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 September 1, 2010
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers


The full moon ceremony for animals was awesome and I have had many people report that they had personal healings as well.  This is fabulous news.  Thank you to all the beautiful souls who gave their energy for the benefit of animals everywhere.  It was a wonderful ceremony!!

We also had a couple of people receive messages from mice reminding us about the small ones who are losing their homes and lives in Earth Changes and also just on a daily basis.  When we are in balance and right relations with the world, so is the world.  I really noticed this at home when Cedar died, and we had the rush of animals out of balance.  I knew I had to work hard on myself to help bring all the family back into harmony as the grief reached its icy fingers to touch everyone.

The full moon brought the clearing energy of fierce winds and slashing rain so we three bush elves curled up cosily by the fire with spiced hot cocoa, seven sleeping dogs, the cats and budgies and wrote.  All the horses got extra hay even as we had to trudge up the hill in the dark, carrying it all because the ground is still too wet to drive in the paddocks.  Frozen hands melted at the sight of Grandmother Moon, shining her radiant light.  Beauty is the moon!!  This kind of weather makes you know you're alive!!

After washing away the last cobwebs of winter, the weather morphed into perfect still blue sky sunny days.  Heaven on earth.  Yellow wattle, green grass and new buds. -- fresh new start.

On the call I encouraged people to focus on all the good news for animals and certainly it seems that things are getting so much better for animals, even as there is still so much more work to do.

People have been providing homes for the hens in need, and Esky the family SA dingo pup who was going to be killed simply because the SA government doesn't support his heritage has been saved by a Victorian -- a more understanding state.  His family will no doubt miss him terribly, but his story touched many hearts and he gets to live!  More people are opening their hearts to take in pound animals and I was thrilled with Martin Clunes's Horsepower on Saturday night telling the masses the truth about horses.   And doing an amazing job sticking up for the wild horses of Amercia who, like the Australian brumbies, are in danger of being killed off by the government.  I think you can see it online at this link, for a while, anyway.

So yay to all the good news.  Keep up the focus on the good news so we get more of it!  That's what I do.

Meanwhile, the animals in Pakistan really need your help, so please dig deep and send what cash you can to help buy them feed. And no doubt there will be animals in need in Indonesia as well.  Please support them.  Compassion truly expands us in all the best ways -- and the animals need us to be compassionate and take action.  There are links below.

Our company, Wild Pure Heart Productions, just donated all three of our films to Born Free, USA, as part of their fund raising on September 25, to keep wild animals in the wild.

In this issue  please read on for a couple of articles on animal care, plus details of my attending the Conscious Living Expo and my Melbourne evening.

Also, Andrew has just posted my talk Safe People, Safe Places as a low-cost digital download.  This talk stands up on its own, but is a companion piece to our documentary This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon, as it picks up on one of the doco's main themes: how to be a safe person in these uncertain times.  Details here.

That's all for now.  Until next time...

With love from Billie, Andrew, Tamsin and all the Ballyoncree animals.
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Animal Health and Behaviour - The Magic of Horses  and Dogs
Horses, being sensitive and highly intelligent beings, know you telepathically, as do all animals.  Humans, currently, can lie to each other, but they can't lie to animals.  Animals read our internal self clearly, so if we are stressed or angry, they know.  Here at home, the wild horses steer clear of people  without horse energy -- while the thoroughbreds are far more forgiving of humanity and will allow non-horse people a healing horse fix.

Sadly there is still a lot of so-called training methods based on fear and dominance.  But as I write in my book Secret Animal Busines, what horses need is to be able to trust you.  People having a problem catching their horses, for example, might ask why.  Are you still being a predator?  When humans stop being predators on every level, we will begin to see a different kind of society for animals.  My Rainbow Fianna students, like the Fianna of third century Ireland, are invited to work on losing their inner turmoil to become human angels for animals. Yes, I ask people to work on their stuff and take 100 percent responsibility for their actions, but this is needed in today's world for the animals to live in freedom.

The same goes for dog and cat behaviour.  Keep working on yourself, and reaching for that place of contentment, and watch the animals shift.

I was in Sydney recently, having a cuppa with my good friend Shakti, the Holistic Chef, when we met a woman with a baby and a dog.  The dog told me he was very worried about losing his home and indeed the woman admitted that she was worried he would bite her or somebody else's baby or child.  I explained that when I gave birth to my daughter I introduced her to a pack of five dogs as the new puppy.  Nothing happened.  The dogs stayed in the bedroom and she was in the bed with us.  The dogs became gently protective of the youngest member in the pack and there was never any incidents -- and I never expected there to be because there was no change in the family dynamic.  The dogs weren't pushed away in the slightest.

With Shakti and I present, this woman allowed her dog to met her three week old baby for the first time -- and he licked the baby  gently on the cheek.  it was a very moving moment.  This is a common problem for dogs, with many new parents allowing their fears to get in the way of truth, and many of these dogs end up in the pound.  Keep giving your dog the same amount of love as you always have, and there is normally never any problems.
melbourne Billie in Melbourne, September 10, 2010

Melbourne folks, please join me for An Evening with Billie Dean, "All Things Animal and Shamanic" on Friday, September 10th.  In this informative and uplifting evening, I will talk about the psychic and spiritual world of animals, the path of shamanism, will include ceremony and shamanic journeying, and will discuss the latest messages from the animals, trees and fae regarding the current shifts on the Earth. It's going to be fun, so I hope you can be there on the night.  Details here.
perthBillie at the Conscious Living Expo in Perth -- This Week!

By the time you read this, I'll probably be on my way to Perth for the Conscious Living Expo.  Perth folks, I do hope I get to see you there. Remember that you can still get half-price tickets.

While in Perth, I'll be on the radio a couple of times this Thursday.  First off is 7:40am with The Bunch on Mix 94.5.  After that, at 10:00 am, I'll be on Merri Fatten's Morning Magazine on RTR FM 92.1.  Tune in and have a listen!

Here's the bumpf on what I'm doing at the Expo:

Internationally recognised interspecies telepath, writer and filmmaker Billie Dean will be spreading the word of the animals, trees and the fae at this years Conscious Living Expo.

Billie has been communing with animals and walking the shamanic pathway all her life, and been working professionally and charitably on behalf of animals for three decades.

Billie carries new and important messages for humanity from the animals and the ...Otherworld for these exciting times and she is giving a keynote workshop where she will inspire and uplift you about the world beyond 2013.

The Magical Otherworld and Beyond 2013 will be held on Thursday September 2 at 2.15 pm to 4.15 pm in the theatre. And costs $25 or $22.50 for Conscious Living members. Learn what the animals, trees and fae have to say about our future, techniques for entering a new magical reality of peace and happiness, and how to cope with the current world situation and energies. Includes ceremony and journeying.

Make sure you bring your animal photos because Billie is also doing $50 personal animal readings at stand 14, and will be giving live free readings on stage as she talks about Secret Animal Business - the amazing psychic and healing abilities of animals at 1.30 pm on Friday, September 3 and on Saturday at 1.45 pm, will be talking with Animals from the Other Side. So if your beloved is in spirit or you want to know what messages they have for you -- bring your photos to the stage to these two events. And to stand 14 for more in depth personal readings with your animal beloveds.

For all those interested in the 2012 Phenomenon, Billie is screening her highly popular film This Sacred Earth :The 2012 Phenomenon as part of a workshop on Saturday September 4. in the seminar and meditation room from 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm. Tickets are $25 and $22.50 as above.

This film won a standing ovation in Perth last year, and is now being shown around the world. It's choc-filled with heart felt wisdom from 17 wisdom keepers, stunning photography and an uplifting sound track. And it's message is one of hope and positivity as it outlines the steps needed for all humans to take to become homo luminous -- the new children of light. Billie did further interviews in Hawaii in January this year and is bringing with her fresh insights for the workshop segment, including wisdom about ET's, and the children who will never need to work.

Finally Billie is also giving a free medicine journey in the Yurt on Friday at 12.30 pm where she will take you to the Celtic Otherworld to meet your animals and guides for healing and guidance.

Come to stand 14 to meet Billie, and purchase her films, meditation CDs, and her book Secret Animal Business. Find out about her wisdom school Rainbow Fianna, and how you too can have deeply meaningful relationships with your animals and all of nature.
pakistanHelping the Animals in Pakistan

As you no doubt know, one of the worst humanitarian disasters ever is unfolding in Pakistan.  And sadly, as always, it is a disaster for the animals as well, with more than 200,000 already perished.  If you can spare some money for them, I encourage you to do so.  Here is an email I received from the IFAW, and here is their donation page.  Thanks for helping.
Quick Links to Check Out

Debra sent me a link to this video about energy healing with a wolf.  Lovely.

Choice Magazine has expressed concerns about over-vaccinating animals.  If you have concerns about this practice (and even if you don't), you should have a look. Homoeopathic immunisation is a great alternative for animals, and I'll be discussing that in another newsletter.

And thanks to Lee for letting me know about Caboodle Ranch, "a 30-acre non-profit cat rescue society founded by a single individual who cared enough to make a difference in the lives of our fuzzy little friends." 
Billie Dean with Gypsy

Until next time!

Warm blessings,

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