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 November 11, 2010
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
Winston the goat at Ballyoncree

Just a quick one to let you know about the New Reality Transmissions event, a good one to act on today -- another 2012 gateway.  The shifts have been coming fast and furious since 10/10/10, so the 11.11 Gateway is an opportunity to accelerate the shift into Higher Consciousness.  They ask us all to join a million others at 11.    I looked at the video yesterday, and it resonated with me, so I wanted to share it with you.

As we all know, what you put your concentrated energy into makes things manifest.  And as we say in This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon, and Secret Animal Business, we need to be putting our manifesting energy into creating a beautiful world -- and a beautiful world of peace for animals.  Love, not fear.

So if you would like to  focus on a beautiful world for a few minutes, for a few days -- then please join in the collective energy of people around the planet working for peace. Again, here's the link for New Reality Transmissions (oh, and for those of you looking at this at work, there is auto-sound on the page.  You can turn it off, but I thought I'd mention it).

In other brief news, Animal Shamanism Level 2 was a lovely experience here in Braidwood, with students experiencing perfect love and perfect trust with the horses of Ballyoncree. 

Also,we are looking for a brilliant forever home for Silver, a 21-year-old pony who just needs to be a loved companion, not ridden, not hassled, just loved forever after years of abuse.  If you think you can give him a home, email me.

There have been lots of animal stories over spring.  Here at home we helped a baby magpie find his wings.  Poor little one was exhausted and alone as I picked him up and put him safely out of harm's way on the shed roof.  His folks made themselves known and I had to laugh as they let me know they were protecting him.

Also everyone, please watch out for turtles on the road.  Andrew and I saw one upside down on the road the other evening driving home.  We turned around to get him, as I knew he was alive despite the going home traffic, and I was walking towards him when a car ran him over.  You might think they might consider why I was walking on the side of the road.  But no.  I was wondering about the human species at that point as I picked up the poor little guy who was in pain with a broken shell, but still alive.  I did some work on him, and administered Death Rites to give him spirit flight, as Andrew sped toward Braidwood, and we searched for turtle wildlife carers.

Barbara Bateman was there, always ready to take on the injured and homeless, and we really will miss her when she leaves the district soon.  She restored my faith in human nature.  The little bloke wanted to live, or at least, die naturally.  He was back from spirit flight by then.  Barbara knew of a Canberra woman who knew how to take care of turtles with broken shells.  She rang her as soon as we left.  Lots of gratitude to these wonderful carers.
Sadly, the little bloke didn't make it.  And I feel the loss keenly.  I  focus on sending blessings to the guy who ran him over -- because that appeared an unnecessary waste of life.  As I am always surrounded by beautiful people who really care and go the extra mile for animals, it is always such a shock to cross paths with someone who doesn't.  I call them young souls, bless them, and put my pain to the fire.  That way I am free of judgement, sadness and anger leaving a dense residue in my body.  I'm not sending any negative ripples into the universe or darts to him. This is one pathway to peace, because as I constantly reminded my students last week, all thoughts are things.  My feelings of grace are genuine.  So bless you driver!  May you have Love in your heart and hands!

I know in this life there are no accidents. and that that turtle experienced a lot of human love in his final hours -- and Love truly is what every soul needs.  So perhaps the whole scenario had a higher reason.  Perhaps the driver needed Divine Love and blessings.  Perhaps the turtle needed to experience human love and compassionate action.  Perhaps, perhaps......the important thing here is to make every act an act of compassion -- to all parties, and to keep walking the High Road of Love and Peace.

(And yes, my book on the new peace paradigm  is coming out ... before Christmas!)

Speaking of fire ceremony, I hope Canberra people will join us at Om Shanti College on Sunday, December 12 as we gather for a Solstice Ceremony and for an afternoon of "All Things Animals and Shamanism".  Bring questions and animal photos.  More on this next time, but claim the date.

I'm also doing a book launch for Secret Animal Business with an Author Talk on Friday, December 10 at Smith's Alternative Bookstore in Canberra city from 6 pm.  This promises to be a fun night, so please bring your friends!

Sending you all much love, light and laughter

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