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December 3, 2010
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers


Just a very quick note to say I heard on the grapevine last night that the Kimberley Wild Horses had been saved.  Still waiting for official news but  I am so excited and relieved that these horses will be managed by caring humans instead of being aerially shot or sent across the country to be slaughtered.  YAY!!

This is very big news on so many levels.  Things really are changing and I think we have been holding our collective breath for the plight of these horses, so this is not only great for the horses, but for humanity as well.  If they had been killed it would have been a real stain on our collective souls and... I think we would have lost a lot of hope and self -respect.  And more -- I think something precious in us would have died along with the horses.

So this is the evolution of consciousness in compassionate action!  Already there is growing interest in conscious horsemanship, which I wholeheartedly advocate.  I do believe in humanity ( just like Doctor Who) and I continue to See a world of harmony, deep peace and freedom for all species.

I'm so relieved I could cry.  Well done Libby Lovegrove and Lynne Sutton and all the  people who worked so hard to free these horses from a painful, frightening and unnecessary death.  Phew!

Phase two is the management plan and I had a long talk to the lovely Lynne Sutton of Hoofs2010 Inc this afternoon, and it is delightful to know how well these horses are going to be taken care of.  Lots to work out, and lots of caring, brumby savvy people at the helm.

WIld horses are not like other horses.  Their spirit is free.  They are part of the landscape, the country, the land.  Many of them will never make a riding horse, but all of them can be wonderful companions and muses to those of us with sensitive souls.  

I have put my hand up as someone who would take a family of horses here, if they have to be trucked this far.  The horses have told me they would like to stay in families and this is what I have been communicating to anyone who will listen.  This may not be possible for all of them.

Apparently there are about 2,000 horses (not 5,000 as originally reported), and work will start in March 2011.  So watch this space for further breaking news. It is hoped that sanctuary will be provided for a manageable herd in their home land.

Honestly -- I am soooo relieved.  This is such GOOD news.  Just feel like crying with relief and couldn't wait to share this with you.

Other news:

We've had some more big energetic shifts recently and I'm currently compiling some info on the coming solstice to help you prepare for that.  Just know that energy is flying everywhere right now with that usual pre-Christmas frenzy making everything just a little bit tenser.  So BREATHE!!!  Take some time out in nature!

Andrew is completely re-doing my website and we have some fun things in store for you all -- more on this later.

And now another gift giving plug because it is the holiday season after all:

I want to let you know that we are giving a special readers-only discount on our products if you buy five or more of anything.  With the holiday season upon us, if you enjoyed Secret Animal Business, This Sacred Earth, Finding Joy, Time of the Drum or any of the other products we have, we hope you will consider who you know who might enjoy them as well.  But you must use this special page to get the discount.

Looking forward to seeing you in person in Canberra at my book launch December 10th and on December 12 for All Things Animal and Shamanism and the Solstice Candle Ceremony

Talk soon!

With love, light and laughter,
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Until next time!

Warm blessings,

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