  and as always, we are grateful for our regular sponsors.

The wishlist is the same as last time...

Anyone have a pair of horse clippers (not trimmers), or can clip a horse for us?  Our Montana is hot with her long, hairy coat.  I spent a couple (more) hours with kitchen scissors giving her a haircut.  But if you can help us, she would be most grateful.

Rosehips are also high on the agenda as we go through a lot of these with the horses here.  And also all wound supplies like bandages and poultices.  Also natural wound healers like manuka honey, paw paw and aloe vera.  And other horse supplements like Tuffrock, both inner and outer,  kelp, garlic, applecider vinegar and garlic and so on.

Also , as our horse feed bill has come in for Christmas at over $2,000, we'd appreciate any help with fund-raising for that. 
Billie Dean with Gypsy

Until next time!  Happy holidays!!

Warm blessings,
Billie, Andrew and Tamsin and all the animals here at Ballyoncree.

Email: billie [at]