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 November 26, 2010
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
Billie Dean Animal Whispers

What fun!! I just walked down the red carpet -- wearing puppy chewed sneakers!!  Of course, only a bush elf would stop half way, pull out a camera and ask people dressed in formal frocks to film and snap away.  But I had to share the momentous event with you!

Billie Dean on the Red CarpetSadly it was not an Awards night or anything too exciting.   It was a stellar film industry dinner at the Sydney Town Hall -- and really it was exciting for me to be back amongst old colleagues and friends.

I won a grant to go to an annual film event, hanging out with 700 producers and film folk from around the world, well mostly Australia, but I did manage to meet international folk as well.

On night one my ancient black shoes died, leaving me hobbling after a kind network exec who flagged me a cab.  So there I was in suit jacket jeans and sneakers wondering whether I should introduce myself as Doctor Who or Ellen?  In the end, I decided that creatives can be as eccentric and creative as they like, so that ended the small note of panic.

So how have you all been since the 11:11 gateway?  Despite the bumpy path to the door, which stripped off more of our "old stuff" I've found the countryside beyond the gateway to be heavenly. Manifestation and synchronicities abound and the important thing is to get really clear about who you are and what you want.  How do you want to live?  What makes you happy?  How much old baggage and karma can you dump?

I don't know about you, but hanging out at home with my family and animals give me tremendous joy, and that sits a bit oddly with the life of a film producer in mainstream television for example.  So I have found a way to make it work for me and I'm not telling about all the exciting news until a bit later.  But watch this space.  The conference was one of those events that proved to me (one who spends most of her time in bush solitude) that it really does work to be in right relations with the world.  Great Spirit teamed me up with fantastic old and new friends, in the most magical, magical way and I came away excited and inspired.

I now have an action list as long as my arm so I feel busier than ever, but in my creative element!

Canberra folks, I am making several rare excursions to Canberra over the next couple of weeks - giving a talk this Sunday, holding a book launch December 10th, followed on December 12th by a teaching afternoon and a wonderful evening Candle Solstice Ceremony.  So check out my website and the details below, and please come along.  I can't wait to see you and tell you all about the New Shamanism and answer all your questions about the wonderful world of animals. Bring your animal photos!

My current batch of lovely, lovely students doing the Rainbow Fianna Levels Program, had an intense but lovely time here in Braidwood for level 2.  After teaching them how to be with animals in a Heart-Centered way, they arrived in Ballyoncree to have a unique and awesome time with the horses here in perfect love and perfect trust.
We had so much fun, I can't wait to see them again next year when we delve deeply into animal healing, and further into animal communion.

The other bit of exciting news is that I am thrilled to be invited to be interviewed on my friend USA-based animal communicator Janet Roper's radio show.  Her talk with me goes to air December 2nd USA time.  Hope you can join in.  Details here.  

My good friend Caiseal Mór is doing a one-day course this Sunday in Melbourne called Advanced Sigil Magic (link goes to Facebook).  Caiseal is a wonderful soul and an engaging teacher, and I'm sure you will enjoy the day. 

Behind the scenes a lot has been going on in the animal world and I will continue to push for compassionate action, while focusing on dreaming in a world of peace for all species now.  Manifestation is not out there, tomorrow.  It is right here, right now, and it is happening more and more quickly.  So please join me in knowing that the dream has already arrived and the world is at peace and in harmony.

With all love, light and laughter,
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Billie's Canberra Events

I've got several things happening in Canberra in the coming two weeks.
  • Diaura Spiritual Center.  I'll be speaking this Sunday at their Spiritual Meeting.  Start time is 1:30, and it is at the Scout Hall in Springbett St, Kambah next to the Woolshed.
  • Book Lauch.  Smith's Alternative Bookshop is hosting a book launch for Secret Animal Business on Friday evening, December 10th at 6:00.  I've got a flyer and details on my web site.
  • All Things Animal and Shamanism and Solstice Candle Ceremony.  My last live event of the year is one of my popular All things Animal and Shamanism talks.  Bring your animal photos and your questions and get ready for a informative, engaging afternoon, followed by a candle ceremony for the solstice.  Both will be at Om Shanti, and the day starts at 2:00.

    If you can't make the talk, but would like to come to the ceremony, please do.  We'd love you to come for the bring-a-plate shared vegetarian meal that starts at 6:00, a brief talk, followed by ceremony.  Again, details on my web site.
Canberra friends, I look forward to seeing you soon.

New Wild Pure Heart Website, Dolores Cannon, and Free Music

Work is coming along on my next book -- which is almost out, but not quite (stayed tuned for what I'm currently calling The Deep Peace Project - you heard it here first).  In the meantime, please check out our new Andrew-designed website for Wild Pure Heart Productions, where we have a new Dolores Cannon video extra talking about 2012 and the New Earth, as a lot of people are getting worried about the supposed 30 hours of darkness on December 21, 2012.

I don't know if it will happen that way or not. Probably not. Nobody knows. Probably you won't notice. As Dolores says in the video extra, it is just a date, and as Dr. Alberto Villoldo says in This Sacred Earth, nothing will happen on that date -- it is just a date.

I refuse to go into fear because I am focussing on living a life of deep love, deep peace and total surrender.  And if the world does go dark then (someone else said it would be for 20 minutes!), then gosh we are so used to power outages here in the bush that we have a ton of candles, etc.  It ill be a fabulous time to meditate!  Journey on the rattle or drum!  Sing and tell silly stories!  Yay!!

Anyway, have a look at Dolores -- she is fantastic and if you haven't yet bought This Sacred Earth (she's one of the wisdomkeepers who appear in the doco), then you might like to do that.  We have reduced the prices of all our films on the Wild Pure Heart website as a special gift to you.

And remember when you buy from us, you are giving twice -- as we in turn give to the animals.  You also might like to use Ballyoncree greeting cards as your Christmas Greeting Cards!!  Yay!!

Free Music Bonus

While you are at the Wild Pure Heart Productions web site, make sure you check out the free music offer, where we are giving away two tracks from David Pendragon and Tribe World Ensemble.   The tracks are The Gathering and Spiral Dance, the two glorious songs that open and close This Sacred Earth, respectively.  

How do you get them?  All you have to do is sign up for the Wild Pure Heart email list (which to be clear, is different from this email list), and the tracks are yours to download.

Speaking of New Web Sites...

Andrew is turning his attention to mine.  It will have a similar look and feel to the Wild Pure Heart Productions one, but with tweaks to tailor it to you guys.  Look forward to me blogging!

Ballyoncree and Animal News

Here at Ballyoncree we are having a bumper year.  The grass in some places is taller than me!!  The laminitis season has turned into grass seed and flea season, so I am spending my evenings going over each dog to make sure grass seeds aren't sticking into their skin.  None to date, but I still like to check.  When you really KNOW things are well, they are.  If you can keep a high vibration up, that radiates out to all the family.  It can be a challenge sometimes, but I believe it is possible!

As I don't like to kill anything, I was thrilled to find a flea and tick product which supposedly makes your animal invisible to these little beings because of smell.  I haven't explored it or tested it yet, but I want to!!  It's a combination of Brazilian oils.  So very natural.   More on this later.  The other thing we have to remember is that fleas and ticks do come to animals with lowered immune systems.  So keep up that raw and natural diet for your animal friends!  And keep in joy!

I haven't yet heard the next installment of  about to be homeless pony Silver's story, but I did receive emails from the extraordinary people in the Animal Whispers community and I want to thank you deeply.  Last I heard, Silver was going to keep another pony company on a large property.  I was told 
their paddock was next to the house where they could be fed extra carrots!  Gorgeous!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Gratitudes and Wishlist

Lots of thank you's to share with you this time.  Huge, massive gratitude to:
  • Armonde of The Washing Mill for dog bedding.
  • Gypsy Wulff for fly masks and honey wound spray from the Naturalcare Company
  • Lyn George for fly masks and a cash donation.
  • Lisa Robertson for fly masks, veggie dog chews and cat gifts, and gifts for Tamsin.
  • Kayla Lamb for a cash donation.
  • Eleni Nas for a cash donation.
The cash donations, including those of our regular sponsors, have all gone toward the feed bill (we are still feeding the special needs horses as per usual, as well as the goats and geese).
It is impossible for me to overstate just how grateful we are to everyone who supports the animals here in any way.  Thank you for all that you do that helps us do what we do.

And may I say, the fly masks look simply gorgeous on the horses, and they send you all a huge neigh of thanks.

Wish List

We always need herbal supplements like like rosehips, kelp, garlic, and apple cider vinegar, and financial help with the horse feed bill (Daniel Walker) and farrier and horse dentist. We also need Pet Power's homoepathic worming and heartworm treatments (the ones we need are called Diro Nosode, Acid Balancer, and Immune Enhancer).

We could also do with another round of essential oils from Young Living which I use all the time -- Lemon, Orange, Frankinsence and Lemongrass and Di Gize.  Di Gize was the oil I used internally and in quite large amounts when our senior pony Bindi had problems with his gut over winter.  I gave it to him three times a day before meals  and it helped him enormously.  Their number is 07 3715 7333 and my member number is: 770852.  If you are interested in buying oils, please email me first.

All support gratefully received, and the animals say thank you, thank you, thank you.  And so do we.

Billie Dean with Gypsy

Until next time!

Warm blessings,

Email: billie [at]