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 November 30, 2010
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers


Hello!  How are you? We're enjoying a cool, rainy night here at home, with rain on the iron roof, the log fire roaring, and animals cosy everywhere.  This afternoon we called the brumbies, and moved them across the creek before it rose too high with all the rain.  I'm always in awe of how well behaved our horses are, and how they understand our thoughts so easily (I guess I shouldn't be!)  But the wild ones raced up in the rain to be let out of the gate, ran into the yards, and then crossed the creek and went into the allotted paddock without fuss or coercion.  They knew exactly what was going on as we have been in conversation about it for a couple of weeks now.

Sweet, too, was the reunion of thoroughbreds and brumbies across the fence, confirming for me once again that horses form strong and deep connections to each other.  

I'm writing because we have more animal news from the desk of the bush elves of Braidwood!

In this edition, we have a memorial to Orange the duck, who passed away recently. We also have information about TTouch clinics coming up in December. You probably know I'm a fan of the Tellington Touch method, so I encourage you to check these out. There's also some information about some of the distressing discussion about wild horses in WA, and some dumped kittens who need help.

Plus, I want to let you know that we are giving a special readers-only discount on our products if you buy five or more of anything.  With the holiday season upon us, if you enjoyed Secret Animal Business, This Sacred Earth, Finding Joy, Time of the Drum or any of the other products we have, we hope you will consider who you know who might enjoy them as well.  But you must use this special page to get the discount.

Looking forward to seeing you in person in Canberra at my book launch December 10th and on December 12 for All Things Animal and Shamanism and the Solstice Candle Ceremony

Talk soon!

With love, light and laughter,
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Billie's Canberra Events

Looking forward to seeing you in Canberra: 
  • Book Lauch.  Smith's Alternative Bookshop is hosting a book launch for Secret Animal Business on Friday evening, December 10th at 6:00.  I've got a flyer and details on my web site.
  • All Things Animal and Shamanism and Solstice Candle Ceremony.  My last live event of the year is one of my popular All things Animal and Shamanism talks.  Bring your animal photos and your questions and get ready for a informative, engaging afternoon, followed by a candle ceremony for the solstice.  Both will be at Om Shanti, and the day starts at 2:00.

    If you can't make the talk, but would like to come to the ceremony, please do.  We'd love you to come for the bring-a-plate shared vegetarian meal that starts at 6:00, a brief talk, followed by ceremony.  Again, details on my web site.
Special for Readers Only - Holiday Bundle Discounts  Plus  new free video extra of William Bloom on Orbs.

Last time, I mentioned the new Wild Pure Heart Productions web site, and a lot of you have had a look at the new Dolores Cannon video extra talking about 2012 and the New Earth.  Andrew just posted another video extra with William Bloom talking about the orb phenomenon.  And I know many of you have taken advantage of the free music offer of the Gathering and Spiral Dance from Tribe.  

What I didn't mention is that as a holiday season special, we are offering 40% off bundles of five of our products as a readers-only special.  We hope you have enjoyed our DVDs, CDs, and books, and that you might consider them as gifts for your loved ones.  To make this giving easier, we are making them available to you at wholesale prices simply by buying five of anything.  We appreciate your being part of our community, and this is one small way we can say thank you.

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Thanks, and remember when you give a gift from us, you give twice!   Happy season's giving!
TTouch Clinics Coming Soon

There are two TTouch Horse Clinics coming up soon.  I first studied TTouch about two decades ago, and Robyn Hood is a delightful and knowledgeable teacher.  It's a wonderful way with animals and I still use these methods on ours for healing.  Everyone should know how to do little things like belly lifts (for colic) and tail work for their own animals first aid, and that is simply the tip of the iceberg.  Most impressive for me was to see horses and dogs relax under Robyn's instruction and my dog Kai was healed of his fear of people at a clinic with Robyn in the early 90s.  Awesome!!

There is a five-day horse course in Canberra starting this Wednesday, December 1st, and a five-day course in Richmond (near Sydney) starting December 8th.  Details here, and you can contact Brigitte for the Canberra course and Rebecca for the Richmond course.  Do check them out, as they'll be well worth it.  

And in Melbourne, they are holding a five-day companion animal course starting December 5th. Contact Tim for that one.

Natural Animal Care using Essential Oils - USA Vet Tour

If you've been with me a while, you know that I'm a huge fan of Young Living Essential Oils.  As part of my studies into natural healing I had come across the medical benefits of oils, but I didnt really get into it I found Young Living Oils.  And now I use them with the animals daily.  Our senior pony Bindi was working himself into a colic recently and this was averted with 25 drops of Di-Gize, an oil blend to energise digestion, and the TTouch Tail work.  I gave him high dose Di-Gize three times a day, backing it off slowly and now he doesnt need it.  Right now I'm using Thieves Oil Blend to get rid of mould (soo much rain!) and I also took that blend with me to Sydney to keep myself well.  As I have spoken at Young Living events about how I use the oils on the animals, I have a paper on this now and will be putting this on the new updated website if anyone is interested.  I just think they are essential for anyone's first aid kit.

So I'm pleased to let you know that Dr. Melissa Shelton is coming to Australia to talk about natural animal care using essential oils. She's coming to QLD, VIC, NSW, and the ACT between February 17 and March 1st. 

Dr Shelton is a USA vet who is using these incredible oils with amazing results, even on cats.  I am definitely going to go and learn from her.  I would be honoured to enable you to join me.  I have an extensive email with all the details, which I'll send you if you email me, including special offers. 

And If you want to go and you are not a Young Living Oils member, then please email me for a customer number so you can attend. Getting a customer number does not cost you anything.  (The class, of course, does have a cost, but will be completely worth it.)

Hope to see you there!

In Memory of Orange the Duck

Tamsin and Orange the DuckWe were deeply saddened at the recent passing of our duck, Orange, seen right with Tamsin in 2005 (she was ten at the time).  Orange had a massive personality, and for several years had been the only duck to hang with the flock of geese (with whom he lived his whole life).  He was particularly bonded to Charlie the goose (Andrew always called them Chuck and the Duck), and the pair were hardly ever apart.  Charlie took on  the care of Orange when he was a baby duckling, and that was that. 

We found his body lying peacefully in a pond, with no signs of distress.  He had seemed so cheerful and well, that it came as a big surprise to us all.  The only clue I had was that Charlie's status in the flock had suddenly shifted.  Orange himself gave us no heads up at all-- my sense is that he needed to go and didn't want any healing.  it was his time this time.  And I'm glad he was happy, and lived until he died.

As usual, we miss him terribly.

Rest in peace, our little friend.

Animals in Need of Your Help

You might have heard that thousands of wild horses in WA are under threat.  A story had circulated that they were to be trucked east for slaughter, but apparently that is not a "done deal". I am quite triggered by the situation I have to say, and am very passionate about helping these horses.  Once you live with wild horses, and are touched by them, your heart is never the same.  
And for me there is something about freedom here.  Freedom to be free of the chains and slaughter houses of humanity.  Freedom has always been important to me and is at the heart of my spiritual quest.  And the wild horse is an archetype living within us -- killing the wild horses is symbolic of killing our own independence, our deep feminine, our own wildness.  And besides, it is simply the wrong thing to do. 

I hope we are all able to open our hearts and minds so that these magnificent animals don't end up on dinner plates or in cans. I just spoke today to Animals Australia, who said they were waiting for an answer from the minister in charge.  I floated the idea re. Sanctuary for these horses - which apparently had been considered and tossed aside.  But perhaps we can all ask what else is possible for this situation and see if Spirit provides an answer.  You can see the latest on the horses from Animals Australia on their page What is happening with the wild horses at Lake Gregory?

Please join me in Seeing our wild horses and wild horses everywhere living in happiness and safety.  Send Divine Love, Blessings, and Prayers to the situation for the Highest Good of All Concerned.  Take a deep breath and Surrender the outcome.  It is when we have an attachment to Outcome that we cannot move forward.  This folks, is a giant lesson in the huge spiritual principles of TRUST and SURRENDER.  Say thank you thank you thank you for the safety of the wild horses in WA, and everywhere, calling on whatever angels and guides, gods and goddesses, and higher powers  you work with.  Ask for safety and sanctuary with best outcomes for all, and let it go.  

With group intention this community called in rain when it was needed.  We can help these animals  too.  Over the next few days at 11 am and 11 pm, lets pray peace and safety for wild horses

This means we have to be peace and safety inside.  And this is the perfect time to really embody being peace and being safe -- with the current energetic shifts, and the stress of the holiday season upon us.

Further we can send good thoughts to the Minister in Charge, who probably has a lot on his mind. Send him Divine Love and Blessings and that good solutions for the Highest Good of All Concerned,  will come to him.

At this time I wish I had the one thousand , three hundred acre property I have my eye on for the next For Life Sanctuary -- because we could house a lot of wild horses there in safety, forever.

Thanks everyone, so much!!

Speaking of opening your hearts, there are kittens in Rosedale, Vic who need your help.  Here's what Carolyn sent me:

From: Carolyn Maguire <>

Date: 26 November 2010 9:46:02 PM AEDT

Subject: Car Park babies


Attached are photos of four of the 6 kittens left sticky taped in a box, in the heat of the day, in the car park at our vet clinic. They are needing homes. If anyone is interested please contact me on either; or 0415405028.

All kittens are desexed, microchipped and fully vaccinated and we ask for $165 as the adoption fee. Heaps cheaper than pet shops, they are rescued and already neutered!



Here's one of the photos of these cuties:

Rosedale kittens

Taped into a box.  Can you believe it?  Anyway, Andrew spoke with Carolyn, and they have around 15 kittens at the moment needing homes.  Can you help?

Next, there is a petition to preserve a rare dolphin habitat at Tin Can Bay. From Les Dyer: "People have rallied together in an attempt to save this beautiful area and the gravely endangered Indo Pacific Hump-back dolphin, in a bold campaign targeting 1 million people to 'Click and Save' our marine wilderness near Fraser Island."

Finally, the Australasian Association for Equine Dentistry Inc (AAED Inc) (  is seeking feedback from the  Industry on its views regarding the development of national competencies for equine dentistry using a survey.  Have your say at
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Billie Dean with Gypsy

Until next time!

Warm blessings,

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