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 August 25, 2010
Billie Dean's Animal Whispers
Ballyoncree Horses


This is a quick reminder that the free international Full Moon Telecall is on tonight, and I do hope you will be able to join me in ceremony to honour the animals around the planet, especially those in the current global disasters.   It will be on at 8pm (Sydney time), and if you have not done so yet, please register here.

On the call, where will guide you through a ceremony and meditation for the highest outcome for the souls caught in the Earth Changes.  Please remember to have a candle with you, as well as a journal so you can write down what you get.

On another note, a number of you have emailed Andrew about the evening I'm going to do in Melbourne on Friday, September 10th.  He has not quite written back to everyone yet, but he will.  I'd again like to invite people to register their interest in the evening.  It will be a fun time talking all things animal and shamanism.  Please email Andrew to let him know you would like to come.  Details next newsletter, but claim the date (and if you would like to suggest a venue, please let Andrew know that as well).

Talk to you tonight!

With love from Billie, Andrew, Tamsin and all the Ballyoncree animals.
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Internet Rallies to Identify Cat Abuser

Andrew pointed me to this article on Boing Boing talking about people on the Internet tracking down and identifying a woman filmed petting a cat, then picking him or her up and dumping the cat alive in a trash bin.  While you may or may not applaud making her life hell, you can certainly get behind people from around the world taking a stand to help a cat. It seems to me that things are definitely changing.
Billie Dean with Gypsy

Until next time!

Warm blessings,

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