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 October 14, 2010
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I want to begin by saying how deeply grateful I am to each and every one of you on my  email list and that you all feel like such a strong family community to Andrew and I.  We have been thinking of ways we can better serve you and your interest in animals, animal welfare and shamanism and the 2012 Phenomenon.  And we're percolating some exciting ideas.  If there are any areas you want to know more about, please let us know!  

My passion is to make the world a better place for animals -- and one of the things I feel I can do is to help people shift their thinking by offering different perspectives, understanding and awareness on everything from diet, health, souls, evolution, wisdom, behaviour, and so on.  We're also scheming up better ways to support the bigger animal welfare issues and would love your thoughts there as well.  I'm very much into compassionate action and working towards a world of peace for all species, not just humans.  For the animals to be truly free, humans have to have a massive shift of consciousness, which is what we are experiencing now and it is exciting to be a part of it!  This is also how I want my school Rainbow Fianna to serve the animal kingdom, by helping humans evolve into the human angels they truly are. 

I also want to thank everyone for their many, many emails about our dog and the well wishes and prayers.  I have been trying to get through all the emails personally but please dont take it personally if I havent responded to yours -- I have read them and I want to do a big acknowledgement.  I've just been overwhelmed with emails! Here at Balyoncree, we feel your love.  Thank you so much.  There's more on Willow's miraculous story below.  We are Willow's third home and she has been with us for many years now, a complete delight and wonder.  She is the dog all the orphaned babies we raise here gravitate to, from lambs and goats to puppies.  She is such a special girl and we have been delighted that she is still with is.  Willow is also one of the two remaining dogs from our film Seven Days with Seven Dogs.  Raffi the blue healer and movie star in our feature film Finding Joy, is the other remaining dog (Willow also had a "speaking " role in that film).

I'm really looking forward to spending time down in Melbourne at my Animal Shamanism Level I weekend starting Saturday.  Details below and here.  If you would like to be amazing with animals and take animal care and understanding to a whole new level, then you wont want to miss out on this course.  Repeat students are welcome.  Talk to Andrew for a special price, as there will be new information offered.  And if you can only make it to fire ceremony in the evening, do still join us. 

Also, I'm offering  Animal Shamanism Level II in Braidwood later this month If you have done any entry level work with me, and want to go deeper, this is the perfect opportunity. And also, if you are wanting to work with animals and/or become a Rainbow Fianna accredited Professional Animal Communicator, then this  course is a must.  Details below and here.

Settle back for a bit of a read, as I have thoughts on the current energies and plenty of newsy bits and pieces.

With lots of love, light and laughter to you
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 willowWillow is Doing Wonderfully, Thank You

As I said above, our dog Willow (that's her in the picture at the top) is doing amazingly well.  Her illness was a pretty dramatic way for me to return from a wonderful time at the Conscious Living Expo  in Perth.  But there she was, unable to to eliminate and off her food.  I had a dream that something was in there and I needed to take her to the vet, so that was our plan.  But Willow didnt want to go -- until I promised her she would return alive.

This is a really important message, folks.  The animals know everything.  But we need to learn their language and decipher their behaviour to understand their truth.  I have seen enough dogs look incredibly miserable about going to the vet, when normally it's an adventure, to know what Willow was saying without her having to express anything further.

Sure enough, after ultrasounds and X-rays, surgery happened and the vet called me in and asked me if she could kill WIllow on the surgery table, as it was not a cottage cheese container or anything else causing a blockage -- it was a tumour.  And really bad news.  I refused, saying that was not her wish, nor ours.  So she stitched up our girl and we carried her out on a stretcher to the van and home she came.  The vet gave us three days with her, initially.  You can see why I cancelled my talk in Melbourne last month.

Here's the miracle part.  Less than 24 hours after the operation, Willow was herself.  There was much elimination going on and an appetite for food. Willow was vital and energetic and definitely not looking like  a girl who was about to leave us.  In fact, she looked better than ever!

Nothing was taken out, as the vet wanted to comply with our wishes to have more time with our dog and the mass was safer left alone, and I can tell you that I called in a lot of spirit medicine people, and they told me that they couldn't work, unless the soul gave them permission.  Those of you who have followed our journey with Willow know she doesn't let anyone in. And so it was with these healers and other healer friends.  No healing, thank you.

It was up to her. 

While Willow was under, I begged her to let in the spirit medicine people, especially Grandfather Healing Bear, with whom I have worked  for decades.  The vet surgery was full of spirit beings, which was wonderful to See.  Willow was delighted that I had understood and listened to her.  She was delighted to be the centre of attention.  But she had something she needed me to do.

I had to finally sit down and take dictation from my dog, who had long been trying to get me to sit still and impart some much needed faerie wisdom.  (So watch out for that forthcoming book!)

After a major lesson with Cedar, I was ready with herbal antibiotics, throwing out the commercial ones the very lovely vet had given me.  Willow also didn't need the commercial pain relief either. I put her on herbal immune boost as well, and some herbs to boost her lymph, anti-inflammatory (anti-pain) herbs, including turmeric, which is also anti-cancer, and colloidal minerals and other important vitamins and minerals.

I also used the anti-cancer Young Living Oils -- Frankinsence, Orange, Lemongrass and Lemon.  Fortunately I had all these on hand and I started her straight away.

That took care of my need to do something on the physical level.  Of course, if you get really good at fifth-dimensional healing, or faerie healing as Willow is teaching me, then you don't have to worry so much about all of this.

The lesson I learned with red heeler Cedar was that when I gave her antibiotics, it killed her gut flora, and accentuated by the shock and stress of being told by that particular vet that she had to be killed immediately, left her open for candida, a wonderful environment for cancer to take hold. And that it did.

With Cedar, I got a lot of that under control -- until she decided that she wanted to go.  And I had to honour that.  It's the soul's journey.  She died peacefully at home with Andrew and I keeping vigil by her side.  Not easy, as I know you all know.  But she died naturally -- in love, not fear.

Willow, on the other hand, has a new lease of life.  When our kelpie Suki got a huge tumour in her lymph, she wanted more outings, and the tumour disappeared a week before we made her big outing -- a holiday with all seven dogs we filmed and made into Seven Days with Seven Dogs.  And she lived another happy two years, living until she died.  Joy is a very powerful healing emotion.

Willow wanted me to sit under the Hawthorn Tree and take dictation.  And so I have been, and her work will be available for all to read as soon as she decrees. She thinks she might have more than one book in her.  And her happines is a joy to see.

 I hope Willow has inspired you with her wonderful story of recovery!

There are many lessons in the story, but as I say in Secret Animal Business and as I will be teaching in Animal Shamanism Level II, there is far more to euthanasia than meets the eye and we are actually doing animal souls a disservice, especially when animals die in fear and before their time.  Most vets are not trained in esoteric wisdom, bless their souls, and they act to the best of their knowledge.  But how many animals are dying unnecessarily, and their soul's journey thwarted?

We all try our best, and sometimes the answer to a healing challenge comes far too late.  But when faced with a vet authority figure talking about euthanasia of animals who may look very sick (often because they know what's coming and are terrified), you need to trust your self and listen to your animal.  You need to be prepared. 

When we took Cedar to the vet (a different vet to the one who worked on Willow), she was sick, yes, but also playing ball that morning.  The closer we got to the vet the more miserable she became and further, she ran back to the car while we waited outside the surgery.  This was a dog who knew the vet would condemn her, and didn't want to be a victim to that.  She wanted to live.  She wanted to be with us.  She wanted more time.

I had to fight for her life, and further, I refused to leave her side. I didn't want her staying overnight.  Cedar was not that kind of dog.  Her condition would have plummeted through fear if I had left her.  And she has stayed overnight before, but that was a different situation entirely and a different vet.

So this was not a comfortable situation for Andrew and I, who dont like confrontation.  And it was extremely confronting.  But we stood fast.  We weren't going to let Cedar down.  And the vet  finally knew it.  Fortunately a blood test showed Cedar had extremely healthy organs, which swayed the decision in my favour.  But as I said above, the shock and stress caused complications in her body, which made recovery even more of a challenge.  We did, however, have several more months with Cedar, and made every day a jewel.  Two days before she died, she had a last car ride with her mate Raffi, and I channelled a song of farewell for her.  She loved going out in the car and it always made her happy.

I really hope this story helps you to believe in miracles and gives you some clarity if you are ever in a similiar situation.  I talk about this issue more in Secret Animal Business and  in my classes because it is a big one, and many clients contact  me when in a similar position, and they know in their heart and gut that their animal friend does not want to die.   You know your animal best!  Trust yourself!

I am so saddened when I hear people think that the answer to their animal problems is to kill them.   Because that's what "putting to sleep" is.  No matter how you couch it, it's wrong without the animal's permission.  Especially when the animal just has a behavioural or health challenge that no one has found the answer for.  Yet.  Being such an animal empath, I understand how those animals feel.  And as a trained shaman, I also understand what happens to their souls.  So my solution is to educate people, sharing what I have learned over the last three decades of animal shamanism.  And the good news for animals already in spirit is that healing can occur - which helps both animals and people -- and I will be offering a group healing in the not too distant future, as this is a subject close to all our hearts. 
melbourneJoin Me In Melbourne This Weekend!

(Details on my web site and Facebook.)

Animal Shamanism Level I
Inviting you to the path of Heart-Centred Kinship, honouring the sacred in animals, nature and you.

If you want to step into the magical otherworld of interspecies telepathy, wisdom of the animals, trees and fae, learn how to Walk in Beauty so that all species may enjoy true peace, understand animal behaviour at a heart and soul level, and how to be the best for your animal companion, then please join us for this rare Melbourne live event with Billie Dean.

Students wanting to take the work to a professional level, or just wanting to walk the Path through the Elemental Wheel for their own growth, please note that the whole weekend is required as a prerequisite to Animal Shamanism Level 2 (Braidwood, NSW, Oct 29-31). For others, please note that the workshop is divided into three sections for your convenience:

All Things Animal and Shamanic

Saturday, October 16, 1 pm to 9 pm
Introducing Heart Centred Kinship, the highest spiritual path with animals, and based on Billie's forthcoming books, Heart Centred Kinship and The Deep Peace Project.  Grounded in the new shamanism, and sparkling with faerie magick, you will learn what it takes to be a new human from the animals perspective, and how to Walk in Beauty.  On this day you will also learn shamanic processes to interact with all of life, from stones to animals and to journey to the Otherworld for healing and guidance.   You will also learn about the spiritual and psychic nature of animals.  Includes a cleansing fire ceremony and shamanic rites.

Cleansing Fire Ceremony

Saturday, October 16, 6 pm to 9 pm
Includes a shared vegetarian/vegan meal, (please bring plate) followed by a fire ceremony and shamanic rites of initiation to begin your journey of spiritual evolution.

Introduction to Secret Animal Business

Sunday, October 17, 9 am to 4 pm
We will focus on animal communication, learning the silent language and practicing it.  We also learn about animal behaviour, and introduce animal nutrition and healing with alternative therapies.

Again, details here.

Animal Shamanism Level II, Braidwood, October 29-31
Billie Dean Teaching
It is always a treat to bring people to Braidwood, and to delve deeper into the mysteries.  I do hope you can join us for Animal Shamanism Level II, as it will be an intimate group with lots of practical work, including time with the always special animals here at Ballyoncree.

This course will include Seeing, Frequency, Death and Destiny, It will include journeying to the Otherworld, learning Death Rites to assist animals in the dying process, and working with the dogs, horses and fae here. We will also have some Munay Ki transmissions and a special animal blessing on Sunday.

By the end of the weekend, you will have a better connection to your intuition, a deeper ability to tap into the spiritual and psychic lives of animals and all of nature, practical tools that will help you keep your vibration up even when the world around you is sunk in the mire (this is a new, and I think crucial part of my teaching), learn skills to help you See the unseen, and very important skills to help you work with animals who are crossing over.  

You will need to have done a Secret Animal Business Level I with me online or in person, or some similar introductory work (if you are not sure if the course is right for you, email Andrew).  This course  is the second in the Elemental Wheel.

Note: For details on Billie's school Rainbow Fianna and the path with animals, professional or otherwise, please also email Andrew.

This is a vital course for anyone wanting to work with animals.

There is more, including a participant's information sheet, on my web site.  See you here in Braidwood!
energiesCurrent Energies and the Global Good News for Animals and Everyone

Remember I said that we were under the same astrologival influence as we experienced in the 60s and now was a time for huge social change? Well, its happening!!  It just feels that people are opening up and more people are acting with compassion.  People also seem to be revealing more of the deeper Mysteries, and being more in their truth.  One of the reasons for this is the increasing tolerance of our spirituality -- whether you are pagan, wiccan, Druid, shaman, a mixture of all or something else entirely, we are free from persecution and the burning times.  We're increasingly, in the West anyway, in a time of tolerance and acceptance.

Another reason is that we need to be emerging from the old paradigms and find new ways of being in the world, which are in harmony with Nature.

I was talking to one of my trees recently -- on the Equinox actually -- and he told me that I was finally free.  There was nothing left to fear.  Nothing bad was going to happen.  It took this bush elf a little while to realise that I was really, really safe.  Our souls and bodies have lived with fear for so long.  I took a long breath.  It's really liberating to feel that in every cell.

We are in an incredible time and I hope you can all feel it.  From September the energies have really been moving forward.  I had an amazing time at the Conscious Living Expo and the energy in Perth realy felt light, bright and hopeful after the enormous clearing people were going through over the solstice and beyond.

This really can be felt around the planet.  I was told by Grandfather Healing Bear as he helped me with Willow and a couple of other animal clients recently, that because the veil was thinner, it was easier for him to do his healing work -- if the soul was willing.  So there have been lots of miracles of animal healing. 

And there has been so much good news.  We mentioned in my last email that the Wild Horses of the Kimberley in WA were saved because people voiced their concerns and the Government responded!! Yay!!  I was so excited to hear this news on the Equinox of all days -- which was also a full moon.  No wonder things shifted in their favour.  This was the day I had assigned myself to write a very nice letter to the Government for the horses to be spared.  In the end, I did send my letter, but had the pleasure of thanking them for their compassion and vision.

I also mentioned that in the UK, Druidry was finally officially recognised as a religion.  And in Australia, the pagan community also looks to be accepted.   Talk about feeling giddy with freedom.  No more oppression -- we are truly in a time of change and global tolerance and this is how this Golden Era of Peace will come nto being.

Finaly I want to thank Rebecca Booth of Elemantal Equine Therapies who, when I circulated a picture of an about-to-be-homeless Irish Wolfhoud/Great Dane/Mastiff cross, fell in love and took him home immediately, where he has become a much loved member of her family.  Have a look at Jasper (who until recently was named Rufus).  This was the pic which stole Rebecca's heart.  Jasper of course looks a lot different now -- happy and safe.


Now, here's the thing.  Animals, by their very nature, are not "bad"  This dog apparently took off off leash and didn't return to his people's call.  He also chased cows.  So he was locked up and given away.  But Rebecca hasnt found him a problem at all.  He comes when he's called.  He responds, does his best to fit in and gets on well with all the family.  What's the difference?  In the first scenario, was this dog understood and unconditionally loved?  No.  In the second scenario, does he understand that he is safe and loved and accepted for who he is?  Yes.

So thank you, Bec (who by the way just happens to be a Rainbow Fianna (my school)  graduate - but I cant take all the credit for her wonderfulness!).

If you can squeeze in another family member in your home, please consider it -- the once homeless and you will be so glad you did!!


Well, it started in September, this feeling of a door opening for higher frequency and miracles -- and in October we are in for another sweet jolt and apparently even more in November.  So if you feel you have been going through the wringer, breath a sigh of relief.  But then, it does depend where you are on that ladder of enlightenment.  Hint -- keep doing your personal work!!  And if you don't know what that is, then please see our film This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon for a start.

This month has been huge for relationships.  People are either falling in love, splitting up or having some kind of relationship crisis, whether it be with friends, animals, family or lovers.

Sit tight.  We're in Libra.  The path to enlightenment we are on is one of forgiveness and unconditional love.  And married girls, dont be too hard on the still sleeping guys.  Those not yet awakened, will.  It just might take time!!   Just keep  blessing them, and holding them in the highest light.  If you are feeling irritable, then look at what this might be saying about an issue You need to work on.

 Be clear about the lovers you are bonding with right now.  Are they matching your frequency?  In my book Secret Animal Business I outline the process of a Create- a -Mate because it is sooo important that if you want to be happy, and your soul is hungering for enlightenment or the spiritual quest, that you find a partner who is open, willing and supportive.  Preferably of course, on the same or similiar path.   And of course, when you are happy, so too are the animals in your care, who have to live in homes filled with negative or positive thought forms.

We have a beautiful and powerful full moon coming up, so think about the cycles you want to complete and ask for assistance.  And wasnt 10 10 10  an amazing day.  Hundreds of thousands of people gathering all over the world for peace and joy -- on line and in person. The sweet shift changed everything upward -- again.

In November, we have more gateways and portals and the word on the wind is that by November we really will be able to feel the fifth dimensional frequencies and hold them.  The old social structures are all falling down -- yes, things are crumbling.  But this means we can use the power of our awesome compassion and imagination to get the world that we really want -- one that is earth- and animal- honouring.  One that is peace and freedom and magical.  Yay!  So exciting!!

Keep taking compassionate actiion for animals, and keep holding the world as an amazing place to live in.  The higher your frequency, the easier it is to have this magical life.  For us, and the animals we love.
Secret Animal Business on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the Book Depository  -- hooray!!
Secret Animal Business coverIf you have not yet had a chance to read Secret Animal Business, now's it is easier than ever, especially if you are outside Australia.  You can now get your copy not only on our web site, you can get it pretty much anywhere, including, Barns & Noble, and The Book Depository (which at the moment, may actually be the cheapest way to get the book anywhere, including our web site, as they have free shipping worldwide).

And if you have read the book and have an account with one of those sites, perhaps you could do me the kindness of leaving a review and/or rating the book.  That sort of thing always helps, and I really appreciate your doing so.  Thank you thank you, thank you!!
Billie's Film and Book News -- Great excitment!

Andrew and I have been wandering the paths of the mainstream film industry again this year and I'm delighted to find myself a recipient of a ScrreenACT Grant to attend the annual SPAA conference.  This is a major screen producers conference, and it has been years since I attended one,  So who knows what will happen!  We've also been attending workshops with international script consultant Stephen Cleary who has given an enthusiastic nod to a couple of our film ideas -- one of them being   Mystic Hearts, the story gifted from my horse Sollie  after he died in 2002.  I was fortunate enough to recieve ArtsACT funding to write this film in 2005, and now I am inspired to shoot in April/May 2011 -- as it is a film which needs autumn colours.  I am sooo excited about this film a as it will help horse-kind around the world.  That's my intention anyway. 

I need sponsors and donations to make this film happen.  If you would like to donate  please go here (where you can see the gorgeous concept art we had done).  Thanks for your support!

Further, I have two books coming out very soon, so please watch out for news of these.  Yep, we have been very busy and creative bush elves here at Ballyoncree. 

And finally, I was interviewed and filmed by the gorgeous Eve Adam and the very amazing team from Supreme Master TV.  Interestingly, Eve came to film me last year and it just didnt happen the way it was intended, so it was a delight to see her again and I was able to talk about both Secret Animal Business and my new book The Deep Peace Project -- which is coming out soon.
Gratitudes and Wish List -- We found a Sanctuary!!  Help Needed!!  Volunteers!!

Well I finally found the place of my Rainbow Fianna dreams -- over 1000 acres all set up for horses with 2 houses for my school and centre.  So I am fund-raising in earnest and would love some volunteers!   Having a For Life Sanctuary and Rainbow Fianna Education Centre has long been a dream and vision of mine -- this would be a Sanctuary where animals would come to For Life if they cannot find their forever home -- much like Ballyoncree -- only on a much bigger scale.  It would provide a wonderful home for my education facility helping people understand the truth of animals and I'm sure it would be quickly populated by both students and  homeless animals. The current pound system makes me feel sick so lets get this going as a viable option and stop the murder of innocents at the same time.  Please email me if you can help.  And for the record -- no behavioural testing would ever ever occur at this facility.  Dont get me started on how I feel about that -- or the euthanasia of healthy animals.  Soap box!!

We also need some more supporters for Ballyoncree.  A very wise cow recently told me that the community's "excess" could support those who were supporting animal kind.  I thought this was very sage advice.  And it made complete sense.  So if you can support our work in some way, please donate here or email Andrew.

I'm also looking for the occasional help with things like the newsletter and other PA sorts of things.

I want to say a huge thank you to Sonya Bowditch for her help with the stall at the Conscious Living Expo, and all the Billie Dean team - Kath, Tanya, Mikey and of course, especially my very wonderful daughter Tamsin who worked so hard and kept me on time and on schedule.  Having such a team made the experience a real delight -- thank you thank you thank you!!  And it was also a delight to stay with Cath who also hosted my friends, artists Ceiseal Mor and Helen Wells.   It was a special time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I want to also say a huge thank you for those of you who are still supporting us and Gypsy for her latest blanket gift, which Willow adores and is perfect for her.  And also Rebecca (Elementals Equine Therapies) for finding us a wood stove for the School House, which is bigger and therefore warmer than the pot belly we currently have, and also for horse feeders for the stables.  Thank you, thank you!

Finally I am grateful to Greenpet for swapping Dusty's treatments for a reading -- I love to barter - and to Kate at Robert McDowell's for the discount on treatments for Willow and Raffi.

I am also in huge gratitude to Kath Sherburne, who energetically looks after our tribe with Body Talk and to Denis Puffet and eveyone else who wanted to, but Willow wouldnt let them.  Thank you!

I'm also in gratitude to Therese of Braidwood's Herb Superb for her continued support with cost price for nearly out-of-date foods that we can feed the dogs with.  This moring the dogs enjoyed  breakfsst of kasha (buskwheat groats) with banana and homemade yoghurt.  Yum.  And yesterday we collected a sack of pepitas which, we will blend with nuts and veggies for a healthy vegan dog dinner, and also raw rolled barley and rolled oats. This is something all rescue groups could do -- feed your dogs well so they have shiny coats and a sweet smell so they can be re-homed.  And teach others the benefi of a healthy diet. 

And also Armonde from Braidwood's Washing Mill for her continued good work and patience.  I couldnt have done without her service during the drought which fortunately is now broken.

Thank you everybody.  When we work together, the load is lighter and everyone benefits!

Wish List Extras:

We always need herbal supplements and financial help with the horse feed bill ( Daniel Walker ) and farrier and horse dentist. We always need horse herbs and supplements like rosehips, kelp, garlic, applecider vinegar, and supplements from Elementals Equine Therapies and the Naturalcare Company (hi, Linda!), who has a great honey wound spray.  (Hint hint!) We also need Pet Power's homoepathic worming and heart worm treatments. 

We could also do with another round of essential oils from Young Living which I use all the time -- Lemon, Orange, Frankinsence and Lemongrass and Di Gize.  Di Gize was the oil I used internally and in quite large amounts when our senior pony Bindi had problems with his gut over winter.  I gave it to him three times a day before meals  and it helped him enormously.  Their number is 07 3715 7333 and my member number is: 770852.  And if you need to join up, please email me.  Anybody who does join up under me to get these wonderful oils for themselves or Ballyoncree really helps my ability to continue working with oils for the animals of Ballyoncree.

The other thing we are needing coming up to summer, are fly veils of all sizes from shetland to pony to large horse,  We have 27 recued horses here at the moment.

All support gratefully received, and the animals say thank you, thank you, thank you.  And so do we.
Compassionate Action for Animals  and Other Bits and Pieces

In case you did not see it, you should check out the Australian Story episode on Animal Justice Fund and the two women who are responsible for bringing this important initiative to life - Kathmandu founder Jan Cameron and Animals Australia's Lyn White.  If you dislike factory farming, you should have a look.  The ABC have it available on iView and it will be available for viewing through the first week of November or so.

Canada's CBC is running a poll asking if the country should ban killing horses for meat. You can imagine how I voted.  Perhaps you'd like to add your voice as well.  Thanks to Lee for passing that on. And while you are at it, you might like to sign this petition to stop aerial culling of wolves in the US.

Need something to smile at? This version of Stand By Me, put together from recordings around the world, is a winner.  Thanks to Gypsy for sending it to me.

Jo sent this email asking for help for two dogs.  If you can help, please email her:

There are 2 little Bichon's (small dogs) who need a new home.  A very good friend of mine regrettably needs to find these 2 boys a lovely new home - they are 13 and 11 years old.  Very sweet and house trained, and obedient, they are older dogs and they seem very good in a house full of people, as well as being alone.  None shedding.  Living in Perth.

If you would like 2 little dogs or you know of anyone who could give them a home, please contact Annie on 0416160417.   Please mention that you heard from me about the boys, as I said I would help her.
Jo x

While you are in a helping mood, is seeking donations to support the work they do.

And while this has been around a while, it is still inspiring: the dog who happily gets around although missing two front legs. Inspirational.

Another fun one is this "screen test" for the lead dog in the forthcoming Australian film "Red Dog".

Changes Are Coming

Hear that noise? That's the sound of Andrew beavering away in the background.  We are always looking for ways to do what we do better, especially online. Over the coming weeks, Andrew has changes in store, like a facelift to the web sites and a change to the way we do our emails.  Just giving you a heads up that things are coming, and will give you more details about them as they get closer.

Billie Dean with Gypsy

Until next time!

Warm blessings,

Email: billie [at]