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 October 7, 2010
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers


Andrew here on behalf of Billie, who has taken Tamsin to drama school this week.  Here are the details for Billie's teaching in Melbourne on Octobr 16 and 17, and also an advanced course here in Braidwood on October 29, 30, 31 (see below).

Billie, who is stuck without internet, also wanted you all to know that the Kimberley Wild Horses in WA have been saved, and that Druidry has been officially accepted as a "religion".   The new age of tolerance and compassion is definitely dawning.

And speaking of that  Billie also wanted to suggest that you  all might like to take some time out on 10.10.10 -- a time of activation to be sure.  So take some time in nature to be still, and be aware of the changes happening on the planet and within our species, helping us to become more evolved as tolerant, compassionate and peaceful - human angels.  This is a time to align yourself with the energies of change and open your heart.

If you want to read more about this Portal - read Soluntra King's take on the  Activation of the 144 Crystaliine Grid ( and further interesting information on the Atlantean Golden Age and the 10:10:10 portal on .  According to them we are now activating the crystalline energy heralding the crystalline age.

There are other channelled works about this portal, but whatever it means to you, it certainly is another energetic checkpoint as we open our hearts to allow the full beauty of our inherent nature to glow with love and light.  As Billie continually says, the more people evolve, the more the animals are free.

Our other bit of good news is that Billie's book Secret Animal Business is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and The Book Depository.  To celebrate Billie is having a Canberra book launch with Smith's Alternative Book Store.  Watch out for this and a fun international launch project Billie has been working on.

Billie will be back with more good news about animals, animals in need of help and the full story of Willow's miraculous healing soon.

Billie in Melbourne

Billie is excited to be bringing her teachings to Melbourne.  She  will offer a fun and relaxed, yet intense and transformative weekend mixing storytelling and teaching, with experiential practical work and exercises.  The workshop will be held in Brunswick and the cost is $395 for the weekend or you can come to a workshop segment  if you like, as Billie has divided it into three parts for your flexibility - as follows:

Saturday, October 16
All Things Animals and Shamanism - 1 pm to 6 pm
In this workshop you will learn about the New Shamanism, the shamanic nature of animals, how to walk in beauty, journey, and connect deeply with Mother Earth, the animals and the elementals. You'll learn what the animals are saying right now about 2012 and the changes in human consciousness (which is different to last year) and  Billie will also share lore from shamanic traditions around the world, what she has learnt from the animals from this land and also the Other Realms.  This will be a fascinating overview of all things animals and shamanism.

Cleansing Fire Ceremony and an Introduction to the  Munay-Ki Rites as Transmissions of Light and Love  - 6pm to 9 pm
We will start with a shared vegetarian meal (bring a plate), then Billie will lead a fire ceremony with an introduction to the Transmissions of Light and Love (the Munay-Ki rites), including the transmission of at least the first rite (depending on how many people are there). 

Saturday Venue: Brunswick Uniting Church, 212 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, Vic
Sunday, October 17
Introduction to Secret Animal Business - 9 am to 4 pm
This one-day workshop has a focus on animal communication with Billie's shamanic insights.  It's a full day of learning about the psychic and spiritual nature of animals, how to hear and decipher their silent language, and what they want you to know and how to help deepen your relationships with them.  Make sure you bring your animal photos to this one, and your notebooks!

Sunday Venue: Van Raay Center, Rooms 3 and 4, CERES, Cnr Robers and Stewart Streets, Brusnwick East, Vic

As we said, the cost of the weekend is at the special rate of $395, or $200 per day for one day (usually Billie charges $450 for the weekend as she really packs in the information and experience).  If you can only come to the Saturday evening, then do join us.   We will leave the cost of that up to you, just make it a financial energetic exchange that reflects the value of the evening to you.  And know that all monies will be supporting the animals of Ballyoncree - feed, farrier, supplements, care.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Details here.

Animal Shamanism Level 2

October 29, 30, 31
Level 2, Advanced Course will be held here in Braidwood.   You will need to have done a  Level One with Billie or a Secret Animal Busines as a prerequisite, either in person or online.  This course will include Seeing, Frequency, Death and Destiny,  It will include  journeying to the Otherworld, learning Death Rites to assist animals in the dying process, and working with the dogs, horses and fae of Ballyoncree. Includes some Munay Ki transmissions and an Animal Blessing on Sunday.

Details here.

Thanks everyone, and we look forward to seeing you soon (I'll be with Billie in Melbourne, so I'll get to meet some of you in person for the first time.  And of course, I'll be around in Braidwood, so I'll meet those who come here.)

Warm blessings,
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