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 October 3, 2010
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers


Happy World Animal Day to You!  In case you had not heard, October 4th is World Animal Day each year, and we can all celebrate by giving an extra hug to the animals who share our lives.

And while we are being kind to our animal brethren, remember that October 1 - 7 is International Vegetarian Week. So take up the challenge and try not to eat meat for a week.   You might find it changes your life and your health forever.  I'll never forget studying nutrition in the 70s with my herb teacher, the extraordinary Denis Stewart, and he made us think of a slab of meat and an apple sitting side by side on the kitchen table -- for a week.   The apple of course stays like an apple, and the meat goes smelly and furry.  "That's what happens inside you, " he said.  "The meat putrifies in the gut."  Yuk.

If I hadnt already been a vegetarian, he would have made me one with that one sentance!  These days I'm a very happy vegan.

Let's face it, those of us who love animals don't really want to eat them, do we?  We dont want them to suffer, do we?  I don't and I can tell you that in my forthcoming book -- out any minute -- that the animals themselves have a lot to say on the matter!!

So get creative for a week, and dump the meat if you can.  And bless and thank the veggies along the way!  Bless everything and everybody!  The planet is changing and getting more compassionate by the minute, and I'm excited!

I'm working on a newsy newsletter for you, and it should be out in a couple of days.  But I wanted to let you know that our dog  Willow is now doing fantastically (thank you so so much for your emals -- all the love worked!)  and I have rescheduled my trip to Melbourne. I'm still working on a venue, but claim the date and hold the weekend of October 16 and 17.

I'll be doing All Things Animals and Shamanism  - helping people commune with and connect deeply to animals, nature and the Otherworld,  and experience a fire ceremony with rites and a vege meal.  Bring your drums, rattles and other musical instruments for a very special evening.  We'll start after lunch on Saturday, and go through to whenever, and have a full day's workshop on Sunday where I will also share elf, tree and animal wisdom that will help take your animal relationships to a new level and is in my new book, about to come out -- soon!

More venue  and time details coming soon.  But I hope to see you all there.  Also, sssh -- dont let anyone else know -- but its my birthday on October 18 -- another big one I think -- so I look forward to celebrating with a lovely group of like minded people -- and vegan cake! 

So if you would like to let Andrew know you are interested in joining me in Melbourne, drop him an email or phone him on 0409 609 428.

Talk to you soon.  And enjoy the love, beauty and magic of your animal friends!

With love, light and laughter from Billie, Andrew, Tamsin and all the Ballyoncree animals.
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